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    posted a message on 100% vanilla Mindcrack Style Aussie Server (JolliCraft) taking applications
    Age and Location: 17 in the USA
    Length of time playing: I have played on and off since alpha.
    Play style: Vanilla Survival is my kind of play. I also like building large projects with groups.
    Why would you like to join: I am looking for a server to get involved with to get back into Minecraft.
    Skype: Yes, will give when accepted.
    Teamspeak 3: Yes
    IGN: Seal_Team
    Any thing else you may want to mention: Hope I will be a great fit for your server. Thanks for reading my application.
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    posted a message on [New][24/7][FeedtheBeast] FTB Survival Server [Whitelisted][Legit][Survival]
    Hey, I decided to start a small new ftb server if your interested in joining fill out the app and I will consider


    Minecraft Experience:
    FTB Experience:
    How Many Hours A Day You Can Play:
    Have you been banned or have griefed before:
    Extra Notes or Questions:

    Ip is

    No griefing hacking or cheating.
    Be kind
    No asking for items or for op.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Cocoa Bean Mod
    Well this is my first mod and i would really like comments critizem and sugestions.
    Without further adue.........

    :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs:
    :Logs: Cocoa Bean Mod :Logs:
    :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs:
    Have you ever been like"ugg i just found cocoa beans and all I can do is make brown wool. I cant even get more without working a whole ton finding a chest in a mineshaft of dungon."
    Introducing the Cocoa Bean Mod
    This mod allows you to take cocoa beens and craft them into Cocoa Bean Stock, which works like suger cane. You plant it next to water wait awhile and it grows then you take the stock andcrafttit back into Cocoa Beans.

    Now some Pics

    The recipies


    First Get MODLOADER
    after you install that download this

    Just extract everything from the zip and put the CocoaBeenMod folder in your

    and you should be set.
    If you need anyhelp with anything feel free to shoot me a PM or comment here.
    Version 1.1
    Fixed Spelling Errors :)
    changed th recipie so you only get one Stock but it is the same recipie.
    Old Download Links
    Original :

    As I said earlier i would really like some comments critizem and sugestions about this or other mods.
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