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    Name:[/b] Luke (Silly13579)
    Skype:[/b] I don't have one at the moment, but will make one if it is a huge issue to not have one.
    What you want the server to be:[/b] Factions, PvP, Survival, and Fun. I want this server to be fun for people. The reason I say this is because, if this server is fun (which it will be) then people will most likely promote it to their friends and on other websites. Now, I'm not saying we should just be a fun server, but we also need to a seriously great (which it will be) one because, if someone promotes the server and more people join, but then they realize that the server is trashed or not a lot of people are dedicated to it so they leave. So that's what I want to help with is the aspect of this server becoming fun and great.
    Links of builds [OPTIONAL]:[/b] Unfortunately, I don't have any links but I am a pretty decent builder.
    What you want to be:[/b] Admin
    YouTube Channel [OPTIONAL]:[/b]
    Why you want to be staff:[/b] Like I said above, I want to be apart of the group that makes this server great and also very fun. I also want to be staff because I love helping people and enjoy solving problems and all-in-all create an amazing community and server for people to join.
    Experience?:[/b] I've been Moderator and Admin on multiple servers and also have been a Co-Owner
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] Ballistic's Survival FREE FLY ABILITY! (No Grief)(Survival)(Friendly Community)(24/7)(Timber Mod)(Shop

    In game name:Silly13579

    Why you should be mod:I should be a mod because I want to keep this server running and all the people who play on it stay on it.I also can advertise and make sure that all those pesky hackers and the people who dont follow the rules and punished.I will try to recruit as many new people as you like and keep them on this one of a kind server Ive never seen a server with such amazing people and an outstanding community.When I first joined it seemed like every conversation stoped and then said "Welcome!".I plan on keeping this server this way and adjusting it in some minor way like maybe making builder a thing you have to earn by builder something amazing.But that would just have to be up to you Ballistic.

    Past experience:I am a Mod(HeadAdmin the perms got all mixed around)on FluffCraft and was an Admin on a hardcore survival server that is no sadly closed due to payment issues

    Other info:I am 18 and I have learned my lessons through life.I feel I am much more responsible now then I was 5 years ago.I would love to be apart of this great community and especially the staff group.

    What makes you unique:I believe im unique just because og little things im fun and people love me around them I will always fight for what I love and this is one of those things your server.I will stop all rules breakers and hackers.I know that if I cannot stop a hacker I will try to to tell you as quick as possible.I will always stand up for people and will try not to fail you.I also can help you with almost any problem and whenever anyone including you needs help with a real life problem I can help you in most ways so please consider this application I would very much appreciate it if this way accepted

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    posted a message on [1.4.6] Ballistic's Survival FREE FLY ABILITY! (No Grief)(Survival)(Friendly Community)(24/7)(Timber Mod)(Shop

    For Everyone: Video Link

    Please Read The FULL description Ballistic

    Please Click The Watch On Youtube Button So you Can Read The Desc
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