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    Your IGN: The_Crafter025

    Where did you hear about the server: The Minecraft Forums home page.

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes.

    What's our policy on raging: Do not rage quit, and always keep working at getting better.
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    Quote from omega72

    Have you ever thought of making Ben 23's "Hero Watch" with the blue aliens and unoriginal names?

    Quote from omega72

    Or maybe Six Six Seven Seven and Eight Eight Tetrax Malware Psymon unitrix an artificial life/ omnitrix. We'll there just ideas but hopefully they help.

    Don't forget to add Atomix since he is canon.

    Quote from omega72

    You could also add something if Vilgax hits you a numerous amount if times { or add a animation for him putting his hand on your Omnitrix} in which you loose a random alien and have to go to Galvan prime or even better Xenon find Azmuth and he will fix the Omnitrix.

    Thank you for the ideas. :)
    Quote from EmJay

    Oh my gosh I absolutely love Ben 10 (the classic series is the only one I REALLY like!) I suggest limiting the aliens to Ben's first 10, as a way to prevent overpower.

    Will start with the original aliens, and then I will probable add in more of the new ones. I will have options though to toggle if the aliens are usable.

    Quote from omega72

    Can I make a model?

    Quote from omega72

    How do you send a model?

    Yes you can. You can send me your model by hovering your mouse over the gear in the top right of the screen when logged on to the Forums and then clicking "Personal Messenger" Use that to send me a PM of with your model. :)
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    • I have gotten the HUD to display and change based on keys being pressed
    • I am accepting models to be considered for use in the mod
    I am now working on getting the player model to chagne. I believe that I ahve almsot got it working, though. What I need now are models for the aliens. It takes me awhile to make models and I am not that good at it. So if anyone has any models that they would like to send to me, I will take a look at them and consider using them for the mod. Please send models to me in the form of a PM. When you send me a model please include the Java code file for the model. If you are using Techne to make models, you will have to export the file to Java code by going to File-> Export as -> Java.
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    Quote from Rileyru10
    I am a huge Ben 10 fan and I have an idea you can use. You should have an Azmuth that acts like a villager by trading with him and when you trade with him he has alien DNA for the aliens. To get them you should have portals to the aliens homeworlds or something and have to fight the alien that belongs to the planet. Have them drop (ex. for Heatblast) Pyronite DNA Sample. Then trade it with Azmuth to get Pyronite DNA or Heatblast icon or however you want it to be. Some aliens should be bosses like Way Big, Upgrade, and have Ultimate Aggregor and get NRG, AmpFibian, Armodrillo, Water Hazard, and Terraspin's DNA samples from him. Maybe for when Ben had the fusion aliens you could have a mission where you had to use the fusion aliens (after having their DNA first). Vilgax and other main Ben 10 villains would be good to have. Hope this information helped.

    i have another idea and its DNA- related. what you could do is use your alien models and make it so you can call tetrax to pick you up and drop you off at another planet. and at each planet is a different alien and when you kill an alien you get their DNA. for example i killed a vulpimancer (wild mutt) and there is a hair or claws that come out. and for diamond heads there are diamond head shards. and for Galvins (grey matter) maybe it could be an eye ball or something xD hope you quote :)

    Quote from CreativeLover
    hey why not also do alien force, ultimate alien and omniverse stuff and maybe add minecraft mobs and rook an ben and gwen and kevin and vilgax and albedo and whatnot

    Quote from eldar1212
    i have a few ideas : 1. make a hover board like in ben 10 ommniverse first episode . 2.make some plumbers gear ( weapons , armor , and all that stuff ) . 3.make a null void blaster. 4.make a ultimate mode feature ( you go in one of ben 5 new aliens from alien force and you press u and you become to the ultimate form of the specifeic alien) . 5.make every alien 4 different attacks. so that's all i got so far. if i come with more ideas i will post them. and also if you liked my ideas be sure to post them in your list. eldar1212 out.
    Quote from eldar1212
    i come up with more ideas : 1. make an armor slot for the omnitrix. 2. when you press the up and down arrows you will get the omnitrix gui so yo do not need to right click the omnitrix in your hotbar. btw , is the ben 10 mod and the transformer mod are for 1.6.2 forge?
    Quote from eldar1212
    And Bound Those Attacks To The Following Keys : G , Y , O and Left Arrow . make an armor slot for the hover board and when you press the X key you will use it so you can fly in survival like in creative .
    Quote from eldar1212
    Some ideas for the Ommnitrix : 1. When you press the right arrow you will switch between Ommnitrix modes ( by a GUI ) . 2.when in master control and you are an alien press the down arrow and you will switch to random alien . Press the up arrow and you will choose the alien you want ( by a GUI at the right side of the screen ) . make sure to make a omniguide ( a book that will have all the crafting recipes and controls ) .
    Quote from eldar1212
    Make All Animations From All The 4 Series .
    Quote from eldar1212
    . some more ideas : 1. in the omniguide do a " form a team " option so you can choose characters from the series and they will help you fight and defend you while the Omnitrix recharging . 2. Make sound effects too from all the 4 series. for the animations and sound effects make it so depending on what Ommnitrix you use , you will hear the effects and the animations from the appropriate series.
    Quote from eldar1212
    Hey Selectedlime375 Did you liked my ideas? all the ideas that i posted are in pages 12 and 13 .
    Quote from eldar1212
    bound the G key to the special attack of the alien you are ( humangsour : grow , way big : fire his lazers , etc ) And the right arrow to a charged attack ( way big : clap and hurting all the mobs in the soruunding area - sorry if i spelled it wrong . and the Y key to an alien special abbilety ( big chill : become invisible , etc ) . for upgrade and goop bound the O key to a GUI at the right side of the screen in which you can select a form ( cannon , ball , etc ) . That's all I've got . I will see you next time with more ideas for you ( only if you add some of my ideas to your list so they can be implemented ) goodbye !!!!!!!!!
    Quote from eldar1212
    another idea : make an armor chestplate that when you press the Enter key you will activate a force filled and you deactivating it by pressing Enter again .

    Quote from eldar1212
    btw , selectedlime375 i will post more ideas only if some of my ideas will be impleneted in the 1.6.2 forge version of the ben 10 mod

    wow i cant beleive you quoted my suggestion. :D

    Thank you for the suggestions. :) I will look at these again when I have the base mod done.

    Quote from maxmaker
    can you send me the mod's download link to [email protected] when it is done thanks

    When I have a stable version, I will post it on the opening post of the topic.

    I also hope you finish this mod because I'm a fan of both Ben 10 and Transformers.
    Quote from RealMinecraftian
    release the ben10 pleasseeeeeee
    dude he cant just release it. he has to finish it first! :/
    the reason why he hasn't released screenshots is because the mod is probably unstable and he hasnt finished modelling
    hey guys! i know why he isnt done the ben 10 mod! he has been working on the transformers! the transformers is 94% done! :D
    Again Loving this idea
    Quote from Nyaamara
    Can't wait for the Ben 10 mod, keep up the good work c:
    Quote from eldar1212
    btw , selectedlime i really love transformers and ben 10 and i think it is great that you makeing this mods. keep up the good work!
    Quote from andyyu_
    is selectedLime 375 still making Ben 10 MOd?
    Quote from Sonter12
    I just got here and a Ben 10 mod is a great idea! I just hope you're still doing it.

    Thank you for your support. :) Progress is coming along nicely and I will hopefully have a stable build soon.

    I don't like ben 10 anymore. because if he find or get another monster, the first monster is gone. there is one episode that he is in the future and meet himself but older and the older himself is called ben 10 000 but for you is it too hard to make ben 10 000 because there aren't so many known. but cool ideas if I could help with modelling? I'll try to make a player model and give it to you! Is that ok?

    If you have any models I will gladly take a look at them. :) Just send me some pictures or the file of the model in a PM.

    Quote from XpoptropicaZ0
    SelectedLime375 can u at least show us some of the screenshots of the aliens or the omnitrix please.

    My next post will be a progress update.

    Hey, selectedlime375, can i try the beta of the transformers mod? i'll report any bugs for you :)

    I will try to get out a beta version soon.

    Quote from eldar1212
    how did you guys make those alien models ? those models are amazing!!!!!!!!

    I think they used Techne.

    Quote from XxUltimatrixxX
    Hey! I'm a huge fan of Ben 10. Over time I have got all the original Omnitrix sfx from the original series. Not the ones from Alien Force, Ultimate Alien or Omniverse, just this. I can help you with this mod by supplying you with these sounds. I'm passing out these for free for the sake of this mod. I'm really looking forward to this mod and hope it makes success! You can download my Omnitrix Sound Pack from here: http://www.mediafire...mnitrix SFX.rar

    Thank you for the sounds. :) Would you mind if I used them in the mod if I gave you credit?
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    dalekslayer96 has taken over the thread now.

    I am sure dalekslayer96 will do a good job with maintaining the topic.

    Thank you everyone for all the skins and with helping to convert the skins.:)
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    posted a message on [Index]The Official Animated Player Mod Skin Skin Library [1.6.4]
    Hi guys.:) I do not know if everyone knows this yet, but the way animated skins are made for the Animated Player Mod has been changed, Be sure to check out the changes in his Custom Textures section.

    Thank you to everyone that has been helping out with making the skins.:)

    As you can see, I have not had the time to update the website with the skins that much. I think for now it is fine if the skins are just in the posts, but I am working on trying to find a better way to manage the thread.

    So, I believe thread ownership can be transferred. If anyone thinks that they can do a better job at maintaining the thread then I have been able to, send me a PM.

    Once again, thank you for helping with making and submitting skins.:)
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    The Main Post has been updated all the way.:)

    Here is a suggestion: maybe what you could do is when you get all the aliens is that you get master control and its a different omnitrix so if you want you could get it instantly in creative. well thats all i have to say.

    Good idea.:)

    also i love ben 10 and hope you finish soon. i check the post daily. lol

    If you want to keep updated you can click the follow button at the top of this forum page. It will let you know whenever somebody makes a post on this topic.
    Quote from SpyderClinoir

    where is the download link

    There is only a download link for my Cow Tools! Mod right now. You can find it in the "Downloads" section in the "Cow Tools! Mod" section. Just click on the "spoiler" button to open the sections.
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    posted a message on SelectedLime375's Mods [Forge][Released][1.6.2][Cow Tools!][Not Released][WIP][1.5.2] [Ben10][The TRANSFORMERS]

    • Updated Cow Tools! to 1.6.2 :)
      • Added Hardened Leather and Hardened Leather Tools
    • Figured out how to change the player health based on variables and not potions
      • This is through the EntityPlayer class, which means I shoul be able to change strength and other things without using potions
    • Added a configuration file to the Ben10 Mod
      • Entity Ids can be changed
      • Mob Ids can be changed
      • Mob spawn Rarity can be changed
      • If mobs can spawn can be changed
    Sorry for the lack of updates, some things came up so I was not able to mod as much. I have made a lot of progress, though.

    Quote from trentzoid

    I cant wait for this mod to come out I AM A HUGE BEN TEN FAN!!!!! Good job mate!!!

    Quote from Samtopia

    I hope the Ben 10 mod gets out soon!
    Sounds really interesting!

    Quote from trentzoid

    Love the idea CANT WAIT!!!!

    Quote from gamebrohams

    Nice work! Can't wait until the Ben 10 mod is released!

    Quote from Waneex

    Very nice ^^

    Quote from josearifin

    I cant wait

    Thanks, now that I have figured out how to change the player's health and other things about the player; I just need to get the models and HUD rendering. Then I should be able to release a Beta version of the Ben10 Mod.
    Quote from budderycreeper

    selectedlime i love what you a done for the ben 10 mod (cuz ive seen all 3 orininal series) i was wonder ing if your going back to the transfomers mod (cuz i am a HUGE fan of transformers like G1, prime, cybertron, etc.)

    If I get the Ben10 Mod working, then I can just apply the same code the The TRANSFORMERS Mod and just change the models to TRANSFORMERS. So all that I have done so far has really been work on both mods. :)
    Quote from kennyis123

    You should ben 10,000 by making the players name. example: xxKennyMcxx 10,000

    Good idea.
    Quote from joinho

    When will the first release be? And also, will the figures have there special abilities and animations?
    Looks good!

    The characters will have their own abilities and eventually animations. :)

    Did you cancel the Ben 10 mod?

    Quote from gamebrohams

    WIP, meaning "work in progress". So I don't believe so.

    Correct. :)
    Quote from pstrand

    can i do dye them that would be awesome if i could

    If you mean dye the Cow Tools, then I will try making that possible eventually.
    Quote from omnitrixbomb167

    hurry on the ben 10 mod and make it so that there is all 3 omnitrix's and the ultimatrix:
    here is a list of what to do.

    1:make azmuth

    2:make all aliens

    3:create the other omnitrix's

    4:make ultimatrix

    5:sort each alien (and bring them back) on the right *trix*

    6:finish space pod (i might be able to help with that in texture)

    7:finish Diamond head

    8: add abilities

    9:add villains

    10:add villain gear

    I hope this was useful Thank you.

    (P.S. I would like to help make the mod)

    Quote from omnitrixbomb167

    add link to what you are using to make this mod so ican make my own mod and help you with yours. :)

    Quote from omnitrixbomb167

    if you need help just say in email or something
    Email: [email protected]

    Thanks for making a mod for ben 10 My brother He's 11 and says im too obsessed
    with Ben 10.

    I want to help alot so please email me

    Thank you for the list. See the PM I set you about helping with the mod.
    Quote from omnitrixbomb167

    the omnitrix looks good has a great texture. i could make the gui.


    Feel free to provide some textures. :) If you know any good HUD tutorials, please let me know. :)

    I will update the Main Post soon.
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    Quote from Slayerlord8

    Skins for days!
    Here's my animated Player Skin:


    Animated Version:

    Screenshot of Me:


    Added pretty much everything to make it animated from the eyes to the knee bends and the elbows.

    Thanks! :)

    Thank you for your submission. Your skin has been added. :)
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    Quote from Slayer1J

    Sounds nice :steve_csi: can the tools be dyed?

    No they cannot at the moment, I will look into that though.:)
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    posted a message on SelectedLime375's Mods [Forge][Released][1.6.2][Cow Tools!][Not Released][WIP][1.5.2] [Ben10][The TRANSFORMERS]
    Quote from Slayer1J

    You should add Albedo and the chance to get the red Omnitrix and also Mr smoothie xD

    Albedo will probably be added, along with Mr. Smoothie too.:)
    Quote from JWolfeye

    I think you should also add a plug-in or something like that called Ben 10,000 where you have all his powers or add the opposite of Ben as a boss fight (I forgot his name :D )

    I think way big should be like 50 or less blocks and greymatter like the size of 1-5 snow on top of each other

    Ben 10,000 will be added in some way.

    Great news guys!!!:)


    • Officially updated to 1.5.2
    • Released first mod: Cow Tools!:)
    • Thanks to wuppy21 I can now make mobs and models:)
    • Updated Main Post to include information needed for released mods
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    posted a message on Custom Forge Mob Renders as Biped/Steve/Zombie Model
    I was having the same problem, but I found this tutorial and the model rendered.:)

    I hope this works for you too.
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    posted a message on [WIP][1.6.2] ShippingCraft! ~Order things from "Ravine"!
    Quote from Geforce132

    Woah, wow. LOL ill try and fix that next update, i didnt switch to full screen so i didnt see that xD. Anyway, v0.3 is out! Whats new:
    -Added options screen (not working yet)
    -Added the choice of using your players position as the shipping coordinates.
    -Added the choice of saving a specific coordinate.

    Also the CurseForge link is working, go hop over there to get the newest update! :D .

    Thank you for adding those options.:)
    Quote from ULiopleurodon

    Cool, but you should make it so each item has a different price, maybe make some sort of "Miner's Coin" used that's made with 4 gold nuggets?

    That is a good idea.

    I also checked the CurseForge website, and your download link works.:)
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    posted a message on why wont my mob egg spawn my custom mob
    If you are using Forge, you can place this in your main mod class. It goes in @Init.
    EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityGlog.class, "yourMob", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(), 3515848, 12102);

    To get it to work with your mob, replace "EnityGlog" with the entity class name of your mob.

    The first number changes the egg's background color, and the second number changes the spot's colors. The numbers are Hex color values converted to decimal values. Here is a converter.

    If you do not want to convert your Hex values, just put "0x" right in front of each value.:)
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