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    posted a message on Whitelisted Vanilla Survival server Searching for More Players


    Real/Preferred name:


    Where do you live:

    United States

    Favorite thing to do in Minecraft:

    Build, and Explore the world.

    How often do you play Minecraft:

    Couple hours a day.
    Why do you want to join Our server:

    I just want to find a group of people that I can enjoy Minecraft with.
    What can you bring to the server:

    I'm a decent builder and always willing to help others with projects. Other than that I am a quite individual that will never be in anyone's way.
    Did you read the rules:

    Tell us a little bit about yourself:

    I am a neat an organized person. I recently stopped playing another game and picked Minecraft back up to fill in some of the spare time. Single player is fine but there is something about having others around to admire what you build as well as provide fun moments and co-lab builds. Overall I'm easy to get along with and would love to get to meet ya'll and have a ton of fun.

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    posted a message on MagmaCraft – Community Survival Whitelisted Server, 100% Vanilla (Based on HermitCraft)

    In Game Name: Seal_Team

    Age: 18

    When did you start playing Minecraft?: I started my journey in Beta, many moons ago. I played consistently from Beta through 1.8 and then on and off as my interest peaked between now and then

    Specialty/Interest (Redstone, building, exploring, etc.): I enjoy every aspect of Survival Minecraft, I am a decent builder and love for my buildings to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as hyper-functional.

    Are you experienced with survival?: I have honestly probably played close to 1000 hours played time in Minecraft and 90% of that is Vanilla Survival.

    Skype name: I have one and can provide at a later time if necessary.

    Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

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    posted a message on 100% vanilla Mindcrack Style Aussie Server (JolliCraft) taking applications
    Age and Location: 17 in the USA
    Length of time playing: I have played on and off since alpha.
    Play style: Vanilla Survival is my kind of play. I also like building large projects with groups.
    Why would you like to join: I am looking for a server to get involved with to get back into Minecraft.
    Skype: Yes, will give when accepted.
    Teamspeak 3: Yes
    IGN: Seal_Team
    Any thing else you may want to mention: Hope I will be a great fit for your server. Thanks for reading my application.
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    posted a message on -Village World- Survival Server
    Welcome to Village World a Minecraft survival server dedicated to giving players a small, fun, and mature community.
    This server is hosted 24/7 with no lag. We will be starting out by accepting up to 16 players. From there we will look to upgrade to more people.
    What We have installed:
    -Bukkit (Version for 1.7.2)
    -Essentials (Some commands have been taken away to make it more challenging)
    -Others May be considered but not at this time.

    -No Griefing, Stealing, Raiding, Killing without permission
    -No building closer than 200 blocks from spawn
    -Don't be a jerk and play smart

    How to join:
    If you are interested in joining just fill out this application, always remember that the longer and more detailed the application is the more likely we are to accept you. You must be over the Age of 16 to join because I would like to keep this a mature older community. We do have a TeamSpeak 3 Server and the IP will be given to you when you join the Minecraft Server.
    Tell us what you like to do in Minecraft:
    What thing are you most proud of that you have done in Minecraft:
    Do you make videos on YouTube:
    Do you have TeamSpeak:

    IP: villageworld.servegame.com
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    posted a message on RaGe Gaming [Survival][No PvP][PVP Arenas] [McMmo]
    In Game Name: Seal_Team
    Age: 17
    Are you mature enough to be on this server?
    I believe that I am very mature but it is not right to judge ones own maturity.
    Tell us something about yourself.
    I started playing Minecraft back in alpha and played up till about 1.8 and have played sporadically since then. I am now hoping to get back into it with a small mature fun group of players. I hope that this server will be able to provide that. I have all kinds of communication (Vent, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Skype).
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    posted a message on Vanilla White listed server! [Read] Much like mindcrack
    Name IRL : Michael
    Age: 16
    YouTube channel? : Nope
    If you have a channel, how many subscribers? : Not applicable.
    Name In game : Seal_Team
    Skype : Seal_Team

    Sex : Male
    Other: I started playing Minecraft in alpha and played constantly till about 1.4.7 then went to other games. I am now looking to get back into Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack~ish Snapshot Survival Server
    IGN: Seal_Team
    Will you be active: As much as I can be with school.
    Your Skype: McSealTeam
    Your age: 15
    Play Style: Survival, Hardcore
    Will you record: I could but may not because of time restraints.
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    posted a message on BlockCrack Server - 2 Servers: Vanilla [Lastest Snapshot] & FTB [Custom Pack]
    IGN (In Game Name): Seal_Team
    Country you live in: U.S.A
    Your age: 15
    Pictures of builds built in survival. (minimum 1 photo) (optional, but will help you get in): None since I wiped my hard drive last year.
    Are you a member of any other server?: Was when I played a year ago but not currently.
    Your reason for wanting to be on the server: I stopped playing Minecraft last year and now am looking to get back into it and find a community that is active and dependable
    Do you agree to never violate any of the rules and be active on the server?: Yes
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    posted a message on -New 1.6.2, MindCrack Inspired, Vinilla Minecraft Server-
    Hey Everyone,

    In the past few weeks I have been looking to get back into Minecraft and in the past few weeks I have been testing out a few Minecraft servers. To my dismay none fitted the community or style I was looking for. So I decided to see how running my own server would go. So here we go, back in my earlier Minecraft days I was inspired by the MindCrack players and the community they had, this is why I have started this server. My goal with this server is to get a good community that wants to have fun and to build great things.The server is whitelisted to keep random people from joining. I will probably start by accepting 12 people and then if people become inactive we might add more. Please don't apply if you are under the age of 15, nothing against you, but there are many people who prefer not to play with some 12 year olds who have a reputation for whining. If you are willing to record that would be awesome, I know I will if that is the path that most people take. Please read the rules and put in an application if you are interested. If accepted I will shoot you a PM with the ip. Thanks for reading and I hope to see an application.

    Rules- They are pretty simple and not to bad,
    -No griefing or stealing.
    -No Flaming.
    -PvP only if agreed upon by both players.
    -Keep Cursing to a minimal in chat.
    -Be Nice to everyone even if you don't really like them.
    -Pranking is allowed.

    Application(The more info you give the more likely you will be accepted.)
    When you started playing Minecraft-
    What you enjoy doing in Minecraft-
    What you could build for the server that everyone could use-
    Your maturity(Lying doesn't show maturity)-
    About your Minecraft experience-

    Thanks- Seal_Team
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    Minecraft IGN: Seal_Team
    Age: 15
    What does griefing mean to you: Griefing to me means I am destroying something that someone has spent much time on.
    Minecraft experience: I have played Minecraft on and off since alpha.
    What do you want to achieve in Venomcraft: I want to be an active and helpful member of an awesome community.
    Where are you from: The USA
    How often will you play on the server: Anywhere from an hour to two on mist days maybe more on weekends.
    Tell us about your self (2+ sentences, the more the better): Well I am a rising sophomore and have enjoyed playing minecraft for a couple years now. I play on my school lacrosse and basketball team which takes a lot of my time during the spring time.
    Additional info:VenomCraft
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    posted a message on Survival Server [MindCrack-Like] [UHC Mode Enabled] [Vanilla] [Whitelist]
    Age: 15 and a half.
    IGN: Seal_Team
    Skype: Seal_Team
    Country: USA
    What are you looking for in a server: A nice small community to settle down in.
    How much experience do you have with Minecraft: Been playing since early alpha.

    What kind of player do you consider yourself?: A builder and a person willing to help others.
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    posted a message on white listed mindcrack server 16 slots only one white list period
    IGN: Seal_Team
    Why do you want to be on this server: To find a nice small community to settle down in.
    Do you have experience: I have played on Many servers before and even hosted some myself.
    Do you know how to build cool buildings: I would like to think so.
    Do you operate with others yes or no: Yes, very well.
    How many years have you played minecraft: Since early Alpha.
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    posted a message on Mind Crack like Server ~ZukoCraft~ Pure Vanilla *White-listed Server*
    IGN: Seal_Team
    Skype: Seal_Team
    Your Ups(Things your good at): Decent at Redstone, good at working with others, decent builder.
    Your Downs(Things your not good at): The craziest redstone, and spelling.
    Why you should be whitelisted: I believe I can bring a fun atmosphere and a kind person to the server.
    Have you ever been banned: Nope.
    Male or Female: Male.
    What would you bring to the server: I would be a good team player, help others with their projects if they wanted, and myself build nice creations.
    Age: 15
    How would you benefit to the server: It would be a place where I could settle down and get back into Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Full Vanilla 1.6.1 Server! (Whitelist) (10 Slot)
    - Skype name: Seal_Team
    - Minecraft name (IGN): Seal_Team
    - Why do you want to join this server?: I would like to join the server because I am getting back into minecraft and am looking for a great group of people to hang out with
    - Why do you think you should be white-listed: I feel that I should be whitelisted because I can bring a fun atmosphere to the server and have played on many other small whitelisted servers before.
    - How would you react to being pranked?: Totally fine with it especially if it was well thought out.
    - What is the funnest joke you've ever played on someone in Minecraft? I once pranked someone by decorating there castle with Christmas lights and trees for Christmas.
    - Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SealTeamLPSeries no real videos yet.
    - You have been griefed what do you do?; Calmly wait for an administrator to arrive and then bring it up with them using PM's.
    - How mature are you out of 10? 8
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