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I have about 20 nicknames, from about 3 years, and when I first heard of Minecraft, I did not know what it was... This is when I was 10 and I always played outside, but after my friend told me about Minecraft pocket edition, I thought it was a great guide for Minecraft. But I was wrong, and I found out Minecraft pocket edition was Minecraft for phone and tablet. That's when I got excited and played it for a while. The first version I ever played was 0.7.0 and I wanted more of Minecraft, so I waited and learned how to make mods myself and how to use them with block launcher. I then got Minecraft for PS3 when I was 13 and I played it a lot. But then, MCPE went ahead of console so I stuck to Minecraft pocket edition. And after a few weeks of modding when I was 10, I stopped because of how much time it used of mine. But now, I am into hosting my own server and later, in 2017, I will learn the new modding system for MCPE again.


Minecraft Pocket Edition, HTML, Java, 2D pixel art, Android, Apple, Modding, Etc.

Location United States

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Minecraft ShadowPauler Xbox ShadowPauler PSN J101026