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    posted a message on Technic/Tekkit Pack Texture Packs
    I think it's worth noting that there is a difference between a "Technic Pack" texture pack and a "Tekkit Pack" texture pack. Most of the packs on this list state "Tekkit/Technic V3.1.3" but aren't actually made for both packs...

    The Technic pack includes both Mo' Creatures and Thaumcraft, which are large mods. I'm hoping to find a good texture pack to build a huge zoo in Technic SSP. (I know I could use the default, but I really despise the marble texture and the wood textures don't lend much to building)

    Anyways, this is an awesome list, and I'm going to bookmark it for my tekkit stuff, but there is actually some fun stuff you can do in technic that isn't possible in tekkit. (Like an actual reptile house with snakes and an aquarium with some sharks and fish)

    *Edit: Sorry, took a closer look at the OP, and it does differentiate between Tekkit and Technic. It's just some of the replies that don't.
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    Here is my A-frame house. It's rather adorable, if I do say so myself... It feels a lot like a log cabin.

    Here are some views of the from of the house:

    A sitting area on the main floor:

    The kitchen:

    One of the bedrooms, you can see the door to the deck on the far wall:

    The deck:

    The other main floor bedroom, I really like how the black wool looks for beds:

    On the second floor, there are 2 areas, a sitting area and a library:

    The small pool in the basement:

    The bathroom, also in the basement. I like how the shower turned out.

    The last of the bedrooms, this one is in the basement:

    A view of the area below the decks, the outside of the house is very symmetric, so the other side is the same.

    And to end, one last view of the front of the house.

    Because I know there will be questions...here is the schematic: AFrame House

    And here is a world save, if you just want to explore:World Save

    Let me know if you like it :smile.gif:
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    Ok, download is here:

    World Save
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    Quote from bomberJV36

    you gonna give the download?

    I did put the MCedit schematic file in the OP. I'll work on getting an actual save file, but it'll be copy-pasted into a flat map and that's all that will be on the map.
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    posted a message on My Victorian Mansion
    This is my 2nd Victorian mansion based off of actual floor plans, but the first one I'm actually showing off. Some of the furnishings are definitely unfinished and I might mess around with some of the layout a bit yet if I'm ever bored, but I've gone on to my next project, so for all intents and purposes, this is as finished as it will get.

    The floorplans/building that this mansion is modeled after is this one

    For the first few pics, I will show a picture of the actual building and follow it with as close to the same perspective as I could get.

    View of foyer from balcony

    Dining room


    One of many sitting areas, shown is one of 5 fireplaces

    Pool and hot tub

    Garage entrance


    Basement sitting area


    The pictures in this album really don't do the house justice. There are quite a few cozy little rooms and fun staircases that made no sense to take screen shots of.
    Because I think it's a cool build (call me conceited...lol) here's the schematic. Victorian Mansion
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    posted a message on [NEW] [TASK] [SURVIVAL] TASK ISLAND!
    patience, padawan...even if people had tried it, its been up for a whole half hour...not nearly long enough to get a good attempt in.
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    posted a message on My first house =) please look: now with updated pictures on page 2! :)
    cobblestone is a rather unattractive block for a house, at least with the default texture pack. I like using wood half blocks, since they aren't flammable, and using cobblestone for the trim.

    I like the interior though, the glass view up the center is pretty cool.

    not bad for a first house.
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    posted a message on WhaleMan's Large project 1
    I like it. Makes me want to make something similar based on random shapes. I feel like the Olympic symbol or NBC News logo could provide a lot of inspiration.
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    posted a message on BaradDur A.K.A Eye OF Sauron From LOTR [EPIC]
    what is it made of? looks like stone for some of it, but is that obsidium? i'm not familiar with that texture pack, so i'm curious.
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    posted a message on Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets
    base it off your imagination and then you can make the pistons open the door...
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    posted a message on Fort Valiance
    the outer walls are kinda flat...

    but i like the idea that you added a sewer...never thought about that. i'm going to go add one to my castle now.
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    posted a message on My Ship
    Like that girl sticking out the front. Don't ask me how it would be done on Minecraft.

    Get a friend with a cool skin to stand on the front next time you take a screenshot :blink.gif:

    Edit: Quote was of Punkyn's post, just above mine. Just now figuring out how to make it state it was his post.
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    posted a message on Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater - WIP
    Looks good. I agree with the sandstone suggestion

    I also think that you might want to try a different texture pack or at least a different cobblestone texture. You really need more of a brick style texture. If you don't mind the change in color, you could just use brick instead of cobblestone.
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    posted a message on [WIP] New Alexandria
    Just a question: I'm currently applying for a whitelist on this server, but it seems to have undergone a very recent major revamp...is the city still there?
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    posted a message on TurtleCraft Creative Server [TeamSpeak][McMMO][Residence][iConomy][Whitelist]
    In-Game Name: Shyssa
    Country You Live In: US
    Age: 22
    Previously Played Servers: none...just getting tired of playing on my own
    Why Are You Interested In Playing?: Originally found this place because of the library in New Alexandria. I think it's amazing and I love books, so I'd like to explore it. I'm really hoping that it is still on the server, since you seem to have gone through a rebuild.
    Note: I don't really want to help build New Alexandria. I'm much more interested in building stuff off of RL blueprints I find online.
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