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    posted a message on COMPACT TEXTURE BLOCK IDEAS

    Youtube Video:

    Textures image: http://fav.me/dbykgad

    Blaze Powder Block
    Ender Pearl
    Eye of Ender
    Cardboard (made from paper)
    Sign Block
    Spider Eye Block
    and Fermented Spider Eye

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    posted a message on Please show me your villager themed houses

    Here is my take on a Tinker's Construct Blacksmith house

    I like to build in the style of the Villagers, it's hard to find people who do it well.

    Twitter- https://twitter.com/Kingsidorak
    Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/user/Kingsidorak/
    Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtzhO0niYzNQKTyHoETiXQ
    DeviantART- https://yt-kingsidorak.deviantart.com/

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    posted a message on MCP for 1.11???

    I keep seeing post about it, but can't find any releases. Is there a release for 1.11 yet?




    I've found a forge thing for 1.11. I'm not interested in Forge, just MCP for 1.11

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    posted a message on Launcher not allowing modded versions?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    The OP did not even mention Forge, and installing Forge (since around 1.6) most certainly does NOT involve doing anything to the Minecraft jar, and your link doesn't prove anything even if the OP were using it.

    Most likely, they are trying to install a mod they made in MCP; the problem is that since an update to the launcher and json files early this year it will redownload the jar unless you edit the json file to remove a download link to the jar:

    MCL-4334 Minecraft gets reinstalled everytime you launch it (see attachment to see what needs to be removed)

    I get around this by using a json file from before they added this stuff; when I want to install one of my mods I only have to rename the version and stuff; the launcher (currently) does not touch modified json files (which are required for probably every mod and modloader out there).

    Also, if you are following the instructions given by the Wiki (here) it tells you that you can simply rename the jar to zip and handle it as a zipped folder using Windows - which is a huge no-no since 1.6.4 (and many other versions, but not 1.8.3, which was used in the Wiki's example) has a file named "aux.class", which is an illegal filename in Windows; this caught me the first time I tried modding the game, when I tried to install Optifine in 1.5.1 (Optifine did not have an installer back then; even now I just install it manually along with my own mods); you must use a zip utility (I use WinRar solely for modding Minecraft).

    Deleting part of the Json worked. Thanks.

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    posted a message on How to register Blocks to 1.10 "Vanilla"

    This tutorial is for everyone modding without APIs such as Forge, and most definitely isn't being posted so I don't forget!

    MCP Version: mcp931

    Minecraft Version: 1.10

    To register your block and initialize it so that the block shows up in in commands and in creative tabs,

    1. Register block into client\src\net\minecraft\block\Block.java

    2. Create your Block File.

    3. Initialize Block into client\src\net\minecraft\init\Blocks.java

    This part is a bit annoying, you have to scroll down find the first list of blocks, go to the bottom of that list and add your blocks like the others.

    Then scroll down more and find the second list, add your blocks there too.

    Sometimes you also need to import your Block File.

    4. Run the game, do setblock command to make sure your block is registered.

    Now to get the block to show up in Creative Tabs you must,

    5. Register your block to client\src\net\minecraft\item\Item.java then run the game again to make sure it worked.

    This is where you register the block to a creative tab, it doesn't seem to care if you add setCreativeTab anywhere else.

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    posted a message on [Redstone Mod] The Directional Redstone Device (A Vanilla Based Mod, No Forge, No Modloader!)

    No further development is planned. Thanks for the support. :)

    [Note] This mod is open for implementation, please contact via Private Message
    [Edit 1/15/15] I am not a Forge Modder. If you want to import this to Forge then I might help if I can. Otherwise there will be no Forge Support.

    Showcase Video: <Video not uploaded yet>

    Mod Description: This mod adds only two new Redstone Blocks to the game. The Directional Redstone Device & The Inverted Directional Redstone Device. These blocks are basically like full block repeaters, but without the delay settings. (I probably won't make a full block repeater, unless you convince me we NEED it for Minecraft)

    These blocks were invented as a way to compact a simple Cobblestone Generator(as seen below). The idea was simple, but the journey to creating the mod took over a year, and a lot of testing before a release was made.

    How the blocks work:

    The Directional Redstone Device

    The Directional Redstone Device is a power-able block much like the repeater.

    When given power through Redstone input, the device turns on, and an output is given to the output side.

    The Directional Redstone Device is a DIRECTIONAL block like the Piston, or Dropper/Dispenser. When placed, the block will automatically set the input to be facing the player's position.

    When the device is powered, it will emit a Redstone output, only to the Output side (The side with a dot on it.), and no other sides will be affected by the Redstone Power. This means you may place a torch on any side, and only the Output side will be effected by the Redstone output.

    The Inverted Directional Redstone Device

    The Inverted Directional Redstone Device is just an inverted version of The Directional Redstone Device. The textures are very similar at the moment and may change eventually due to how they look alike and can be confusing to tell them apart. The inverted version of the block has a larger Dot on the output side.

    When given power, The Inverted Directional Redstone Device will stop providing power. This is like the functionality of a full block Redstone Torch.

    Just like the normal version of the block, any power going into the block, will only affect the Output side of the block.


    Semi Automatic Cobblestone Generator (BUD Switch... I think)

    Semi Automatic Stone Generator (BUD Switch... I think)

    Digital Displays

    Real Game Time Analog Clocks

    The clocks are based on 20 Minutes, but can be adjusted to any time you want.

    This is the "Gears" of the clock

    Several Redstone Pusling Clock designs

    Possibly Infinitely Expandable Doors:

    Instant Opening Double Doors (As Compact as Possible)

    A Hide & Go Seek "Seeker Start Cell"

    This is something that's better explained in a video. The Seeker is trapped inside for a determined amount of time, and released to seek the hiders.

    Hidden Stair Cases

    Hidden Work Bench on a 5x5 based area.

    Automated Smelter & an Automated Charcoal Factory

    The Charcoal Factory gives 50% of the output & keeps 50% for fueling itself.

    A giant 64 Furni Automated Smelting Center


    Vanilla Minecraft 1.6.4 CLIENT: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z7c165ivs717ua6/CLIENT Directional Redstone Device & The Reverse Key Mod (1.6.4).zip

    Vanilla Minecraft 1.6.4 SERVER: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a8e4c0qchevyjxh/SERVER Directional Redstone Device & The Reverse Key Mod (1.6.4).zip

    WARNING: The available download links includes a WIP mod called "The Reverse Key". This mod adds a special keybind that is by default set to CRTL.

    When you hold the keybind down & place a block. It will be placed in the opposite orientation. If you hold the keybind & place a repeater, it will face towards you, by default a repeater will face away from you.

    The Reverse Key Mod is not available for direct download yet, and only works on some blocks that are placable in various orientations. This does not include the Ender Chest, or Stairs. Some other blocks may not apply.

    1.7 & 1.8 Source Code is too different from the 1.6.4 Source Code! Do not ask for 1.7 & 1.8 versions, the next version of this mod will be available when the next full release of Minecraft Coder Pack is available!!!

    Client Installation:

    Step 1: Download the 1.6.4 Client Jar.

    Step 2: Go to your Minecraft installation folder, look for the folder Versions, and copy the 1.6.4 folder, then rename it to RedstoneDirectionalDevice, or whatever you want. Once you do that, go in the folder, rename the .jar & .json to RedstoneDirectionalDevice.jar & RedstoneDirectionalDevice.json

    Step 3: open the .json file in a text editor, and where it says
    "id": "1.6.4"
    Rename 1.6.4 to Redstone Directional Device or whatever you made the folder and files name to.
    Then save and close the text document.

    Step 6. Open the .jar file with Winrar or any other program like that. Then delete the folder called META-INF. Once that finishes take the files within the .zip you downloaded for this mod, and place all of those files into the .jar file using Winrar or any program like that. Let it replace any files it needs to.

    Step 5: Open the Minecraft Launcher, create a new profile, and select the Redstone Directional Device jar, or whatever you named it to. Then save and launch the game with the custom for this mod selected.

    I'm sorry it's not easier to install, but this is what we have to work with, with the current launcher when dealing with Vanilla mods. I'm sure it will be better in the future. :)

    Server Installation

    Step 1. Download the 1.6.4 Server Jar.

    Step 2. Open the .jar with Winrar, or whatever program you use for .Jar files, and drag the mod files into it. Repleace any files it ask to replace, and save the Jar.

    It should work as is when you launch it, and when the Client has the mod too.

    Found bugs? Please report them by posting a comment, or private messaging me.

    Special Credit to these people for helping along the mod

    Spirit_Tracks: Without Spirit_Tracks' help, I would have given up on the project. He helped me figure out a lot of the issues & helped me out the most on this project, even though I never really explained what it was. xD

    coolAlias: I think he helped with code that was used in the mod, I am not TOO sure at this point, but I remember him helping a bit.

    I don't think there is anyone else to credit for helping with the mod. Thanks to everyone else who tried to help.


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    posted a message on 1.9 Unconditional... What does it mean?

    As far as I've noticed it only works with Chain Command Blocks?

    Basically, if the Command Block directed at it returns true, then the condition is met and the command will run.

    However, if the Command Block directed at it returns false, then the command does not run, and it may or may not pass on the signal, I don't know yet.

    Further testing is required. Lets just have fun with it. ;)

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    posted a message on Command block to dectect DATE?
    Quote from Skylinerw»

    While you could attempt to sync up a clock in the spawn chunks with the real world's time, that would require the server to be running 24/7. It is not possible otherwise.

    Exactly. There is code in the game that tells stuff like Chest to change when a certain date comes up within the system. Something I wish we had for CommandBlocks or at least detectable by Commandblocks
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    posted a message on Remove old lighting data from map?

    Really? This post was moved to mods thread? ._.

    I'd really love to know why...

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    posted a message on [Request] Window Shutters mod.
    Quote from warthog1942»

    i understand thanks anyways

    also, i think i had some issues with hitboxes on the opened version, which should be fixed in 1.9, so that could be a thing maybe

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