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    posted a message on Empty Overworld Nether and End to build on
    Thank you so much for providing this! Even though not many people have found it, I found it to be one of the most useful things I have found on Minecraft Forums. Thank you thank you thank you
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    posted a message on R3D CRAFT - Play Minecraft in High Definition (04.04.17)
    I would love it if Uniblue was more consistent with his progress on this unmistakably amazing texturepack.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Beta Customized Terrain Generator Preset "Neo-Beta" (Glacier seed comparison pictures inside.)
    Wow! I will definitely keep these presets in mind for the future of my minecraft experience. :D
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    posted a message on Starting a server, need devs, and creators!
    I'm quite busy myself, but here is an instructional video that should help:
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    posted a message on screen load
    You could simply reduce your render distance by pressing ESC-Options...-Video Settings...-Render Distance, or you could install Optifine and change chunk loading to Multi-Core or Smooth by pressing ESC-Options...-Video Settings...-Chunk Loading: Default
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    posted a message on Server Donations Help
    Quote from Kythan

    The amount of disinformation being flung around in this thread is staggering.

    First of all, we don't even know where in the world the OP lives. The laws are very different between US states, let alone other countries. If he's in York, UK, any advice that assumes he lives in New York, US, is going to be wrong and possibly misleading.

    If the guy can't afford to host a Minecraft server, how is he going to afford to pay a lawyer? The last time I needed one to draw up a contract for me, he charged $200 an hour (for something a paralegal pulled out of an old file and changed the names, but that's another issue). So unless his Uncle Fred is an employment lawyer ( specialty all its own) that's not really going to be an option.

    With regard to someone earning money while they're under legal age for employment, that's a whole squirmy can of worms. In the US, there's not a problem with it. The fact that one is not of age to legally hire out to a non-family, non-agricultural employer (there are exceptions for both) does not mean that one cannot earn any money at all. Consider the classic paper route, though admittedly that has mostly been taken over by more-efficient adults with cars. Before I was 16, I ran a dog-walking service, sold stuff at craft sales, and for a while ran a small flea-market business, buying items I specialized in at local estate auctions and selling them; my parents had to haul me and my stuff to the flea market because I was too young to drive. I couldn't work for McDonald's, but I could work for myself, and I did. There are kids too young to hold jobs who write books, patent inventions, and do all sorts of other things that bring in an income. Again, however, what and how is very heavily dependent on your jurisdiction -- not just country and state/equivalent but sometimes local municipality as well.

    Don't believe that the government can't tax income from non-employment sources. You think authors don't pay taxes? It's about the amount of income, not its origin. The chances of a 14-year-old kid earning enough to be taxed is another matter, of course, but it's always a possibility.

    Now there's a cold, brutal fact: if you think this server is going to be a way for you to earn money, you are, in all probability, dead wrong. For one thing, most of the people who want to play on a server run by a 14-year-old are going to be other 14-year-olds who have the same problems you do: no way to send money around, and probably no money to send. For another, there's a lot of competition. Some of it is from servers that have been in existence for years. Most of the people who want to pay for something on a server have already done so -- and they're not going to walk away from that, abandon everything they've paid for, to go play (and pay) on your server.

    Then there's the chronic problem with "donation" servers: if you're selling things that don't really matter (a title, a colored name, whatever) then not many people are going to pay for them. If you're selling things that do matter (any type of gameplay advantage), then the only people who will play for long will be the people who can and will pay for them -- and not many people want to be one of the only four guys on some obscure server. And if you're selling power over other players -- op/admin/whatever -- players will quit even faster, because the qualifications to be a good server staff member are far more complex than having $10 to spend, and in fact it's highly unlikely that "wants to buy a staff job" and "has earned a staff job" will overlap at all.

    Do some people with servers make money? Sure. Some high school football players make it in the NFL, too. But when you consider how many of the people who try to become good football players actually make their high school teams, how many of them get college scholarships, how many college players get drafted by NFL teams, and for that matter how many of them actually make a career of it, instead of being cut before the season starts ... well, the chance that kid throwing a football around at school is going to be one of the 1,696 players (and specifically the ~300 who replace departing players ever year) is vanishingly small. Think about it: basically 300 chances at an NFL career, and over a million high school football players who want those spots. True, there are fewer people running Minecraft servers (though there are times I think it's not all that many fewer) but also a lot fewer of them that bring in any kind of income for their owners, either. Every kid with a YouTube channel thinks he's going to be the next SkyDoesMinecraft, too, and I can count the number of MC YouTubers who make a living at it on my fingers. On one hand.

    The best advice I can give you is to run your server and not try to make any money from it. You can get very cheap server hosting -- have you considered telling your parents that what you want for your birthday (or some other gift-giving occasion) isn't really a new something-or-other, it's six months of server hosting paid for? Spend that time making it into the best server you possibly can. You may find out that you're not cut out to run a server (it's not an easy thing). You may find out that running a server isn't as much fun as designing one. You may find out that someone better-known and with an existing player base to draw from just opened up something that's almost the exact same thing, and all your possible players are going there. Or, you might find out that you love running a server, you're really good at it, and players are flocking to play there. If the latter is the case, in six months' time you can start selling something -- but you'll have six months of experience in knowing what you should sell, what effects it will have, and whether or not people will buy it.

    There are two ways to go about any venture like this: expecting to make money off it and being unhappy when you don't, or not expecting to make money off it and being happy when you do. From long personal experience, I recommend the latter.

    Let me say that this reply is beyond the truth. This deserves its own thread to say the least. A tip of the hat to you sir!
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    posted a message on Unique Survival Server Ideas
    Skyblock servers are always fun, especially if you add a twist.
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    posted a message on Epic minecraft skin renders!
    Could you render my skin? IGN: ShadowofElements
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    posted a message on [FOUND] Minecraft Username Availability Checker!
    Simply insert this url into your browser to check if a Minecraft Username is available:
    Make sure to replace USERNAMEHERE with the name you want to check.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from MisterHerobrine

    I love this mod! Oh and before I forget to ask, how long will it be for a 1.7.8 update? Not forcing you or anything, but it would be great for a 1.7.8 update. Thanks!

    I would agree. Playing without optifine ain't fun!
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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2
    Banned for use of too many flowers
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    posted a message on Enchantment ideas. Feel free to add/modify!
    Pickaxe enchantment: EXPert: I-IV: +50% exp per mined ore per level
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    posted a message on TabbyChat v1.10.00 - SMP Chat Overhaul
    What does "inverse match" do in the filter tab?

    Also, what does "convert unicode syntax" do in the advanced tab?
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    posted a message on TabbyChat v1.10.00 - SMP Chat Overhaul
    I am using the forge version for 1.7.2, and it doesn't seem to remove things that I have filters for from chat. They get sent to different tabs, but they don't get removed from the main chat. I am sure that the phrases get recognized. Can anyone help?

    In other words, checking "Remove matches from chat" doesn't work.
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