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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR: CANCELLED!
    ShailsTDSPT isnt very realistic but if you need it you can count on me. I would love to be a evil guy but I can be anyone.
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    posted a message on Lantern update incoming?
    Quote from Eion_Kilant_739 »

    But nothing with ore or anything from the nether! THat would ruin the game.

    Too late it was confirmed to be made with nether materials
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    posted a message on THE GREAT MAZE MAKING CONTEST! (useful tools included)
    Some time ago I did in creative a somewhat intresting maze. It had multiple floors and elevators to go up and down as well as some challanges that if you failed to do would cause in going back or even to the start. Can I do another like that one? :3
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    posted a message on Minecraft beta coming up?
    Quote from Devi »
    Like the dungeon mode and other things Notch has mentioned in the past implemented in the game.

    I support you on almost everything you said but this. There are things Notch won't include till full version. Dungeon Mode is one them.
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    posted a message on Notch, I pirated Minecraft.
    I didn't pirate minecraft (when I paid there were no mining pirates) but im sure many do cause:
    They don't have paypal
    They don't have a credit card
    Their parents are paranoid
    They are trying the game

    The 3rd one is okay now to the other 3 I suggest that Notch should include other payment options. INCLUDING PaySafeCard for those that don't have a credit card and things like that. If he did at least 3 of my friends would buy it.
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    posted a message on The roof of hell.......
    I always imagined hell would be like our normal land: Surface and Underground.
    But theres a catch... On the normal world the surface is safer than the underground... On Hell its different... Portals found on the Surface will teleport you to Hell's Underground where you will find Hell Only blocks and Hell Only mobs. However... If you DARE to go up there to the surface... Oh oh oh! You are sooo screwed. Mob Spawn Rate is WAY higher and there are even more dangerous mobs there. With even better rewards... The Lava falls come from Lava oceans on the surface of Hell...
    A man can dream can he?
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    posted a message on Why Useless Items?
    I see you are new here. I didnt come from the era of the start of minecraft but I was here before the first survival version was even released to paid users. After some time Survival Mode was released to non payers and payers got angry. Notch then had to release a unstable but with new features version called Indev. Its Infdev's precessor. Then it evolved to Infdev which had Infinite Maps but lacked many features. Then once Infdev got all its features back it became alpha and started having more features than indev like minecarts, slimes and the like. As you see Notch's plan was probably leaving people with creative mode but he was pretty much forced to release a buggy version. It it werent for that we wouldnt have minecraft alpha so your argument is kinda invalid. Also Majong Specfications is not a big company.

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    posted a message on What's the update waiting for?
    It was pointless but lets not forget Notch is doing his company and all. Also Paypal is sappin his account so thats another Stress Provider. Having OVER 600000 euros in there doesnt help too :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Soup Server
    This server is hosted by Suppen and ruled by him, me and a few more players. For more information visit http://souphouse.webs.com/

    The IP is suppen.ath.cx
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    posted a message on Notch + Valve = Valve Time
    Sir I wouldn't do that. Since ya know creepers come from the moon and going there would be plain suicide. Why don't you visit the Pig Planet? Its full of pigs. Altough I heard some of them might be agressive.

    Anyway im sure the planets part is either a joke or he means planet like you can look at the sky and see the far away planets.
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    posted a message on Read this before asking questions!
    Yes yes! A mod sticky this topic and give this man a cookie!


    This needs to be stickied! NOW.
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    posted a message on The Secret... (Serious Question)
    It's impossible to know whats coming next. Its like Notch rolls the dice to see what he should do! Past Seecret updates include:
    Redstone and Red Torches
    Winter Maps

    And those aren't on order! And there are WAY more things he included. Theres no pattern and as such we can never know what he will introduce. Or when he updates since for the past weeks he didnt cause he tried to satisfy his fans and choosen biomes and mob villages that were way too complicated and needed to be better though and cause of bigjam and his travels to other countries (this includes USA, MINECRAFT ON STEAM PLEASE GABE PLEASE NOTCH IF IT ISNT ON STEAM GABE IS A BIG FAT BALL OF FAT) *delays Half Life Episode 3 for 2 years*

    FUUUU Ninja'd for my first time! And a double ninja'd at that.
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    posted a message on A new way to find dungeons!
    Xero. Mine under your house. There might be a cave under it or close.
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    posted a message on (Reborn with New Management!) Minecraft Translation Project
    The translation on the main post has some errors. Im posting it without the errors in portuguese (from portugal) even if the portuguese in the previous translation is brazillian.

     Resume Game = Resumir Jogo
    Generate New Level = Gerar Novo Nivel
    Save Level = Salvar Nivel
    Load Level = Carregar Nivel
    Options = Opções
    Music = Música
    Sound = Sons
    Invert Mouse = Inverter Rato
    Show Frame Rate = Mostrar Frames por segundo
    Render Distance (View Distance) = Distancia de renderização (distancia de visão)
    Movement: Movimento
    Forward = Frente
    Back = Atrás
    Left = Esquerda
    Right = Direita
    Jump = Saltar
    Build = Construir
    Chat = Falar
    Save Location = Salvar Localização
    Load Location = Carregar Localização
    Toggle View Distance (Fog) = Mudar distância de visão (Nevoeiro)
    Small = Pequeno
    Normal = Médio
    Huge = Grande
    Far = Longe
    Short = Curto
    Tiny = Minúsculo 
    Select block = Selecionar bloco
    Enter level name = Insira nome do nivel
    Save = Salvar
    Cancel = Cancelar
    Getting level list = Conseguindo lista de niveis
    Failed to load levels = Falha ao carregar niveis
    Connecting = Conectando
    The level is corrupt! = O nivel esta corrompido!
    Generating Level = Gerando nivel
    Loading Level = Carregando Nivel
    Reading Level = Lendo nivel
    Raising = Elevando
    Eroding = Corroer
    Carving = Talhando
    Soiling = Sujando
    Growing = Crescendo
    Planting = Plantando
    Melting = Derretendo
    Flooding (in-game Watering) = Inundando 
    Chunk updates = Atualização de nacos 

    Failed to connect, you failed to connect to the server. It's probably down! = Falhou a conectar, você não conceguiu se conectar ao servidor. Está provavelmente em baixo!
    Failed to load level, it may be corrupted = Falhou ao carregar o nivel, pode estar corrompido
    Failed to load options (settings) = Falhou ao carregar as opções (configurações)
    Failed to save options (settings) = Falhou ao salvar as opções (configurações)
    The working directory could not be created =  A pasta funcional não pode ser criada
    Failed to start Minecraft = Falha ao iniciar Minecraft
    The game broke! = O jogo parou!
    Bad command = Comando errado
    Disconnected! = Desconectado!
    You've lost connection to the server = Você perdeu a conecção ao servidor
    You were kicked! = Você foi kickado! do servidor!
    You were banned! = Você foi banido do servidor!
    Errors (Obscure):
    Failed to load texture for [generic noun] =  Falha ao carregar a textura para [substantivo genérico]
    Loading texture for [generic noun] = Carregando textura para [substantivo genérico]
    Releasing texture for [generic noun] = Liberando textura para [substantivo genérico]
    HOOOOLY ****! = SANTA FODA! 
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    posted a message on First Cave on Hard
    And they will if you hit f like it was your only way to survive the army of irl creepers coming your way to blow you up, your house and the world.
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