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    posted a message on SkyWars PvP with SpyCakes - A new series I am working on!

    SkyWars PvP with SpyCakes!

    About myself and the video:

    Hello everyone!

    My name is SpyCakes and I am a passionate Canadian gamer who enjoys creating content for my fast growing Youtube channel! I have been a minecraft player since the beginning, like many of us here and decided to start uploading some videos of Minecraft just recently!

    I decided to start off with SkyWars for my first Minecraft series as It caught my interest a little more than standard survival as it gets my heart racing and is generally action packed and requires some skill mixed with luck!

    Now, keep in mind that this video was my first serious Minecraft video so I was not sure how to go about it; I decided to do some jump cuts to keep it entertaining and it also took me quite a few tries to get the hang of how the gamemode worked, hence the not as expressive personality in this video!

    If you happen to have any feedback or suggestions, I would be glad to take a look at them! I am always looking to create the best content possible and improve content for my viewers!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com//SevenSpy

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    posted a message on Some tips to make Minecraft more fun in Hardcore
    Well, you can make a list for yourself for things to do; for example:
    1. Build house (simple)
    2. Build farm (simple) or Underground Farm (Easy)
    3. build automatic farms (moderate)
    4. create a base somewhere difficult (underwater/sky)
    Or if you cant think of many challenges, you can always try other people's challenges. Doing a simple google search will come up with tons of possibilities.
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    posted a message on It's official: Ryan Holtz aka theMogMiner is no longer a Mojang employee
    Well that really sucks...

    Wonder what happened.. We will probably find out soon but no information is being given from Mojang currently.
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    posted a message on Question about the Factions plugin
    To get the best answer, it might be best to head to a bukkit based thread.

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    posted a message on Need Some GFXs?
    Hallo! Your work looks pretty good!

    (I don't need anything myself, as I am also a graphic designer; Just wanted to compliment you haha)
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    posted a message on please help with some basic playing-on-server questions

    I'll do my best to provide as much useful info as I can!

    1) For a few people, you should allocate around 2 to 3GB of ram minimum. I've had servers with about 512MB ram but couldn't run many plugins or mods and it was just my buddy and I.

    2) There shouldn't be any hidden costs for server providers; they should state the total cost. I would recommend asking the provider of your choice's support.

    3) Yes, Mac and PC players and play together on a server.

    4) Yes. Some mods will need more ram than others and some mods may be incompatible with multiplayer. Check out some of your favorite mods to see if they are multiplayer compatible and they should also have an instillation guide somewhere. Also, the more mods your server contains, the more ram it will need. You should be able to get quite a few of bukkit plugins in a server with a few gigs of ram though.

    5) Some companies do have a generic mod list but most don't have many or any at all.

    6) Voice chat does not come with the server itself but some companies may include ventrillo or teamspeak for a portion of a cost.

    7) I am not sure of this, but you can add a whitelist(link) to your server to protect it or don't give out the info to anyone else but friends.

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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN:
    Where did you hear about the server:
    Found out about it from the front page of the Minecraft forums!
    Do you understand and accept the rules:
    I accept to follow the rules!
    What's our policy on raging:
    Don't do it at all!
    • "don't rage! It's a challenging server, but you can do it! If you get defeated, it's a temporary setback- don't give up! Build your base and ship better and get revenge!"
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    posted a message on how do you feel about the looks of villagers?
    I didn't mind them at the start and I have gotten even more use to them now. They do look funny, but I think they fit; it would be generic to see villagers that look similar to "steve", especially since they don't have any verbal or very advanced social behaviors(they don't seem to make any noises and etc).

    Hopefully we see an update just for improving them in the future!
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    posted a message on Biome Sounds
    I support this idea!

    Ambiance for environments makes games feel more alive and enjoyable.
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    posted a message on Bookshelf Door
    I like this idea as I'm into making a lot of secret entrances with pistons already but it seems to be too bulky with the pistons, even for a 1x2 entrance.

    Hopefully we see more door types in the future.
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    posted a message on Stalactites and Stalagmites
    I've been really wanting to see more aesthetic stuff in underground systems and I think stalactites and stalagmites would be awesome.
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    posted a message on Convincing my friend to buy Minecraft.
    If sure is unsure to buy it due to security of purchasing the game, tell her how many copies have been sold and tell her about Mojang :)

    You could always buy it for her for her birthday even if she refuses due to the pricing.

    If she really wants it, she would buy it.
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    posted a message on Your most favored thing in MC and your most hated thing in MC
    Hate: Holes in plains, Silverfish

    Love: Huge mountains, Colored Wool, and Baby Animals
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    posted a message on I'm desperate for help!
    I have pretty bad OCD in Minecraft but after playing it for such a long time (around indev), I started to get better and not really care what my stuff looks like unless I was actually building with other people to see it.

    One of the biggest parts I still have is my inventory and chest organization. I think a bit of OCD is actually good except it's super annoying.

    I don't know how to personally combat MC-OCD, but if it really bothers you, talk to someone in person haha. Might be weird since it's for a game, unless you have OCD symptoms in daily life that gets in your way.
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    posted a message on New Fishing Idea
    Nice ideas but you are posting in the wrong area as you mentioned.
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