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    Pitch Black is basically the grape soda to end all grape sodas. Normally, I wouldn't care much for Grape Soda, but Pitch Black's something else. It's too bad they didn't bring back the sour one, but out of the two versions, I'm pretty sure the regular one has the best chance of selling good to become another Live Wire or Code Red. Supernova is Strawberry-Melon soda. Actually, Pitch Black is supposed to be Black Grape. (whatever that means) Red grape, black grape, white grape, what's the difference? Wouldn't black grapes be regular grapes? I know the white ones are really the green ones.

    Quote from Shinji Ikari »
    They have black mountain dew now?

    How many colors and flavors do they need to be satisfied?

    It's been around before. Pitch Black originally came out in 2005 or sometime around then. It ended up getting discontinued after the sour version (which I thought was better). I guess the sour one didn't do so well or people weren't ready for something that good. Apparently, they made a slushie later on (Halloween '07), but I didn't find out about it until a year ago. Also, Pitch Black came out before the first Dewmocracy, so I don't think they were on their umpteenth color just yet.

    Edit: Ahh.. Supernova. Just as good as it was back in '08.
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    I'm sorry about it. I'm just really surprised Pitch Black is back. They even brought back (regular) Supernova. This is too good to be true. Pitch was/ is my most favorite soda ever. Problem is, they discontinued it a few years back, but now it's back. Thanks "Back by popular Dewmand." (Thank goodness they could twist this world into including "Dew" to.) I hope it sells like crazy or at the very least, Supernova sells good enough to make it permanent. Supernova should of won the first Dewmocracy.
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    I just so happened to find out today that it's back. Am I dreaming? *takes another sip* Hopefully not. I wonder how it's been back and I didn't know about it. Any other Pitch Black fans? Is it in your area yet? Do you got those stupid-looking Mountain Dew bottles to? Discuss.

    Edit: The most recent post made me realize how stupid the title is. Thank goodness I can change it.
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    Search seems to be disabled and my request is a bit specific. I've seen two or three mods with silver and one with quartz, but I'd like one with both of them, along with platinum and a few jewels. However, I don't want emeralds or rubies that transmute, only for looks and possibly a few other uses. You know, for decorations for your place or even somehow adorn your sword or tools with one.


    [] :Iron: []
    [] :Diamond: []
    [] / []

    :Diamond: = Emerald
    :Iron: = anything used for a sword
    / = Stick

    Then again, you could also combine two rubies and emerald via crafting, then replace the green square with that. Basically, I'd like a few new minerals (i.e. rubies, emeralds, platinum, and sapphire) simply for looks and/ or possibly to add durability (and use less iron, diamond, gold, or wood), another one or two (silver, quartz, and possibly titanium, though I don't see the need for more than gray(ish) mineral) for tools and armor. Quartz/ Titanium could be the true in-between minerals for diamond and iron, since I think gold's less durable. I'm pretty sure Quartz is a pretty hard rock, though it's a bit weaker than diamond and I think Feldspar. Actually, a thought just crossed my mind. What about having Talc as a joke mineral or for some possible use?

    Oh, and I recently got the Better than wolves mod, but that got me thinking. What should wolves drop? Originally, I thought the wolfchops thing was either a joke or it was teeth, but after further reading, I realized what it really was. Personally, I think wolves should drop wolf hides (like Cow's and their leather) and/ or wolf teeth. Wolf teeth could be used to make better arrows that do more damage (like two hits kills a creeper, instead of four), but have less stopping/ kick-back power. Their real weaknesses would be one wolf tooth = one arrow, unlike flint arrows. Also, they would do less damage to skeletons because they lack skin. The damage goes up for wolf tooth arrows for most things because the arrow pierces the skin easier.
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    He's still alive. He's just now part of Sora.

    But mark my words. He'll be brought back through Ven. I know he will. I believe Ven will end becoming a mixture of Roxas and his original. He'll also renew Roxas' friendship with Axel (aka Lea). Ironically, Ven became friend with Lea as well. As Xion and Namine, I'm not quite sure on their fates, but I feel Nomura will come up with some kind of excuse to bring them and even Vantias back (if only for one more role in KH3). Lea will defintely be back, though I don't know about the rest of Organization XIII, besides Xehanort/ Xemnas and possibly Isa.
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    Greetings. I recently got Minecraft after playing the demo and joined here because I thought Search was member-only, but I still can't find it. I was looking for a few mods, namely the minimap Seamus (aka SSoHPKC for those who've never heard of him) had, but I later found it anyways. I started considering getting Minecraft because of Seamus and the Creatures. I later got into the Creatures (well, Kootra) after Seamus did an episode with them. as for Seamus, I originally found and later subbed to him for his Mario hack LPs. That covers that part.

    As for the other stuff, I'm a 22 year old guy with free time here and there. I'm not exactly into completely into mods, but I'm into spicing up things a bit. Quite frankly, I think the one real negative thing about Minecraft is the lack in variety. (seven things (i.e. iron, gold, coal, diamond, redstone, the blue stuff, and obsidian) I consider minerals, five regular enemies, five animals is kind of weak) Sure, you can make a lot of things and get a lot of stuff (a fair share being a bit useless, like gravel), but I feel it needs more minerals, enemies, and animals. Unfortunately, I haven't really found such a mod that I either care about (too little or kind of weak) or has way too much.

    Really, all I want mineral/ enemy/ creature-wise is two to three times what's there, especially for this Nether I heard about. (Luckily, I got a Nether mod for when I eventually get there, but not Nethercraft, because it wouldn't work with the mods I already got, most of which were basic ones.) So if someone can find me a mineral, enemy, or animal mod that's cool, but not overwhelming (like say a Mo Creatures lite or More Creeps lite) Btw.. I'm looking for a decent mineral mod with at least silver, possibly quartz in it, because it's my firm belief that if there's gold, there should be silver. Also, I like Silver more than Gold.

    Sorry if this was so long, but I got a bit more to go. I got a PS3 and a Wii. Minecraft is my first non-Mario hack PC game. Another game I use lots of mods on is Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3 version obviously). My favorite game mode mod for UT3 is Invasion, even though the user-made version are underwhelming (2K4's was so much better. I had a friend that had 2k4 btw.). Other games I've had custom content on were TimeSplitters (I played lots of user-made levels. I even made 60-70 levels of my own.) and LittleBigPlanet (same here, except I only made one level and it was really crappy.) Also, I may not be here much.
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