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I'm 13 years old, know a pretty good amount of Java, mastered HTML/CSS, know a little JavaScript, Love the PlayStation Series, And I live in Texas. I will begin modding soon so expect some mods from me!
PSN: Scoutdrago3

If you want to play BattleField then just PM me

I have 1 In-Dev mod and 3 WIP mods. If you want to support me go to this link and download my mods and donate/Rep-up/Just give me feed back

Link(Not Out Yet. CobraHeski is currently making some of my last banners )
Interests I love programing in Java, I also love making huge things in minecraft, I love the PS3 and, my favorite game is BattleField 3

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Minecraft Scoutdrago3 Xbox PS4 FTW

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