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    As many of you are no doubt aware, it's been an awful long time since any news really surfaced on the map. Some of you are wondering if it will ever come out, or if the project is dead or maybe you're even wondering if I'm dead? Well, yes it will be coming out, the project is still alive and so am I. I'd like to, as always, thank those who continue to show interest in the project and have somehow stuck around for so long while we've been working away on it in the shadows.

    As many of you know, this is a project that is mainly done by just two people in our spare time. While I was once in school way back when, I have since been and left college and now work full time. M is no longer the child whizz kid he was and he's now a fully grown whizz kid instead! And he's just come out the other side of a bunch of exams so kudos to him too! Other people have helped along the way of course and I'd like to thank them too!

    We've learnt a lot in our time working on this map. Design and building have greatly improved. Technical wizardy from M has greatly improved (though he's always blown my mind with his work!), writing from both of us has greatly improved and our organisation has greatly improved to. While we once kind of winged it and had a paper notes everywhere. Now we've got a google drive with detailed breakdowns of weapon stats, dialogue trees, locations, lore, sound files, world backups, quest outlines and more!

    The map has changed a whole lot in the years we've been working on it. I think I'm safe to say that very little, if anything at all, hasn't been redesigned since the first released version so many years ago. This is all no doubt for the best and the map is leaps and bounds better than it ever used to be and (rather annoyingly and often game-breakingly) moving forward into later Minecraft versions has allowed us to make use of a bunch of great new features! So here's a break down of what's new:

    Just as before, the game is split between a chunky main questline and then sidequests around it. The main story has been completely redesigned and rewritten and doesn't at all resemble the old story of chasing after the Overseer for what ultimately led to nothing. Instead, you're now investigating the disappearance of your friend Farcain, the Vault engineer. As you explore the Valley and try to find answers, you'll soon come to realise that you've become involved in events far larger than you could have ever imagined. Embarking on various other quests will take you to all corners of Haydon Valley and have you searching for pre-war treasures, tending to a delusional ghoulified granny, challenging Raider bosses in combat, defending and fortifying settlements, discovering other Vaults and more!

    The map is now far more than just a small expanse leading to the City. Now, after leaving the Vault, you'll have free reign to travel where you please with the map now opened up. While there used to plenty of invisible barriers or closed off single-route areas in the original map, we've redesigned the City dramatically so that you can travel where you please. We've also decided to make the City feel far more layered; while there are expanses of more open wasteland all around the City (far more than there was before) the City is now more vertical. With underground Metro tunnels, the surface level and the towering heights of the City skyscrapers, the City is now bigger and better than ever.. and more dangerous. And, as already mentioned, the City outskirts stretch out even further with more to see and do. Should you want to explore a more open expanse, we've got that for you too.

    Jumping forward through so many later iterations of Minecraft has meant we can now make use of so many of the new mobs. While we have retooled some of the older ones to allow us to bring in hostile Liberator Bots, a new hostile faction that's achieved a worrying level of dominance in the Valley and more. Likewise, with newer mobs added we've been able to bring in Yao Guai, Horses (that you'll be able to acquire from one of the settlements) and some regional beasties like the Valleys mutated Prairie Dogs aka Prairie Hounds. With the Villagers having seen a makeover too, we now have the chance to include a whole host of unique merchants throughout the map, as well as various Protectron models and security robots native to the large automated prison you'll find in the East.

    In the original map we were pretty limited with what we could do, having players a collection of melee weapons and a bow reskinned to look like a Hunting Rifle. That is definitely no longer the case. We're now offering up over 20 melee weapons that all have varying speeds, damage outputs and damage types. Better yet, you'll be able to modify some of them. What's really cool though is the framework M has cooked up for ranged weapons. Rather than just the one, we are aiming to include over 20 ranged weapons of differing ammo types, fire rates and types. 10mm Pistols, Plasma Rifles, Hunting Rifles, Combat Shotguns, Anti-Material Rifles, Revolvers, Laser Pistols and more! With each weapon handling in its own way but with multiple different weapons using the same ammo types, you'll have to choose your arsenal wisely. We are also including a handful or throwables too like dynamite, molotov cocktails and frag grenades.

    With branching dialogue and a big wide world ahead of you, we wanted to incorporate a system like S.P.E.C.I.A.L within the map. We also figured that players would need some kind of progression as they move through the map and complete/discover more and more. That said, having a system that intricate, trying to balance it and trying to create it within the limiting confines of Minecraft isn't exactly an easy task. Instead, we've decided to use what we have dubbed the "S.P.E.C.I.A.L.T.I.E.S" system (acroynm pending) that allows you to select a stat you specialise in; doing so unlocks a handful of perks for you. Should you decide to player as a group, you'll be able to each take on your own role but don't worry if you're playing alone as you'll be able to earn more points to spend in the system through the course of your adventures.

    As you explore the wasteland, you'll be scavenging and most likely looting food, weapons, junk items and more. What we are implementing is a crafting and component system from the later Fallout games. You'll be able to break down the various items you find into their basic components and use these to craft bigger and better things. Scrap those tin cans, Abraxo Cleaners and coffee cups and use the components to upgrade melee weapons, build armour types and rake in the caps. You'll also be able to harvest plants from the environment and combine them with food items to create buffed food, chems and more.

    Along with all of these changes, we are working on functioning and salvageable Power Armour, branching dialogue and NPC's (as already mentioned), an in-game soundtrack, voiced dialogue where relevant, in-game customised posters (that will allow us to have custom signage etc), customised player heads (which we are using for NPC variation/identification and world design), player visual customisation and more! We've also implemented traps and hazards in the environment like Bear Traps, Frag Mines and poisonous flowers. Perhaps the biggest thing to worry about within the Valley though is radiation levels; we couldn't possibly not include a mechanic and feature that is where Fallout derives its name from in the first place! Radiation levels will need to be managed as you explore the wastes so you'll have to balance that risk/reward and make sure to keep an eye on your Geiger counter. You'll pick up rads from long-dumped nuclear waste, from isolated pockets of radiation and from the frequent concentrated storms that have plagued the Valley for as long as people remember. But never fear, you'll be able to use RadAway or locally sourced recipes to help reduce those rads if you've got them to hand.

    I'm sure those of you that have stuck around are fed up of waiting, especially as I don't have a solid date for you, but I just want to reassure you that it's still being worked on, it's coming along really nicely and it will hopefully blow you minds when it's released! In the mean time, I'd love to hear what you guys want to see from us whether it be screenshots of new locations, mobs or something else. And if you're after more details, by all means ask away and we will elaborate. This is still a passion project being worked on in our spare time but we are dedicated to delivering an adventure map like no other, so we hope you guys are looking forward to it (still...)

    I'd also encourage anyone who wants to get ahold of me to just email me at [email protected] and I would also ask that if anyone is willing to volunteer and is willing to help us out on this project in order to speed things up, we'd love to hear from you. As it stands, we kind of have things covered as we continue to work on the map but if anybody has experience with texturing and resource packs, we have a whole bunch of ideas for mobs...

    Thanks again for you support and patience guys!
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    Hello once again good people of the world! Hope you're all doing well and as always thanks again to you guys who have incredible levels of patience and understanding! Shoutout to folks like ShadowSteelGX and 8Bit_Yeti for keeping people posted while Ive been away and busy. So, lets break down whats going on as of late:

    First and foremost things are still progressing and its getting into the super juicy region now! More recently, me and Medrike have been ramping up all the technical stuff in regards to NPC's, quests, SPECIAL all that kind of thing! As of right now, we've got 15 quests planned out and a ton more concepts cooked up. With that comes NPC's (each with their own unique design), tons of locations, rewards. The whole works! Medrike has been working super hard and has got things running well. it's really quite amazing seeing things work the way they do. With the interactions between the player and NPC, we are incorporating a (slightly more streamlined) SPECIAL, and there will be branching dialogue and varying options and speech checks.

    One of the things we've spent some time on is completely redesigning the beginning of the map, the story, opening and beginning sequences. You'll be treated to a cinematic, SPECIAL establishing sequence, NPC interaction, and a whole lot more that brings a whole new level of awesome to the beginning and will help establish expectations for you guys for when the next iteration is released.

    Speaking of which, we've decided we are going to release a demo of sorts. It'll give you guys a chance to try out all the new stuff we've been working on and for the few of you that played/watched the original, youll get to see how much has changed since WAY back then. The demo will feature a little bit of everything so you guys can all see how things work and itll tide you over while we continue work on the main event. Once this demo is released, it would be REALLY REALLY appreciated if those of you who give it a whirl could provide feedback (as little or as much as possible) so we can keep things super polished.

    As of this morning Im continuing work on the resource pack too. We've got ambient sound effects, custom sound files and music and, thanks to more recent update, far more and increasingly varied mobs! Good thing there will be power armour for you to use against them, right?

    Any questions, lemme know whether that's on here, at http://leftwriteb.tumblr.com or at [email protected]

    Appreciate your support over what is now a number of years folks, but I promise you it'll be worth the wait! Until then, Ad Victorium

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    Evening folks! Another century goes by, another update arrives! It's been a while as you know, so prepare yourself for a behemoth sized info dump!

    As always, it still blows my mind you loyal guys are still excite to play the map, especially given that it's been in the works for so darn long. And trust me, I'm well aware that it has been FOREVER. All i can do is apologise for the wait that you've endured. As somebody posted, it's true that work on the map has been halted on and off by unexpected issues and the like, but even now work still continues! While Fallout 4 (and it's meager DLC) has been and gone in this time, we are but two guys working on a passionate project in the spare time we have as opposed to a team of hundreds working round the clock. That said, the stuff we are working on is pretty damn sizable. So let's break down what's going on:

    1) WAAAAAAAAAY back when the map was available, the state some of you likely saw in let's plays and the like, the Map was basically a small journey to the city, and then a trip through the city to a Vault. You go in the vault and get treated to a pretty poor ending. Looking back, boy was I naive.

    Things are far different now. Since then, the map is now an open-world experience, with The Big City being in the middle of the map and the huge surrounding area around it. The journey to the city is now far more of a journey, with more to see and do along the way. For comparison, I've uploaded a (now slightly outdated) map showing the maps layout. You should be able to see that the City is a drop in the ocean now; there's a reason this stuff takes time. Welcome to Haydon Vale; a valley whose walls have created an isolated corner of the wasteland filled with acid rain, a mysterious city and a landscape of multiple biomes and dangers.

    This also allows for multiple entrances into the City. We are working on making the City a dangerous and irradiated nightmare, so heading into the concrete jungle requires preparation and good gear. The vast network of invisible walls that used to run through the City are also gone, allowing for far smoother exploration and traversal. While there is a favored route to follow if you're focusing on the main quest, other routes can be taken if you so wish. And as I'm sure you saw: that's just the Main Quest.

    2) The Main Quest is completely different and has been rebuilt from the ground up. Instead of a rather disappointing ending like before. As before we have a storyline that tasks you with tracking down the other members of your vault but things take a very different turn now. The endgame of the Main Quest is now tied in to the fate of a settlement you visit along the way; Woodrow. The events of the finale will dynamically change depending on the choices and efforts you make in Woodrow and you can have one of multiple outcomes take place with varying degrees of success and failure. Not only that, but there is no black and white kind of option; you're options are all in grey territory so choose wisely.

    3) With the Main Quest comes sidequests too. You can ignore them all, or you can hunt down every single one, it's entirely up to you. With the inclusion of a variety of NPC's (that all have unique appearances, dialogue, personalities and actions) comes the ability to mix up the gameplay and stories you find. Should you take the time to talk to people you meet in the Wasteland, you'll get new gear, meet new people and visit new places. The use of sidequests and NPC's also means that the wasteland feels more alive and so too does it's settlements. Places like Woodrow and a small settlement known as Wayfare Walk will actually expand and change as you work on them and completing the quests given to you will actively change the world around you.

    4) The resource pack continues to get bigger and better. Sound files and a huge variety of textures means the map looks better than ever. We've got a huge variety of both melee and ranged weapons. We've got custom NPC heads. We've got more varied blocks leading to more detailed and varied textures. We've got music and sound files for all your Fallout nostalgic needs. It's come a long long way from the map of yesteryear (or three).

    5) The redstone genius I am working on this map with, M, is exactly that; a genius. He's responsible for the functioning NPC's and their dialogue, ranged weapons, the SPECIAL system, working rad levels, dynamically changing story and locations, working power armour, working landmines, enemy and character spawns, and a billion other things. He's helped make the map a million times more than it was and more than I could ever have dreamed. All the redstone he creates blows my mind. Now with the changes in minecraft as time has gone by, it's made things difficult for us both; the map glitched out causing me to basically have to go through and fix the entire thing, complicated redstone has been broken and bugged out, things have had to be entirely reworked. We've settled on the version 1.10.2 as it's the most stable we've had it where everything seems to be in order. Until we are releasing the next update, or rebranding I guess at this point, we are sticking with this version and powering through as quickly and correctly as we can. It's been a hell of a wait for you all but I promise it'll be well worth it in the end.

    6) With so much we are adding in or want to, we've broken it all down into stages. The next update will have all the necessities in so you guys can get it ASAP and hopefully send us as much feedback as possible, From that point we will then work on adding more and more in bits at a time. You could argue we bit off more than we could chew which is why a release hasn't made it to you yet, which is exactly why we sat down and plotted out a roadmap for the future. Equally, with me being in one country and M in another, it makes things tricky. We share notes and have a breakdown of all we've worked on in GoogleDrive that I'm actually going to put up for viewing by you all so if you want to jump in and read about the locations and characters we are including, you can do.

    7) On a funny side note, when the map started out, you began in Vault 81. Fallout 4 surfaced so we changed it to Vault 88. Then, wouldn't you know it, Fallout 4's Vault-Tec DLC came along so we had to change it AGAIN. Welcome yourself to what is now Vault 83. Do you hate me or something Bethesda, do you!?

    And as a thank you again for you patience, as little of it as is left I'd imagine anyway, here's a collection of images for your viewing amusement on what's heading your way slowly but surely. With this being a fun side project like I said, I'm not making the mistake of plopping a date down because if history has taught us anything, I'll miss it. But it's getting to you as quick as we can! I'm not deliberately trying to Sean Murray you all ;) Thanks again as always folks! Means the world to both me and M that our little pet project is still, somehow, in demand.

    Have a Nuka on us! - Dan (SaveTheGnomes)

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    So it's about to hit midnight but i figured I'd pop a quick update up before I head to bed.

    As of right now I've just finished the final touches on the L.E Correctional Facility. This build was a pretty big one and as always was done block by block without any copying/pasting or anything like that so every little detail has been thought about. The locale is a pre-war prison designed to be run without the need of any human intervention. Minus a couple of maintenance staff the prison was run, guarded and staffed by robots. While the contents of the facility may not be of much use to the average scavenger, those of a more technical mind might be able to nab themselves unrivaled technology from within.

    As of this point, the newest region, east of the previous playable area of Dalesbury, is complete and just needs some work from the redstone team who have been working busily away as always! Now that that region is done I'm in the process of fixing up the city itself which isn't taking as long as I thought. I'm also taking this opportunity to add in a few new things to the city, including the first stages of a rusty old monorail system that will run through the city and provide some much needed veriticality to the area and more varied routes and sights to traverse. As things move forward the map will become far less bottleneck-y if thats a word.. and better still efforts are being made to make the world feel less barren and equally more alive. From leaving the Vault youll see trees and long grass and shrubs and actual (though not too prominent) greenery. As you venture deeper into the Dam'dlands you'll edge closer to where the bomb dropped and the plantlife will becoming increasingly dead too.

    Now to attempt to answer a few things:

    The map will be played in adventure mode if i have things understood correctly. With the redstone systems in place we've been able to be uite creative with what we can do with that too, but adventure mode is the way forward!

    The texture pack will be bundled with the map download once it is available. It;ll be, as far as I know, completely vanilla too so no need for mods or anything like that! But, as I said before, the redstone team continue to blow my mind and just because it's vanilla Minecraft doesn't mean we are shackled down by limitations.

    Once the download is back up for you all, I'd imagine we will be making a new thread for it under the new name!

    Tunnel Snakes rule!

    As always, thanks again folks! Any questions/things you want to know/feedback/ideas/suggestions/criticisms etc feel free to ask away!

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    So, latest updates!

    Things are still moving forward and we are continuing to add and refine things as planned.

    Most recently, all of the notes and ideas and the like I have made on location ideas, character concepts and quest concepts are all in the process of being typed up and put in one place and good lord there's a (mega)ton's worth of content on its way. I mean sure, it's nice all very good having it all written down on paper but when it's all grouped it's a lovely site.

    The redstone team are working their socks off like they always do and their work once again blows my mind.In fact, we have been working on an idea that we think could really add some flavour to the map. It may well be that within the map, though we aren't sure when, we will have our own original character who is the man behind "Rattle Radio", a radio station that's operating within our Wasteland. It's early days for that idea and its just one of many we are putting in to the map, but I think it would really add something special. With GNR, Radio New Vegas and Diamond City Radio being such an integral part of the more recent installments of the Fallout games, it'll be nice to have something like that of our own.

    (And for any that are curious, we plan on having the radio host be British-born ghoul who's been around since before the war and his personality will be somewhat based upon the legend that is Sir Terry Wogan who recently passed)

    In other news, the map will be changing its name too! When it originally surfaced, I was far younger and I wasn't quite the smartest of cookies so the name was, at the time, ok. It was a loose pun on the goals you'd aim for in the wasteland and of course a loose pun on the concept of building. "Rebuilding Humanity" also tied in to the ending of the main story which has changed LOADS since the beginning.

    So, what's the new name? "Fallout: Dam'dlands"

    (The new title art is at the bottom of the page!) Now that artwork is just temporary for now (and feedback is always welcome of course) but allow me to explain: the wasteland our map takes place in now is called Haydon Vale Valley. In the Southeast of the map sits a Hydro-electric dam that, since the bombs fell, has been the battleground for many factions and forces who wanted to take control in order to have access to clean water and electricity. However, the Dam hasn't been functioning for the last 100+ years. Over the years people started calling the Haydon Vale the "Valley of the Damned". As such, the region our map is in has had multiple names and they've morphed and changed. After over 200 years, it's simply known as the Dam'dlands. The Valley is covered in a labyrinth of highways and the like, hence the title art being a vandalised overhead highway sign. ANYWAY that's that. Got a little carried away there but you get the point.

    Again, I'd like to thank you all for the ongoing support, especially those that are explaining things while the team and I are busy, and it's awesome to see people discussing and helping each other out! You guys are the best! :D

    Now, onwards! I've got some post-apocalyptic shtuffs to build!

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    So things are still plodding along, never fear!

    As of late, we've been working on bringing some much needed variety to the map. Areas have been expanded into to make the map feel more open-world, though that's just a drop in the ocean compared to what the map will be like upon completion. As it stands right now, I have a list of over 50 new locations that are planned to be worked on to the map over time and there'll be plenty of questing for everyone to do.

    Right now, the beginning of the map is receiving its considerable make-over and man does it start with a bang now! With that comes some new areas to explore and characters to meet. As well as that, we've tinkered with the concept of armour in that we have, for the most part anyway, removed most of it. We've redistributed it in order to create far more varied enemies and the like without the need for any mods or anything like that. On top of this, working/functioning suits of power armour (that work similarly to the ones in Fallout 4) will be making their way in. While it might seem that takes an element away from the game, it thankfully doesn't and it's for the greater good. Seeing as all of the items in the map will have their own uses in some shape or form, scavenging is still as important as ever.

    Following on from that, the maps still going through the fixes after the weird glitchiness that happened, but its coming along nicely! And as we said before, with that frantic fixing comes the opportunity to improve upon what was there before! For those of you that have been around since the beginning, you'll no doubt agree that (when you get to play) the map has moved forward leaps and bounds and is SOOOOOOOO much better than it used to be! The most recent additions to the map are:

    Riverside Apartments

    Dalesbury Red Rocket

    Nine Pines Retreat

    Pin King's Bowling Centre

    D6 Videogame Studios

    Yesting Observatory Station

    Towards the end of this week I'll be putting up some more images to show you all what's what. And I might just show you all a quick glance at something from the new beginning sequence..

    Stay tuned and, as always, thanks for the support folks!

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    Hello again good people, long time no speak.

    No doubt your'e probably all fed up of me and the wait for the map and I can understand why, believe me! As you've all no doubt seen from the past few estimated release windows, there's been plenty of stages where I wanted to release it or thought it would be done in time and, unfortunately, it's still not.

    So I will let you all know the state of things and you can take from it what you will:

    First, nope the map is certainly not dead and is still being worked on! Yes, still. With a steady stream of updates and new features from Minecraft itself, me and the folks helping on the map have more and more work created for us as it happens. Believe me we are not in any way lazy. The amount of content we are putting into this project is absolutely nuts and the map is no longer a linear path with a weak story. Instead its becoming (and to a point is already) an open-world map with a branching and awesome (re-worked) story and loads of secrets, locations and things to find. It will also have side quests, NPCs, dialogue trees, speech checks, SPECIAL stats and all sorts. With things like that it takes time and we want to release it when its at a state that is solid and awesome. No half-measures. Yes this is taking time but it's well worth it, when it finally surfaces for you guys to play.

    Now here's the big thing: this is a project I work on in my spare time. That's the case for the group of us working on this. It would've been released months ago if this was our job, but it isn't. We all have lives and family and friends. Some of the guys I work with on this have school and exams and stuff. I work fulltime and over christmas have been doing around 50 hours a week at work. Spare time is not something I have in abundance which is why this isn't done. Believe me I wish it was but I work on it with the team when we are able to. I appreciate your patience and can appreciate that this is probably running out but if you choose to stick with us and keep the hype going then thank you.

    For any that are curious, the map and world file are incredibly old now and that comes with its issues. Coupled with worldpainter, some glitches have meant a lot of the map had to be reworked by hand to fix which hasn't helped. But with this means new opportunities so new places have been built, roads are more defined and map out the world better, elements of open world exploration have started, and lots more. I can't speak for the redstone team but the work they do is vital and blows my mind every time they show me what we've got within the map now. We've got a settlement called Nowares that expands and changes as you complete quests, for example, and that's just the beginning.

    I haven't even discussed the work they've done for ambient sounds/music, dialogue trees, cutscene/story work, working ranged weapons etc.

    Then there's all the stuff we are adding to the map itself too: the newly improved Vault-Tec Regional HQ with state of the art Vault Facilities guided tour, Haydon Vale Dam, the sinking sand streets to the north-east of the Big City, the town of Woodrow and its role in the story, the presence of a new faction called the Steel Saviours and the post-game questline we plan on implementing eventually.

    I hope you've all had an awesome Christmas and New Year's, and I hope you're all enjoying Fallout 4! Thank you to you faithful folk and I hope you'll enjoy what we are cooking up for you all as and when we get it to you.

    Any questions you have, reply with them here and if you've got any requests to see what we've got waiting for you, by all means ask and I'll see what we can show for you.

    Peace, hugs and Stimpaks for you all

    Dan (SaveTheGnomes13)

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    So I think it's about time for an update, right? Well, as of right now, things are shaping up very very nicely!

    We've decided to streamline the updates to get them out to you patient folks even sooner. So the coming update will have a whole ton of new features, improvements and mechanics to use and will act as an introduction to the 1.8 update; we will include a handful of the more complicated features like NPC's, dialogue, custom crafting etc as a sort of test and the full blown features will be in the 1.8 update. This way we can get feedback before our 1.8 update goes out and then you kind people get to play the map (which evidently you're all eager to do!)

    Right now we are working our way from the start of the map and working forward, finishing off what needs finishing such as loot allocation, mob spawning, slight map redesigns and redstone testing but thankfully things are going well, they're going swiftly and they're good to go so far! I have to say that the redstone work Medrike has done is incredible and has added so much to the map, I can't wait for you all to see it!

    As always, giving feedback, whether brief or incredibly detailed, is always welcome on this forum, or on thegeekydigest or you can email me at [email protected] and with work already being done on quests and NPC's you can always submit your own ideas for characters, quest lines and locations if you wanted to. Who knows, they could end up finding their way into the wastes in and around the Big City.

    We really do appreciate your patience with us as I know it must be a pain having to wait so long. But trust me when I say we are both just as eager to get the map out to as you guys are to play it! As of next week I will no longer be at college so I should have a little more time free which will help and we've done plenty of planning in advance to make the transition from 1.7 work to 1.8 work as quick and as easy as possible!

    And hey, at least we haven't made you wait 7 years like Bethesda has for Fallout 4 which has finally been announced and I'm so excited! As a little reward for your ongoing support, how about a few screenshots to look at? Hope you enjoy!

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    Be patient guys, things happen outside Minecraft. :P

    Looking for a few testers that could help me test out the limits of new map features, such as new weapons and mobs. I'll be holding a few test servers during the weekend so if anyone is interested to help me finalize the 1.8 patch, message me either here on minecraftforum or [email protected] I'll need just a few people, maybe like ten or so.(You'll get the resource pack but must agree to never ever ever share it until the map comes out. If we don't get enough people i'll reschedule.)

    Accepting suggestions for quests and/or locations from fallout lore. Anyone from USA, Illinois here by any chance? And no, that doesn't mean anything yet ;)

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    naab, change .exe to .jar in the bat file
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    To all those players that are either excited to play the map or have been kind enough to persevere with us as it slowly made its way towards completion, I bring you an update of great importance that contains both good and bad news:

    We will start with the good news: the 1.7 update that brings the map forward to an acceptable and revamped stage. Since we saw it last, which was admittedly a long time ago now, its gone under both major and minor changes that improve the Fallout: RH's design both visually and mechanically. While these sort of improvements might seem like they're hardly worth it, I can assure you that all work we carry out to improve the map is done for a reason. The 1.7 update is in its final testing stages and will uploaded for you all as soon as we can get it done. I know we've had a number of dates we've aimed for and they have been and gone but that brings me on to my next point..

    The work on the project is done by me, SaveTheGnomes, and a guy called Medrike. It's a two man operation with me handling building, story design and texture work. Medrike handles the redstone work and contributes to other elements of the map too. I plan to keep it as a two man operation because it's a project that requires a lot of close-knit work and collaboration between the two of us and the more people we involved the more complicated it gets. We will likely be looking for people to help out when it comes to map testing and maybe texture work but other than that it will be just us. AND one of the rules I make sure him and myself stick to is that real life comes first. Family, friends, jobs, school/college etc will always take priority over a project I started years ago for fun, that's just the way it has to be. I'm at college, I have a job and I have a girlfriend, close friends and family I care about. With it being nearly christmas, finding time to work on this map can be tricky. I can't express enough just how awesome and mind-blowing it is knowing there are people around the world who are excited to try out something I began working on just for fun a few years ago now but please try to understand that myself and Medrike all have other things going on that can interrupt our work on the map.

    Furthermore, Medrike and a few of his family member were recently involved in a traffic accident. Now while he did say he was going to carry on working on the map after this happened I've banner him from doing so until he is rested up and him and his family are up and about again. As such, work on the map has taken a little bump but I can assure you we are continuing to work on it and get it to you ASAP. When that is I can't say for sure as we are going to avoid giving dates in the future to avoid disappointing you guys further, but keep in mind we are in literally the last stage of the coming update and then it'll be out.

    So as a final note, expect to see the 1.7 update shortly. No exact date but once the whirlwind of christmas is out of the way, work will resume at an alarming rate and you guys will get to meet the mysteries that lie in the dark heart of a long-forgotten Vault. Please keep yourselves hyped because I, and hopefully you guys, know it'll be well worth the wait! Feel free to leave some well wishes for Medrike on the forum page, I'm sure it'd put a smile on his fast after the week he's had because the work he does will certain put one on yours in the update future! And as always head over to thegeekydigest.tumblr.com if you have any questions or feedback!

    Thanks for your time and patience folks, I know it's a pain having to wait but hopefully the next update will show you that war.. war CAN change..

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    We had to delay it a lot. Don't worry though, it's coming soon. We thought it was gonna be the 23rd but some stuff went up and we couldn't finish it. DON'T WORRY, IT'S COMING SOON.
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    Okay, good news everybody!

    You can expect the map's 1.7 update to come as early as next week! Keep an eye out. :)
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    It only has a base of painterly, most of the textures are done by us and inserted after. :)
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    Oh trust me. It won't be dying in a looong time.
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