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    Welcome, everyone! I am Scarlet, the leading representative for this project and the creator of Wellandel Studios; a team of talented Minecraft players eager about constructing a remarkable and original world where anything can happen. We are on the lookout for potential new recruits that would be just as devoted as we are on this project!

    What is Wellandel

    Wellandel is an immersive, innovative Minecraft MMORPG experience whose core gameplay relies heavily on lore. We intend to integrate well-designed structures/builds, powerful custom plugins, and compelling storytelling to create an all-inclusive, exhilarating and unforgettable world to offer our players. Players will wander through the world of Wellandel, meeting new people, discovering new places and experiencing many challenges along the way.

    Project Screenshots

    Our Team

    The Wellandel team comprises more than 20 members varying from builders to writers. We are a welcoming community that happily greets and interacts with new members. Most of us are in college or have a career, so we work on Wellandel whenever we have free time available.

    We work in groups that are each specialized in a particular field. There are game designers, developers, builders, artists, and writers. Each of these groups has a group leader that will coordinate members of that group to function together as efficiently as possible.

    Members We are Interested In

    In order to become a part of the Wellandel team, there are a few prerequisites that you need to have:

    • Wellandel is a project that is made as a team, everyone needs to work together efficiently in their respective groups. We do not want members who will try to make all the decisions themselves without consulting anybody elsefirst. Of course, we are aware of the overflowing talent displayed by each and every new team member. However, you should remain humble as much as possible about it.
    • You should also communicate with your respective group as much as possible, whether it be for scheduling a meeting, reporting progress or understanding what needs to be done.
    • You are required to remain active. Inactive members will automatically be removed from the team after an extended period of inactivity
    • We do not discriminate, but we are mostly looking for members above the age of 12. We do, however, make exceptions when you are able to display enough maturity and professionalism in your application as well as in your interview.

    Recruiting Positions

    Game Designer (Full)
    Click to fill in application form

    Plugin Developer (Open!)
    Click to fill in application form

    Full-Stack Web Developer (Full)
    Click to fill in application form

    Builder (Open!)
    Click to fill in application form

    (You will have high chance to be accepted if you are capable of team management)

    Writer (Full)
    Click to fill in application form

    Recruitment procedure

    In order to become a fully-fledged member of the Wellandel team, there are a few steps that you need to go through.

    First, you need to complete an application form of your desired position. The applications can be found at the very bottom of this post.

    Next, you need to wait for one of our scouts to review and reply to your application, telling you whether your application has been accepted or whether it has been denied.

    When your application has been accepted, you will be asked a desired time and date for an interview. During the interview, the group lead of your chosen position will be asking you questions to make sure that you are indeed what we are looking for.

    Once you pass the interview, you will become a probationary member, meaning that you will be imposed a tryout period of 2-3 weeks, depending on the situation. During that time, your group leader will give you work as if you were a fully-fledged member, so it will not make a difference for you. After the tryout time is over, you will either be accepted as a new member and denied.

    If you get denied during any of the 4 stages, you will have to wait 2 weeks before sending in a new application. If you do not wait before reapplying, any application you send from that point on will be ignored and all possibility of joining the team will be lost.

    If you have any thought or some ideas to improve our recruitment thread or any question about our project, feel free to ask us in reply. We will answer as soon as possible!

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    WLDStudios Is Recruiting Staff!

    Wellandel is an immersive, innovative MMORPG server, driven by a rich storyline and filled with unique gameplay mechanics and features. WLDstudios strives to provide you the best experience while exploring in Wellandel. Dangerous expeditions, detailed quests, engaging story lines, an immersive world full of lively areas and locations as well as some in-depth gameplay mechanics are to be expected when travelling through this unique world.

    We are a tight-knit group of people who are dedicated to this project. WLDstudios is looking to hire capable, experienced and talented individuals who are passionate and dedicated in what they do best. We want people who are blooming with potential to be a part of something that’s constantly growing and developing. Our team would certainly love to have you partake in that change; to bring a large impact on something small, producing a greater outcome. We, as a family are all here to progress as we build the foundation of Wellandel up to the top.

    After making slow progress during 2016, we have revised how we do things and our system is better than ever. While we are looking for certain roles, our responsibilities are flexible and everyone helps out wherever they can. Having flexibility with other given roles is important; we believe that this improves the speed of progression of the project. The more people working on different areas, the better.

    We are recruiting in these departments.

    (For most roles, you are required to partake in meetings and discussions through voice conferences. This is a must.)

    Writer Application

    Writing: We need imaginative writers who can create and develop the story and lore which drives Wellandel. The foundations have been laid; we now need those who can build on it.

    - Minecraft IGN:
    - Age:
    - Discord or Skype ID:
    - Link to example of creative writing:
    - Experience with creative writing in general/lore/quest writing:
    - Do you prefer to work independently or in a team? Why?:
    - What is your biggest weakness in this position?:

    Builder Application

    Building: Terraformers, Architects and Interior Designers are a vital part of development. They bring the team’s ideas to reality, and build the physical world of Wellandel.

    - Minecraft IGN:
    - Age:
    - Discord or Skype ID:
    - Link to pictures of your own builds:
    - We would also like you to fill in this form to gather information on your building strengths. https://goo.gl/forms/Smy7nT5YTf8yxvmi1

    Plugin Developer Application

    Development: We are on the lookout for both plugin and web developers. Plugin developers would work closely with the Game Design team to create systems such as questing, skills, and combat.

    - Minecraft IGN:
    - Age:
    - Discord or Skype ID:
    - Do you have any previous work or experience? (Github/Sponge/Spigot/BukkitDev Profile):
    - How long have you been using Java?:
    - What would you rate your proficiency from 1 - 10?:
    - How much experience do you have with developing plugins for Sponge/Bukkit?:
    - Have you used a dependency/build manager before? (Gradle, Maven):
    - Have you used a version control system before? (Git, Subversion, CVS):
    - Are you experienced with databases? (SQL/NoSQL):
    - Why do you want to develop for Wellandel?:
    - How much time would you be able to allocate each week?:
    - What IDE would you be using to develop?:
    - Are you willing to learn new techniques and practices working here?:

    Game Designer Application

    Game Design: These are the minds who come up with the mechanics for gameplay. They dictate how a player moves through the world, and what they can achieve.

    - Minecraft IGN:
    - Age:
    - Discord or Skype ID:
    For a position as a Game Designer on the Wellandel Project we request that you make your own application from scratch, writing down any detail you think would be necessary in helping you get the position.

    We will by this be assessing:
    - Quality of Content
    - Presentation
    - Creativity
    - Rationale

    A Game Designer in our eyes have to be creative, logical and rational in approach. You will be expected to come up with original ideas independently, and work in a team to balance and fit those ideas into the existing mechanics.

    We want to create the best environment for you to work,
    and maximize your potential.
    If you join us, you will be sharing our goal,
    and having fun along the way!

    If you want to keep up with our server progress,
    follow us on Twitter:

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    We are planning on recruiting for story writers soon.

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    Quote from joshuaarbourne»

    Hello! I Saw You Posted That You Needed A Developer, Well, Im Your Guy!

    Age: 15

    Skype: joshua.arbourne

    IGN : joshuaarbourne

    Languages: Javascript,Java.

    Experience: I Was a developer on another server, but sadly it closed
    due to issues (The Host) And I Am Looking For A New Server That Needs My
    Help/Potential To Help It Grow! I Am Capable Of Creating Custom
    Plugins, As This Will Give The Server a Different Flare! I Currently
    Need No Payment As i Do This For Fun, I Have Also Ran My Own Minecraft
    server, which got over 150 players a day! This Shows i Am Capable for
    this position! I have developed on 5 severs, 3 of them were virtual
    private servers. I am well versed with computers. I know about half of
    the Java programming language although I have not yet finished it, but I
    can recode and repair plugins decently. I can work with almost any
    plugin; even if I've never used it before.I can help you more than many
    developers, I have a lot of experience with networking, computer
    hardware, software, server security, website coding, decompiling bukkit
    plugins, and I can fix almost any problems you can have with a computer.
    I want to join the team because I want to be able to help The Server
    rise and maintain itself. I want to be able to hold down the fort when
    no other Staff member is online and advertisers and spammers cause
    problems in the server. I want to be able to protect and maintain the
    server when no one else is there to do it. Most importantly, I want to
    be able to help the server and Staff team so that everyone has a fun and
    memorable gaming experience. Also I Am Capable to code and create
    plugins, i have been doing so for about 3 years.I always like helping
    people and I do enjoy configuring plugins and making kits and donations,
    etc. I am a hard worker and I do obey and follow they rules that I am
    givin. This is very good opportunity to learn more about coding and
    leadership. Most of the time I keep the staff busy with work that has
    not been accomplish. Also I've played Minecraft since 2012. I started
    playing on single player and began on my adventure of learning. I began
    watching videos on minecraft and I found a few on redstone. Redstone was
    amazing when I saw it. I began right away building contraptions and
    other sets as well. I tried to build maps with some success, but none
    really notable.
    Later on, I found out about multiplayer. I
    immediately looked up servers and found a server called LegendaryCraft.
    LegendaryCraft was a build server and I found many amazing people who
    taught me the ropes of minecraft. After that, I got bored of building
    and mining, so I moved on to the PvP server of LegendaryCraft. From
    there, I met amazing people, Aslo I learned to pvp, and I also applied
    for Moderator and got T-Mod. The server later closed and lost most of
    its members.
    At about 2013/14, I got into the Hunger games craze. I
    was searching left and right for an amazing server to play for hg. Alas,
    I came to an amazing server named McPvP! McPvP helped me learn the arts
    of Soup PvP. I loved this so much! I helped along with other great
    members who are very kind to build up the community. I advertised on
    every server I wouldn't want to play on (So I wouldn't be banned on the
    servers I wanted) so the server would grow very large! They achieved 2.5
    mill players before it sadly closed.
    Around the McPvP age, I joined
    Twitch. I found that McPvP streamed on it! I mainly watched their
    streams to do the gamemodes, such as KOTH, Road of Death, Donut Dash,
    etc. After a while of gaining an Admins liking, I got moderator to help
    build on the gamemodes. I got to help and spectate KOTH'S, Death Runs,
    and pretty much every gamemode imaginable.
    After McPvP closed, I was
    in a time of sad denial. I thought the HG would be forgotten forever. I
    quit minecraft for about a month to test out other games, but none of
    them compared to minecraft. I came back to find that Some Other Server
    has taken over some of the McPvP servers. As I read on, I literally
    shouted with joy. HG was one of them! I joined and found the community
    great! The servers still a little buggy from the transfer, but still
    great! That's where I am now. I hope to play this server for 2-3 years
    until I head off into my life!I have every single qualification that I
    believe a good staff member should I have: I always strive to make the
    best out of every situation. I can be extremely patient and I can keep
    calm for a excellent amount of time if the situation requires me to be. I
    am very self-managed; I perfectly know my roles and responsibilities
    that I will hold. In addition, I understand what it takes to go a step
    beyond what my current role entails. I know what makes me a competitive
    advantage to the server. And I know and always keep my in my mind how I
    (can) improve myself. I am MANAGERIAL; Even though I know that I am in
    the lower rung, I always make sure that I have a managerial attitude.
    I'm productive; I prioritize my work and manage my time well. I know
    exactly when to do what. I am goal-oriented; I always work with
    objectives in my mind. I believe that everyone must contribute towards a
    goal. I expect high performance of myself and therefor is always well
    behaved and professional. This is what I believe is one of the most
    important “great staff qualities.”. I am patient, but hard-working; I
    have courage and patience to work things out and figure things out even
    if it sounds very challenging. I am positive; I take personal
    responsibility for everything that I do. I am also very social; I love
    to blend in and work with the community.

    Tell us A Joke!:
    Husband takes the wife to a disco. There’s a guy on the dance floor
    giving it large – break dancing, moonwalking, back flips, the works. The
    wife turns to her husband and says: "See that guy? 25 years ago he
    proposed to me and I turned him down." Husband says: "Looks like he’s
    still flipping celebrating!!"

    Very interesting, I will ask our developer leader to check your application as soon as possible! :D
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    Quote from MCPro_06»

    Name: PERCY_06

    Age: 16

    Minecraft Username: PythonPower


    Moderator - Superkiller - PvP
    Moderator - Goldencreate - Freebuild
    Moderator - Blucraft - Minigames
    Admin - Federalcraft - Roleplay
    Head-Admin - RisingPlanet - Roleplay
    Sr. Admin - Bordercraft - Survival
    Co-Owner - Pugcraft - Survival MCMMO

    Owner – CartelCraft – Drug Server (Designed myself)

    Email:[email protected]

    How many years have you played Minecraft: ~7 Years

    Bans: I do not have any bans.

    Why should you be an administrator or moderator?

    believe that I should be an administrator on your server for several
    reasons. First of all, I have a lot of experience. I have worked with
    several different server owners in order to provide their players with a
    place they could comfortably enjoy the game of Minecraft. I help them
    achieve their vision of how they want their server to run: What rules to
    have, making the plugins work, moderator management, etc. It’s all part
    of running the server.

    Also, I have a player orientated mentality
    about running a server. What that means is that every action I take is
    for the player’s benefit. My number one goal is to make their time
    enjoyable. If that means muting a player that’s causing a disturbance on
    the server, or modifying the plugin configuration, or simply talking to
    them, and seeing if they are having a good time, I am willing to do it.

    I like to make the job of the server owner(s) easier. I know it’s a
    very difficult job running a server. It takes a lot of time and effort.
    That is why I attempt to alleviate your stress by helping out with the
    knitty gritty: installing plugins, configuring, etc. Now I know you have
    done all of this, but I have a ton of experience with this so I am
    happy to modify anything if you have issues, or want to change the way
    something works.

    Additionally, I love prison servers. I think they
    are very popular right now and they have a lot of potential to attract a
    large quantity of players. I have lots of experience playing on them,
    and have worked with a few people in designing them in the past.

    How can you contribute to the server?

    previously mentioned, I have a lot of experience with moderation,
    administration, configuration, player management, design, etc. 1 of my
    strengths is in building. I would definitely talk to the players, and
    help balance the server. It’s not that I think you did a poor job, but
    every server has balancing issues when first starting out. So I am
    definitely ready to help balance the server economy to make it both fun
    and challenging to go through the prison. Additionally, I can perform
    basic moderation tasks like managing rude players, rule enforcement,
    etc. I can also work to tweak any configuration settings you want, move
    things around, worldedit, etc.

    Location: Eastern United States

    Timezone: GMT-5 (EST)

    Hi, I am sorry but you didn't make it through tough it looks like you got experience but you did not follow our format for being Helper. We need helpers. And it seems you don't wanna be helper. Please try again in one month.

    -Stellan (Staff Manager)

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    Here is my skin, I made it a year ago and named her Vize Doney.

    I have been using this skin for very long time and I love it! c:

    my skin in minecraft

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    This is my personal skin and I made it by myself. Now I'm using this skin.
    She is maid.
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    Hello, I am ScarletBox. I very enjoy to make skins and project. I really love One Piece anime... so I planned to make One Piece skin series. I will put new update about new skins and some related stuffs. Please leave some comment or opinion about my skin and ideas for next skin series, thank you. ^^

    One Piece Skin Series [Beta]
    Download One Piece skins here >>

    Straw Hat Pirates (Mugiwara Pirates)
    Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Robin and Brook

    Baroque Works
    Male characters: Mr.0, Mr.1, Mr.2, Mr.3, Mr.4 and Mr.5
    Female characters: Miss Allsunday, Miss Goldenweek, Miss Merry Christmas and Miss Valentine


    Royal Shichibukai
    Batholomew Kuma, Boa Hancock, Buggy, Donquixote Doflamingo, Dracule Mihawk, Fishman Jinbei, Gecko Moria, Marshall D. Teach, Sir Crocodile and Trafalgar Law

    Cipher Pol Number 9 (CP9) [Coming soon]
    Spandam, Rob Lucci, Kaku, Jabra, Blueno, Kamadori, Fukuro and Kalifa


    Keyword search
    Mugiwara Pirates skins (Straw Hat Pirates skins):
    Monkey D. Luffy skin, Usopp skin, Chopper skin, Franky skin, Zoro skin, Sanji skin, Nami skin, Robin skin and Brook skin
    Baroque Works skins:
    Male characters: Mr.0 skin, Mr.1 skin, Mr.2 skin, Mr.3 skin, Mr.4 skin and Mr.5 skin
    Female characters: Miss Allsunday skin, Miss Goldenweek skin, Miss Merry Christmas skin and Miss Valentine skin
    Royal Shichibukai skins, Royal Seven Military Seas skin:
    Batholomew Kuma skin, Boa Hancock skin, Buggy skin, Donquixote Doflamingo skin, Dracule Mihawk skin, Fishman Jinbei skin, Gecko Moria skin, Marshall D. Teach skin, Sir Crocodile skin and Trafalgar Law skin
    Cipher Pol Number 9 skins (CP9 skins) [Coming soon]:
    Spandam skin, Rob Lucci skin, Kaku skin, Jabra skin, Blueno skin, Kamadori skin, Fukuro skin and Kalifa skin
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    Lunapere is the goddess of moon and exploration. You may see her in the peach night with full moon. She helps people from dangerous situations like mining and exploring the map in the night and she will whisper you to be careful from creeper behide your back before it gonna explode. So you could come back to your home with safety and happiness. :)

    You can download this skin here.
    I also made other versions of Lunapere, click here to download.

    Here is my drawing to describe about her.

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