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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP ♦ 1.16.1 ♦ Long-Term ♦ Quick Invites ♦ Hermitcraft Style ♦ Friendly

    IGN: Seriberry

    Age: 23

    Timezone: Central

    Your plans on the server: I love exploration, but once I find a spot to settle I tend to make small fantasy builds. I don't usually have a plan until I see a spot that calls to me, and then I'm off to building!

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    posted a message on 🌎 The Vanilla Experience 1.16.3 🌎 Semi-Vanilla 🐴McMMO🐴 Dynmap 💤Better Sleep💤 Grief Defender 🎨ArtMap

    Hello I'd like to apply to both servers! so I'll fill out both!

    1. Minecraft Name: Seriberry
    2. Age: 23
    3. What is your favorite aspect of the server so far?: Everyone is extremely welcoming and engaging, it's a very lively server and I enjoy the atmosphere immediately.
    5. Optional - What's your Discord name:tag? Seriberry#6513


    1. Minecraft In-game Name: Seriberry

    2. Location & Timezone: United States CST

    3. How old are you, and do you consider yourself mature?: 23, yes.

    4. Previous Bans from other Servers (If Yes, explain where/when): No

    5. How did you hear about MC-TVE?: I was scrolling through the forum list and happened across it.

    6. Any friends that play or are interested in joining?: I have friends that play minecraft, but they're always very busy with work so it's very hard to coordinate time to play with them.

    7. Reasons you should be accepted?: I'd like to believe that I bring a warmth to the environment, and try to be helpful if I'm able. My building isn't godly, and my redstone is pretty horrible, but I'd be willing to give players a helping hand in whatever way I can, If I can in that moment!

    8. What do you enjoy doing in Minecraft?: Collecting, and amassing a metric ton of items. + Exploration. (Shiny icons bring me joy.)

    9. Tell us a little bit about yourself?: I'm currently a graduated university student in the Graphic design field, however I spend most of my time drawing webcomics and artwork for both work and fun. I play video games in my off time, and just try to be an overall chill person when relaxing.

    10. Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?: Yes (I'm guessing the ones on the discord page, as the rules on this page won't load for me :c )

    11. Are you aware (and agree to) this is a vanilla server part of the TVE Network, where griefing or any toxic behaviour isn't tolerated?: Yes

    12. Are you also aware that this server is protected and monitored using CoreProtect. This means everything you do will create logs. If you grief or raid, you'll be banned and everything rolled back with a simple command?: Yes

    13. Discord Name#Tag: Seriberry#6513

    14. Questions?: N/A Hope to jam with you all soon!

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    posted a message on ☀️ KANTO ☀️ | Survival SMP | Paper | Mature | Whitelist | Discord | 1.16.2 |

    IGN: Seriberry

    Discord Username #XXXX: Seriberry#6513

    Age: 23

    Geographic Location: US

    Details: Hello! currently an illustrator looking for some time to relax off of work. I've been playing Minecraft on and off for 6-7 years, and have recently come back to enjoy building and exploration! I look forward to finding an active, welcoming server to be a part of!

    (Small note: I've made an account before that's been registered for awhile, but due to some update that may have happened- I think it changed my posts history/forum achievements are gone. So I apologize ahead of time if anything is weird regarding that. I've just returned after a long while, so some stuff is a bit different for me. )

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    posted a message on Sunia SMP ☀️ 1.16.1 - Vanilla - Whitelist - Dynmap - Data Packs

    IGN: Seriberry

    Discord(#0000): Seriberry#6513

    Age: 23

    How long have you played Minecraft? 6-7 years on and off?

    What’s your idea of SMP?: A place to chill out and build/survive after the day is done.

    Do you understand the rules?: Yes

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