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    posted a message on mc.jujucraft.net Amazing Hub Server [That Notch was On{Legit Check Youtube}][Factions][PvP][Creative][Skyblock][100+Players]
    The Jujucraft Network!
    Server Ip: mc.jujucraft.net
    Notch And Noahcraft have been on our server! Check it out on Youtube simply search "Notch Jujucraft" Now the server is averaging around 100 players and around 200 or more at peak times. Hope you can come join us and help Notch join us again!!

    Donate: store.jujucraft.net

    What we provide:

    Amazing 24/7 Service. Great Staff. Amazing Community. This server is an amazing server that provides many different gamemodes including Factions, Skyblock, KitPvP, CnR, Parkour, Spleef and will be soon be providing Prison. This server averages at around 100+ Players but we are hoping to get around 300-400 players online at least all the time. We have had a time where we reached around 1000 players and people like NoahCraftFTW and even Notch!!!!! have joined our server. Our server will thrive if you join and we will be welcoming new members with open hands.


    Hope you join us.

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    posted a message on Thread for posting armor and weapon names
    My sword is called [WhyDoYouPvP?]

    My axe is called [Don'tAxeMeAnyQuestions]
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    posted a message on Ninjas Survival Stories/ Ultra Hardcore Mode (No cheats/ NO Natural Regeneration)
    Hey guys its ninja, I have just finished my survival world and defeated the ender dragon. I have decided to create a new world and play on ultra hardcore mode (No natural Regeneration), the goals for this world is to create some awesome builds and defeat the wither and ender dragon without cheating or hacking.

    I had a bonus chest to make things easier! Pictures coming soon!

    Also this is my first journal so give me tips!

    Texture pack: Lithos faithful and 32x32 faithful

    Journal 1:

    I spawned in a Mesa Biome with a seed provided by the forums, I grabbed the loot from the and OOH 5 apples that would help a lot with this new ultra hardcore mode i will be trying. I quickly turned on creative and turned off natural regeneration. The Game Is ON!

    I found a swamp biome around 200 blocks away and quickly harvested some mushrooms and wood.

    Could not find any food so ate some apples as i traversed the terrain, i needed to find a good place to settle down and make my base.

    I found a dungeon as i was gathering cobblestone at the level under the clay i quickly nabbed the loot, and iron ingot and some gunpowder and ran for my life! The reason the light was so high was that at that time i turned the lighting in my minecraft settings/ folder to 500% but after awhile realised was cheap and turned back to 100%

    I found a savannah next to the mesa and next to a roofed forest with 3 huge ravines!

    I created the base from wood and killed a zombie and obtained a leather helmet! Next journal i would be caving and see what great things i would find!

    Journal 2

    While on my second caving journey i came upon a ravine with loads of iron ore!

    I followed the caves leading away from the ravine and found huge amounts of iron and coal before going deeper and finding GOLD and Lapis Lazuli! GOLD is very important in this point of the game because it can create golden apples and healing potions.

    Then i came upon these beauties! There was a total of 7 in the vein and i would end up with 34 after this mining trip the most success i ever had so soon into the game. I also ended up with stacks of iron and coal with a decent and usable amount of gold and redstone.

    Then as i went back to explore the full length of the ravine i turned a spotted a couple of mossy stone bricks and my brother said THATS A STRONGHOLD!. I paused the game and shouted adsdssdfioune for 10 seconds in real life before looting all of the stronghold!

    After looting the stronghold i found out about an abandoned mineshaft and decided to save it for later since my inventory was full and needed to explore the nether too!
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    posted a message on Ninjas guide to become a rich non-donor faction
    Hey its ninja and I will be doing a guide for you non-donors on faction’s servers out there. I own the richest non-donor faction on popular hub server juju craft. (MSG me for the IP if interested)


    Things you should do before you even start playing the server:

    1) Finding the correct server: This is a very important part of your plans to become successful you need to find the correct server. If you have played factions before choose something you are familiar with.

    2)Finding the right group of people: You need to have a tight group of friends either from school and you know them in real life or you have known them for awhile and chatted or called extensively.

    3)Use correct gaming equipment: This is my gaming setup
    Computer: Valkyrie-CZ-15-Gaming-Laptop (Use a great PC for Maximun FPS and smooth pvp and gameplay)
    Mouse: Razer Mamba (Wireless, great for pvp) Logitech g400s (Wired, effective use for everything)
    Microphone: Logitech g930 (Used on skype calls and teamspeak teams)

    Things actually on the factions server:

    1) First create a faction and invite your trustable members.

    2) Run away from spawn with out losing any armor and pooling your valuables into the enderchests. Also since you are traveling around 12-15 thousand blocks away from spawn, you should resource gather in groups on the way. This part is important when you are traveling talk to the important people on the server:
    I) Staff members
    III) Members that are in donor factions
    IV) Powerful and rich members
    V) People who control the auctioning

    3) After you have reached 12-15 thousand blocks distance create a base out of these 3 types
    I) Sky base
    II) Top of the nether base
    III) Cave base

    4) After making the bases expand it so that it has in it:
    I) Chestroom
    II) Brewing room (IMPORTANT for PvP)
    III) Furnace and crafting room
    IV) Enchantment room

    5) After this create roles for your faction members and make them move one with there job, at first you might want to test them at first to see how well they do. Then assign permanent roles to help your faction develope. Create allies with powerful factions and work together to destroy a similar enemy. Then when you get a suitable amount of GOD items participate in PvP battles and grow your faction into a huge one. Also raids are some of the best ways to get supplies!

    6) You will be the richest faction and keep on developing!

    All the luck Ninjashocktroop!

    Give me a +1 if this helped you and start a discussion with a comment! :)

    PS. I am starting a youtube channel soon PM me for more info and support!
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