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    First I would like to say, I have no idea at all how to write in Java. When it comes to development, I am more of a creative consultant. I'm a writer and an "ideas guy". I post here not to request for somebody to make the mod for me but to work with me in developing the mod. In essense, I'm looking for a team. Now onto describing the basis of this project.


    I am looking to create a lightweight and customizable mod that helps to create a world that feels a lot larger and help to immerse you in the environment. This mod is intended primarily for the multiplayer environment but of course could be used in singleplayer. It will contain features which fans of roleplaying games (as in the old pen and paper games, not MMORPGs) will love, fans of survival games will adore, and fans of adventure games will... I ran out of synonyms for love.

    Covrigi intends to make the Minecraft world feel even larger than it already is not just through the addition of new items or creatures, new biomes or dimensions, but through additional personalization and features that make you feel more like you are an individual character in the world. It also in its multiplayer use allow server owners to give their worlds more depth. PvP lovers and adventuring teams will especially feel the impact of this mod, as some of the features allow them to communicate more effectively as teams.

    Now for the base features.

    Radius Based Chat --
    Simply restricting chat to being based around a radius around the player makes the world a whole lot larger, and also allows for groups of players that band together to feel a slight more important.

    Character Creation --
    Some people enjoy playing Minecraft in Hardcore mode, but personally I found that in multiplayer being banned on death in Hardcore was a bit much. When you first join the world in Covrigi, you are prompted to create a character. You give your character a name which replaces your username. Optionally characters can be given descriptions. With the modifications Hardcore settings enabled the character and all progress are deleted upon death. Servers can still use the "ban on death" method for Hardcore if that is their preference.

    Time Scale Control --
    Server owners would be able to make days and nights longer or shorter, hunger drain faster or slower, and crops take more or less time to grow.

    "The Help Menu" --
    A self explained feature, the help menu! Bound to a key, this feature brings a GUI (which can be customized in a server's configuration) which gives the player a multiple tabbed menu which contains things such as a list of commands available, a list of mods on the server, message of the day, and a description of the server.

    Guilds/Clans/Tribes/Whatever! --
    Players can form groups with rosters and ranks, with several hierarchy types that can be easily editted by server owners. With a certain item in their hotbar the members can communicate of long distances. The item will be a form of long range communication, possibly a magical shell or some sort of clockwork styled radio.

    You've Got Mail --
    A quirk of my own, for some reason I get /very/ excited when I recieve a letter. Although not a huge change, a mailbox makes everything just seem better.

    Pretzels --
    Oh yes, there will be pretzels.

    These are just the start of the features that will be planned. If this project becomes sucessful much more may be added. New dimensions, new mechanics, weapons, armor, and magic. Creatures of myth and legend. This project is hopefully to be developped using the Forge API to allow for maximum compatibility with other mods.

    The Roster as of Now

    SP00KY a.k.a. ShyIsShy - Creative Consultant and Lore Brainstorming
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    posted a message on Magical Crops - Farm your resources! [3.2.0] Who stole my tiger? [Magical Crops 4 BETA download available]
    Quote from Mark719

    Anyone else had problems with other mods and this mod?

    Doesn't work properly with ID Resolver. Crashes with an ID conflict.
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    With a mod API on the close horizon (planned for 1.3 supposedly), people are obviously going to want an easy way to keep their client in sync with the mods of their favorite servers. I have an idea.

    Have mods installed on the server compiled in a sort of cache seperate from the minecraft.jar file (similar to how the Technic Launcher stores downloaded mods as "modpack.jar") and have them automatically downloaded as the client connects to the server. As files may be fairly large, have the game optionally use HTTP or FTP protocol to download the files from a webhost mirror like Garry's Mod's FastDL system works.
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    Yeah! It's back!

    Server IP: themcserver.no-ip.org

      [*:1tsho4ex]Moved to Bukkit!
      [*:1tsho4ex]Totally safe and grief protected spawn building!
      [*:1tsho4ex]Easter eggs! More eggs added all the time!
      [*:1tsho4ex]40 slot server!
      [*:1tsho4ex]Close knit community!
      [*:1tsho4ex]Survival of the fittest. You're going to actually have to protect yourself now!
      [*:1tsho4ex]Less administration corruption!
      [*:1tsho4ex]Soon to be 24/7 supported!
      [*:1tsho4ex]Fresh start!

    All the rosters have been wiped. Whitelisting is disabled and a brand new world is up. The server was meant to be a friendly server with the admins close to the players, and now it is. Everything is always in the works. Events will be hosted and I'm aiming to make everything fun for both the moderators and the players.
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    posted a message on Notch's $$$
    Profit comes after subtracting money for taxes, company bills, other operating fees, and paying the employees. I'm not saying that Mojang and Notch make no money. I'm just saying it's not taking 810,000 players or whatever and multiplying that by 15 EUR.
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    Quote from beyonddead »
    Do you consider all comedians racist if they say a joke on ethnicity?

    Only the white ones.
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    posted a message on WordofMinecraft.tumblr.com [NEW TUMBLR]
    You sound mad. Perhaps you should go share your feelings with another forum.
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    Quote from dethbed »
    You know if someone destroys your stuff you can just revert to a previous backup and ban them? And even moreso, the more you cry about griefers, the more you attract and the more pleasure they get from destroying your buildings.

    Seriously, stop being so damned attached to some blocks in a videogame

    You're implying I gave half a **** about the houses destroyed. I only care about silly little script kiddies using inventory hacks on my server.
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    Quote from Juze »
    There's powerfulBlackList and Anti-Hack plugins... Should take care of non-trusted players with TNT, can autoban/autokick/remove item/notify.

    The anti-hack utility hasn't been updated for b127 yet and I don't like having a whitelist. Reading applications is boring. I'll just ban the TnT.
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    Release something official to break the inventory hacks. I don't like faggots with infinite TnT destroying everybody on my server's hard work in second. I had to shut off all explosions with WorldGuard because the lack of an official anti-hack. I think I may cry.
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    Then come to my server.
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    posted a message on Chestprotect removes fun from minecraft
    ChestProtect is boring, hence why I do not use it. My form of chest protect is pushing creepers into your house and stealing my stuff back.
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    posted a message on Every server I apply for rejects me D:
    Come to my server. I'll just ban you if you grief or cheat.
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    Quote from Iomegadrive1 »
    I find it sad that Notch does not have the decency to test out his stuff before he releases it. Invisible mobs, Magic darkness that hurts me, Once you get hit you take damage over time, invisible players after death. This is insane. If it will pretty much break the game DON'T RELEASE IT. But than again you had plenty of time to fix and code it but just like always im guessing you just sat around and coded randomly for 5 min.

    1) u mad bro?

    2) It's not easy to catch bugs without a lot of people catching them for you.

    3) Are you implying game development is easy? Even for Minecraft it isn't just 5 minutes of coding.

    Why do you think major game developers announce their stuff sometimes years before the release actually comes? **** takes time.
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    Make chat only travel X blocks by X blocks instead of across the server? Yes?
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