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    "Forge is terrible" is not a valid reason to go to modloader... atleast not unless you say HOW it is terrible. Can you please explain to us HOW it can be terrible?

    While Forge does make it easier for the modder to make additions or changes to Minecraft, it complicates things for the end user, resulting in all these posts asking why it doesn't work. While it's true people could stand to read the instructions it's unnecessary to make things so complicated for such a simple mod. Were it a mod like the Aether or perhaps Planes, I can understand the need to have an API, however for something so simple as Soundpacks, you don't need to have something so bulky, which is why Modloader is prefered because it's installation is so straightforward. As you can see many people have issues with Forge's current instability. I cannot remember a time where modloader was made unstable due to an update.
    While Forge is a mod API, it appears that mods still need to be updated to work with the current Forge version, rendering mods STILL broken when a new update arrives. If I'm wrong on that please correct me.
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