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    Moderator Application

    IGN: SenorLuffy

    Age: 17

    Timezone: PDT UTC/GMT -7 Hours(Pacific Daylight Time US Western time)

    Skype: SenorLuffy (Pm Me if it doesn't work I do not really use Skype, I prefer teamspeak 3)

    Previous server experience: What are my Previous server experiences? My overall Minecraft experience has been around 4 years. I still remember the first minecraft server i ever joined was Ganoncraft (which has been closed for the last 2 years or so) that is also the first server i ever received a staff position from. it was a awesome experience and will never forget about the great time i had with the owner and players but he has moved to bigger and better projects. Since he is now a Developer for mobile games and create his own games but i still keep in touch with him Great guy! after sticking that Server for majority of my minecraft days i started to spark interest in being a Moderator and have been A Moderator in many servers that i have lost count but unfortunately majority of server lacked funding and/or had personal issue with there families or with other staff members but I have not only been apart of Small servers but Large Server Networks has well like Exodonmc was the last server i became a staff member on. They where great guys and give gave tons of staff experience in return for serving them has their moderator and contributing for making their servers better place. I also know simple server plugins commands/plugins Such has Group manager,Permissions Ex,Essentials,World Edit and mostly all the simple plugins you need to even run a server/network.

    What would you do if someone was suspected of hacking?:
    If someone was suspected of hacking i would calmly monitor his activities and make sure to talk to my fellow staff members has soon has possible to make a decision about the potential hacker and how to handle him in the mostly professional way.

    What would you do if someone was as excessively spamming, and have already been warned once?:

    Depending on the Networks rules i would follow the Networks Punishments for breaking the rules more then once but i would first also monitor his activities and always have a second staff member collaborate with me in coming up with the most efficient way to deal with the spammer.Also have evidence and eyewitness of what occurred with the rule breaker. but if no one was on and it was just me i would mute the ruler break and wait for a fellow staff member to help and make a decision of would to deal with him/her.

    What would you do if a fellow staff member was abusing his or her rank?:

    If i where to find a fellow staff member abusing his or her rank i would first talk with he/her and try to find out why was he/her doing such actions to our players or staff members that is being abused.If that doesn't work i would report this to the administrators and fellow staff members and come up with a decision of how to deal with a abusive staff member. I never act on my own but with fellow staff members to overlook the problem.

    Why should we hire you?:
    Why should i be hired ? because i not only believe this server has great potential to become something big in the future but also i believe i can contribute great skills to the Network to become a great place for players and staff members can get along in and grow bigger. I also never go on the minecraft forums and just place in a minecraft staff application i see i only pick servers/networks that i see have great potential to become something great in the future. I am also a very active and hard working person I can contribute about 2-4 hours a day depending on what i am doing i can be on for more hours depends. I look forward on to speak with your fellow staff members see you guys soon! :).
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