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    posted a message on Should Water in the Nether not be allowed at all?
    Alrighty, here we go.
    Quote from Bomb Bloke

    I think you're missing the point.

    There comes a time when nothing in the game is hard. Whether it ever was or should be does not matter in this case. The eventual allowance of water won't make it much easier, but it will make it more convenient (and for some, more fun), which is good, considering how boring the nether is currently.

    When something in a game should be hard, but isn't, it should not serve as an excuse to make said thing easier. The allowance of water will make the nether much easier, which I will get into more detail on the next point. How boring the nether is is simply opinion. Jeb has stated that he will add to the nether, anyways. Water wouldn't even make the nether more convenient.

    A "well-armed and skilled" player isn't going to get killed by falling into lava, ghasts or no. There are many glowstone reserves over land, and those who wish to cross lava lakes can just swim through them.

    There are some glowstone reserves on land. If you need more glowstone then the average person needs, you're going to have to pillar up to some hard-to-get glowstone sooner or later, in which case ghasts are deadly. I made a small mistake in assuming the well skilled and armed player did not have fire resistance potions. I never really carry them around in the nether. Whether or not you would waste so many fire resistance potions to swim across lava lakes is entirely up to you, but I wouldn't do it.

    You're also mistaken in thinking water will help you earn xp from blazes, as you must kill them yourself if you wish to acquire any. I'm also unsure why one would want to use any amount of iron to farm them, unless you wanted to farm rods AFK (though unless you want to build a fort at the bottom of a lava lake, a rod farm is still pretty pointless).

    I don't think you understand what I'm saying here. Blaze XP farms require timed piston suffocation. Blaze xp farms also require the blazes to move to a specific point. Pistons extend and suffocate the blazes to half a heart. You can then punch the blazes for double the xp then any normal minecraft mob. Pistons are needed for both. A LOT of pistons are needed for both. Water would make both steps ridiculously easy.

    So yes.

    So no.
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    posted a message on Should Water in the Nether not be allowed at all?
    I think you're missing the point.

    The nether is supposed to be hard. Whether it is hard or not does not matter in this case. Water would make the nether easier, which is not good, considering how easy it is already.

    And even then, the nether is still dangerous even to the well-armed and skilled player. Pillaring up to glowstone or across large lava lakes while a ghast is firing upon you is deadly.

    This would also make it ridiculously easy to farm blazes, which give the best xp in the game. Also, on your "end game blaze farm" point, I never made a blaze farm on my single player world. It costs a LOT of iron, especially when working with double blaze spawners.

    So no.
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    posted a message on How do I get my school to notice that I am smart and respect me?
    Quote from Nerevar

    Intelligence is everything.

    I think the OP is trying get noticed by peers. Also known as popularity.

    Intelligence means nothing in popularity.

    Quote from curseisabadword

    *that's*. Oh and I am not being arrogant, try and being me for a day.

    "try to be me for a day."
    Comma after the "Oh."
    Although I believe the sentence structure is otherwise correct, it does look rather awkward. A better way to word the sentence would be something like this:

    Oh, and I'm not arrogant. You should try to be me for a day.

    You could also further improve the sentence by adding an idiom:

    Oh, and I'm not arrogant. You should step in my shoes for a day.

    That would certainly increase your overall score on any essay.
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    posted a message on [32x, 16x] Coterie Craft - Default Revamped
    Oh yeah. Can you update the workbench texture to fit with the new planks? The workbench looks flat.
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    posted a message on getting headaches after playing alot
    Don't play so much?
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    posted a message on Why doesn't mojang adopt or adapt ideas from mods?
    Not saying you're complaining or anything, but this is how it usually works:


    Then they add the mod in question.

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    posted a message on I hate people who say that something is too advanced for MineCraft
    What "modern suggestion" are we talking about here? If it's something like better then wolves, then I would actually have to agree with the criers.

    The whole point of minecraft is to create something advanced out of something simple. This is why we have redstone. It's simple, yet it can be used to create complex machines.
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    posted a message on BLOTCHES: Do you like them? (Explicit)
    I don't see why you guys are making a big deal about this. I would rather them fix other gamebreaking crap first. (coughsmpbugscough)
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    posted a message on My complaint about Mojang
    Sorry, bro. Most of us aren't English Professors.

    Or the OP just used Microsoft Word synonyms. I do that in my essays sometimes.
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    Quote from KoishiKomeiji

    Because when you got language options in a game you don't put jokes in real dialects.

    Why not? I doubt anyone who doesn't take a creeper offensively would take jokes in dialects offensively.
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