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    posted a message on New clock type? Tell me if I am wrong.

    I like it, makes really small power of 2 clocks.

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    posted a message on MC Realms Idle time
    any updates on this issue?
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    posted a message on Universal Overworld Mob Farm including Endermen
    I've created a new version with only 1 dispenser per floor (redstone torch is off when in spawn mode :) )
    It also allows you to harvest slimes of all sizes (if you create the floors at 50-70 in a swamp area)
    and once 1.8 rolls out I'll include an all-mob-sorter.

    Here's the current sorting mechanism (just sorts out spiders and slimes, enderman sorted out above in the tower). Once dogs affect skellies I'll perfect my mob sorter for the other mobs as well :3 One note about my slime sorter method is that spiders will sometimes get pushed into the "slime reducer" (which I got from xisumavoid @ ). This doesn't bother me, but I will try making a version that is more spider friendly :)

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    posted a message on Universal Overworld Mob Farm including Endermen
    I just did some rough guestimates and you should collect ~40 stacks of cobble + the other items mentioned above before starting :P

    Anyone done studies with the effects baby zombies have on it?
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    posted a message on -[Forge SMP]- <MINDCRACK LIKE> <COMMUNITY BASED> <VANILLA> <24/7> <32GB Ram> <WHITELISTED> <NEW MAP>
    IGN: Schtauffen
    Age: 24
    Why are you interested in Forge SMP?: Been away for awhile, looking for a good, solid SMP server. Love to get involved in some group projects.
    What past servers have you played on?: Standard Survival, Reddit Factions, Cerberus, Age of Mining
    Have you ever been banned?: No.
    What do you plan to accomplish while on Forge SMP?: I love redstone and group projects, so I'd be up for anything fun and/or complicated :) I detest cheaters and hand-outs... I want to earn everything one brick at a time.
    Skype: z.schtauffen
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    posted a message on (please delete) EXTREMELY RARE SEED!
    Technically all seeds are equally rare... that is P[seed1]=P[seed2]=....=P[seed n] = 1 / n iff you don't enter in a seed.
    n in this case is a huge number s.t. P[x] ~= 0 for all seeds x. However if you type in a seed, lets call it y, then P[y] = 1 and all other seeds are P[seed] == 0.

    However, there are very rare features found in this particular seed.
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    posted a message on A proposed character set for Base 64
    Warning: this is intended towards those familiar with base systems, particularly binary (base 2).

    I was reading through technology topics on wikipedia and one thing that caught my eye was a proposed alphabet system for Base 16 (proposed by Bruce Alan Martin):

    My major issue with his scheme was that when I hand write the characters I often cannot tell the top middle lines from the bottom lines (the 2^1 and 2^2 indicators). However, I thought that since base64 would require 6 spots on our vertical line it would be ideal (3 pegs on each side of the line). I would do this:

    Basically you read the positions:


    where if we were looking at a binary line (6 bits in this case) it would be:


    You can easily determine numbers (at least the first digit representing your ones) by adding in your head. If there is a line in positions b,d and f you have: 2+8+32= 42. Ergo:


    Doing arithmetic was surprisingly easier than I would have thought, maybe try doing some yourself :)
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    posted a message on Very first time you died in minecraft

    'nuff said.
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    posted a message on Universal Overworld Mob Farm including Endermen
    Here is a *slightly* smaller but more symmetric floor design that only requires 1 dispenser per level if anybody wants to simplify the design process further (I found symmetric buildings faster to build because I don't constantly have to check which side I'm on :P):

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    posted a message on How far do hostile mobs have to fall to be one hit kill?
    doesn't 23 blocks kill skeletons and creepers?

    and if spiders touch a wall they will climb--> not "falling" for the whole distance.

    What I've been using is

    :soil: :Leaves: :soil:
    :soil: :Bench: :soil:
    :soil: :Glass: :soil: x21
    :soil: :soil: :soil:

    Where :Glass: = air, :Bench: = sign, and :Leaves: = vines.
    This seems to make zombies and creepers 1 hit. Zombies 1 or 2.
    I use a drowning trap for 2x2 spiders (really easy to sort these out).
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    posted a message on make trees grow faster?
    I will sum up the mechanics:
    1. Each tick the sapling has so much of a chance to grow. Trees require light to grow, so this will always be false at night unless you put a torch or other light source near the sapling. When this becomes positive it
    2. Picks tree-dimensions randomly (not sure on distribution here, I feel smaller trees are more likely). The dimensions are on the wiki-- spruce and birch are the easiest to make room for because they can never branch and can be fairly short-- then if that tree fits in the alloted space around the tree it
    3. Grows into that tree.

    So the best ways to increase growth (without use of bonemeal) are:
    1) light up the sapling (typically be placing a torch near it) so it can grow in the night / dark places.
    2) make sure the sapling has ample room.
    3) plant many saplings.

    I personally don't like huge oaks because its a pain to track down all the branches. By limiting the amount of space (mostly in the height direction) it limits the number branching oaks that spawn (I use height level of 7 directly above the sapling... so the area is 8 high if you include the sapling level)
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    posted a message on Universal Overworld Mob Farm including Endermen
    Another sleepless night... lol. I was bored so decided to minify the timer. It turns out I can't think of any obvious way to make it smaller except by moving the outputs to in-line. However, its not like space is really an issue in this build :P

    It really is a great design you have! Though, I find it a pain to build even in creative :P
    I might try smaller floors in a slightly different layout and test to see if its even worth building with the lower spawning space. I'll get back to you :)
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    posted a message on World's Smallest Tilable T-Flip Flop
    Griz's is tileable:

    Just have to revers the location of the hopper/droppers every other row
    They are 1x2x3 when set up like this... but you could probably consider them 1x2x4 if you wanted everything to line up right. (and 1x2x5 if you want strong output)

    Tileability is one thing Griz toited about when he released that design xD

    That being said, I do like how your design is more resource friendly. :)
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    posted a message on Universal Overworld Mob Farm including Endermen
    I have made a modified version of your of your timing mechanism (made mainly for my own understanding and whatnot... but It turned out decent enough I figured I'd share):

    blocks with an S have a sticky piston facing up under them (acting as "leading edge detectors"/pulse limiters in this case). Only 1 item in the droppers facing each other. 50 blocks in the funnels.
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