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    posted a message on Minecraft Comes Alive mod - Villagers not breeding?

    For some reason some of my villlagers aren't breeding, some of them actually died/disappeared instead. how can I make them breed?

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    posted a message on What's better to do? Modded 1.7.10 or Normal 1.8?
    Quote from thebaum64»

    I would use modded 1.7.10 until 1.9 is out, modded is always more interesting haha

    Well I have 1.8 modded now XD Even though I am not satisfied since BuildCraft and Steve 's carts didn't update yet. (And foodplus too, it's only 32% complete :{)

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    posted a message on How to make a render! (Recommend using Cinema 4D)

    **** WARNING **** - Recommended using Cinema 4D

    So some people are asking others to do renders for them.... well, what about you learn to make render so you can do your own design?

    Step Number One :- Getting Software:
    Personally, I use Maxon Cinema 4D, but there is other cool softwares you can also use. (Blender, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max)

    Step Number Two:- Getting Sets:
    You can't just expect the program itself to make you the sets by itself, you have to get it or make it. but since you might be new to the program, maybe it's better to download the sets in that case, what are the sets then?:
    Number 1: Rigs

    A rig is simply the character you use in making renders, some rigs are more advanced than others, you can always buy good rigs, but again since your new, you can get a free rig. one of the good free rigs that is commonly used is Frost Rig, you can get it here:
    (Note for other software users, you can always try to search for Rigs.)
    Number 2: Models

    If you simply wanted to make a render with yourself holding a sword for example. HOW would you get that sword? well again, you can model it or get it from a model pack. One of the most advanced model pack is Bykjaer 's pack, but his pack is paid so I guess you need to use free packs, you could always use anishwij 's.:

    (Note for other software users, you can always try to search for packs.)

    Number 3: Importing a minecraft world
    Simply. if you want to import a minecraft world you need a program called mineways. to learn how to use it watch this:

    (Note Mineways can be used in all softwares, that is a good thing)

    Step Number Three :- Lighting

    So now, you have Set ready. here gets the most important part in making renders, which is lighting. lighting differs depending on the render you want, for example, you want an Outdoor Render (For example like the wolf render in my forum signature), then you can use the "Sun" lighting. and how to use it? you simply click the Light Bulb icon on the top and choose "Sun Light",

    There is also other lights you can use, If you simply want to actual create specific lighting, you can click the Light Bulb icon again, and choose "Light", once you place the light you want, the settings of that light appears at the Bottom Right, you can adjust it there.

    Step Number Four :- Render Settings

    So this is the final part, and it is the render settings, this will adjust the quality of your render and maybe add other professional things too, so if you clicked the right render icon, It should display up the render settings!

    So, we will first start going to Output, there, you can change the resolution of your render, I have mine set to 1080P. so I will leave that to you.

    Second step is Anti-Aliasing, this simply smooths up the render quality, which is cool in my opinion, Note that it may slow down render time, So simply change Anti-Aliasing to Best, and change the value to anything you prefer, I prefer 4x4.

    Third step is adding effects... they are the most important things in the render settings, since they add professional effects to your Render.

    The most common used effects are Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination. I love using them since they are simply the main effects that make the renders look brilliant. You can change their settings if you want, but I recommend leaving it to default.

    Now your done with the effects. you go to "Save", so you can select directory for your Render image

    So we are finally done, you close the Render Settings, click the Middle Render icon. and leave it to render, and enjoy your render!.

    I hope this thread actually helped some people, worked hard on it :D

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    posted a message on 5 Free C4D Renders

    Folks, stop asking much, he is doing it for free so you should appreciate whatever he gives to you.

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    posted a message on Make PC vers look like PE version? (no mods only change video settings)

    You guys rather speak about another topic and ignore the OP's main topic? not trying to sound mean but that is mean atleast. he wants his minecraft to look like PE. he wants to to try new different style so....

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    posted a message on Building ideas?
    Quote from GiselleGewelle»

    A normal sized medieval house would be a good start.

    Done! :) it kind of looks weird but I am proud of it.

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    posted a message on How to speed up your minecraft!

    Simply uninstall your current java.
    then go here:

    Select Windows offline (64 bit)

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    posted a message on Can't buy minecraft. :\

    Try another username, this username doesn't sound right.

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    posted a message on My Survival World Series
    For some reason. I'm unable to find any melons/pumpkins, which is needed to complete the greenfield house farm
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    posted a message on My Survival World Series
    So recently I buit the nether portal, just need to light it up (Need to find flint by digging gravel)

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