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    The Empire of Britannia

    About us
    We are a fledgling faction known as Britannia, a group that shows it's strength through brute force, espionage, sieges and raiding. We hope that we will get enough members such as those who are reading to join our ranks and together we will rise to the top of pvp servers as the number one faction.

    Codex of Britannia

    1. Respect Moderators and Administrators at all time.

    2. Do not steal, Grief, Kill other members.

    3. Respect and obey your authorities

    4. Be active and loyal to the Empire

    5. Respect other members.

    6. If you have disagreements with a fellow member talk to me or one of the Officers.

    7. On your scouting missions you find a high-value target, inform the clan immediately.

    8. Absolutely no hacking of any kind. No X-ray, No Nodus, Ect

    9. Zero tolerance for racism and sexism. [We have female clan members as well]

    10. Anything you gather will go to the community chests except for your personal effects [tools, weapons and armor that you use constantly]

    11. Do not take an excessive amount of items from the chests unless you ask the Officers.

    12. Not heeding the Codex will get you a warning, a repeated offence will be a kick from the clan.

    13. If you have any ideas, they are welcome. put moo if you read the whole thing.

    14. Betraying the faction will be an immediate kick and if you're still on the server, we will hunt you down to the ends of time.

    Jobs and Ranks [You can have a military and a non-combat job]

    Military Ranks

    Levy: New members in Britannia

    Scout: Scouting for enemy positions for future raiding options. [Optional]

    Swordsmen: Standard type of soldier in the Britannian armed forces.

    Knight: An experienced soldier who fought multiple battles for the Britannian armed forces.

    Lord: These are veterans who have been in the Britannian army and fought many battles, far more than the Knights. These select few can lead small groups of soldiers on incursions.

    Archer: A ranged soldier, capable of shooting arrows at enemies. These men have little to no combat experience with the bow and arrow.

    Bowman: Archers that have achieved a few kills in their career.

    Marksman: These few have achieved a large amount of kills in their career and their aim is true. These men are capable of commanding the ranged forces to support the melee soldiers.

    Notice: Any products you make or have you must put into the designated community chest.

    Farmer: These people farm various plants and make food and provisions for the soldiers of the clan.

    Builders: Build fortifications, towers, parapets and plethora of various defences these people can think of.

    Engineer: Redstone engineers that can rig traps, opening slots for archers to shoot through. Even opening lava reservoirs to pour upon the enemy.

    Miner: People who delve deep under the worlds surface to extract the various precious metals to give to blacksmiths to make weapons, tools and armor.

    Blacksmith: A chosen few who make weapons, tools and armor for the members of the clan, repairing damaged tools and armor occasionally.

    Lumberjack: Collecting wood-based products, replacing saplings and supplying their materials for the empires needs.

    Healer: Mixing together various ingredients to make potions to heal warriors in the field. These people can also make harming potions.

    We have no allies or enemies as of yet, we're still starting out =]

    How to join?
    Read this post and fill in the application below.

    Ign: [In game name]
    How long have you been playing minecraft?:
    What job are you planning to choose?: [2 combat roles and 2 non-combat roles max]
    Will be active and dedicated to the empire and on the server?:
    Have you read the rules?:
    [recommended] Do you have a skype, if so what is your username?:
    Why do you want to join, what are your strengths and weaknesses?:


    Truth and hope in our Fatherland!
    And death to every foe!
    Our soldiers shall not pause to rest
    We vow our loyalty

    Old traditions they will abide
    Arise young heroes!
    Our past inspires noble deeds
    All Hail Britannia!

    Immortal beacon shows the way
    Step forth, seek glory!
    Hoist your swords high into the clouds
    Hail Britannia!

    Our Emperor stands astride this world
    He'll vanquish every foe!
    His truth and justice shine so bright
    All hail his brilliant light!

    Never will he be overthrown
    Like mountains and sea
    His bloodline immortal and pure
    All Hail Britannia!

    So let his wisdom guide our way
    Go forth and seek glory
    Hoist your swords high into the clouds
    Hail Britannia!

    Server Ip will be given when you have been accepted.

    Sexycombine: Emperor
    Ching64: Knight
    Asami3000: Knight
    Darkangel2046: Swordsmen
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    Shadows of the Legacy

    Server IP: services.Amloessb.com

    Plugin List
    • Herochat
    • Dynamic Name Changer
    • LMC (Locks)
    • Other plugins for the admin/Server-side (Such as finding griefers)

    The town of Estermount, most consider it a paradise. Seemingly unlimited food, self-sustained, guards, and a royal leader for the people. No one wanted to leave, no one wants to communicate with the other towns around the world. Riches were shared by all to each other in town, ending up in an agreement to completely conceal themselves. Wall the town in and block the outside world. However, a few years later, the faithful ruler has fallen ill. Royal doctors of highest education are unable to find out what is wrong, unable to help the poor man... Witches and Doctors cooperating to produce the strongest health brew possible, to no-avail... the ruler dies. Another man is thinking of taking over, will he keep this perfect paradise in order?

    (Lore will be added on more soon)


    1. No Metagaming or Powergaming.

    Metagaming is when you act with knowledge learned outside the character's realm.

    IE: Player 1 confronts Player 2 about something secret he did. No one knew in character that P2 did this,
    so the only way P1 could have found out is with knowledge learned outside the story.

    Powergaming is like Jimmy throwing Johnny off a cliff without Johnny's out of character permission. This also includes making your character purposefully overpowered, or abusing Minecraft physics to do something that would be considered impossible.

    2. No taking blocks that are supposedly used for roleplay purposes.
    The only reason something could be greifed is that something in the story happened to the building in question.

    3. Act Mature -- This applies both to In Character and Out of Character. Show us your maturity, and you'll earn our and other players' respect.

    Although sometimes we are joking, we want a good roleplaying atmosphere for our players.

    4. Get a Suitable skin. [No Rainbow Characters, or Furries]
    This is a role play server set in a realistic medieval scenario. Please get a suitable skin.

    5. No on-sight non-RP killing. This would be going up to another player and just hitting or shooting them until they die. Most, if not all, violence on this server is portrayed in RP by playing out each action your character takes. Give the enemy player a chance to respond. Unless someone has a vast upper hand, each player should only be taking one action for each one action the enemy player takes.

    6. Do not leave the main town, the town has blocked the world that is outside and now survives on self-sustained systems. The story will expand to leaving at some point, do not worry.

    7. This is realistic Medieval. There are no spells, only Witches, Doctors and scientists. Doctors help Royalty with brews, witches perform alchemy and Scientists work with Redstone to "discover" new technologies.

    ~Out of Character~
    Ingame Name:
    In your own words, define metagaming and powergaming:

    ~In Character~
    Backstory (At least 4 well formed sentences):

    Please use an appropriate skin to RP with.

    Example Application!

    Ingame Name: Godshelp10

    Age: 17

    Timezone: PST

    In your own words, define metagaming and powergaming: Meta-Gaming is using OOC info for IC knowledge

    Power-Gaming is being unstoppable, or a god character. Such as being able to dodge everything or assassinate anyone without them being able to do anything.

    ~In Character~

    Name: Kalrak

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Background (4 Sentences): Post your character's biography here. Please, no cliche "My family was killed"

    The Server will be open in a couple days!
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    Quote from RedDotMurderer


    IGN: RedDotMurdererr


    Reason for joining: Seems like an epic server

    Are you mature?:yes


    Character name: Commander Cole



    Backstory (One to two paragraphs, be thorough):
    RP example: Cole was walking through the streets of what was once called New Hope. After walking for hours he came upon a large pile up of cars. He looked around seeing the only way around the pile up was through a nearby building he first looked for something to use. He looked around in the cars only to find a golf club and a few rounds for a gun he did not have, so he kept the golf club and rounds and headed into the building. Once inside he noticed an odd feeling of emptiness in the building. After walking through the building looking for supplies in everywhere possible he left the building and continued walking. Cole later Found a survivor and starts asking him questions. Soon after, a horde of infected start chasing them throughout the streets. Cole runs into a house and barricades the door and locks himself upstairs.

    Picture of skin:http://www.planetmin...soldier-811698/
    You are accepted. NOT Don't steal people's applications...

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    Hm... Carriers that are able to launch Gunships would be epic
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    Frankly, I'm not taking sides on this one. There is numerous possibilities on what happened at minecon, the party, So on and so forth. But I don't think 'hacking' or going to flame certain people is mature. I believe it is very childish to go and mob certain people for actions they have 'allegedly' did. I think everyone should calm the eff down and take a couple deep breaths, because imho this is getting stupid all this arguing. Go play minecraft or something.
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    I have a few ideas
    Town hall: Where you can throw a plank or a log to the leader of the faction, they will place down a building where they can begin producing Clay Soldiers by themselves [Make it so you can toggle how much and long until they spawn]
    then after the spawned soldiers died, they will begin manufacturing new ones to take their place.

    Fletcher: this is where you throw an arrow onto one of the leaders and he will place down a Fletcher, where it will make bows for the clay soldiers. Making them ranged. [Use Skeleton AI?]

    Armorsmith: Throw a hammer onto the leader, placing down a forge works. Will produce swords [If upgraded can produce sharpened swords] and it will automatically hand it out to the nearest clay soldier that is not equipped with Armaments.
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    Hey thorian, remember me? I would like to rejoin the server.
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