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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism

    Thanl you, The_Architect2! :)

    Now i'm back to work, looking for more feedbacks!

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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism

    Thank you for your votes and PMs!

    We have created alot of textures from scratch, alot of pictures are taken by our own camera, as for other textures, we purchased them (as raw material) from web stores. Few are from free sources, sorry, but I don't know any special web site.

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    posted a message on Semi-transparent textures, (like ice, stained glass)

    I searched for this, but there is lack of information.

    Is there any way to make texture semi-transparent, like ice or stained glass? Whithout mods.

    Can I do this with mcmeta files?

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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism

    Im stuck with the grass, please help me decide which one is better. New poll is added to this thread. Please vote, and if you can - post your comment! :)

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    posted a message on 1.8+ graphics degradation (rendering quality, bad texture look)

    Hello guys! It's funny, but only few days ago I discovered that vanilla minecraft 1.8+ has terrible render quality, resulting awful game graphics, espesially when using higher resolution resource packs! (x256+) It's just not playable.

    they removed antialiasing option from 1.8+ AND decreased render quality. Actually I'm very Surprised WHY

    This is almost same as using 0.5000 RenderResMul in Shaders Mod

    ALOT more noise, I see nothing but blinking pixels when I'm looking at the grass that is 10+ blocks away, same with gravel, etc.

    Compare quality: http://imageshack.com/a/img910/8054/qEQAks.jpg

    1.7.10 way better than 1.8+

    I found 2 ways to fix this with mods:

    1. To use OptiFine and tweak Video Settings

    Antialiasing, Anisotropicfiltering will do the work.

    2. To use Shaders Mod (without shaders enabled)

    Just setting RenderResMul to 2.0000 will fix the problem... (with none shader packs selected)

    But I was unable to find a way to improve Vanilla (without any mods) minecraft 1.8 results

    The point is big majority of players are newbies, they will never use any mods. They can barely download and use resource pack, that's all.

    I've created video guides on OptiFine and Shaders Mod, but people just don't want to bother about this. They using Vanilla minecraft 1.8+

    And what they first impression of my x512 S&K Photo Realism pack?

    Yes, they think "that is a bad grass". They don't even know about OptiFine. Some will read my guieds and will use my recommendations, yes, but majority will not.

    I know guys, some of you are real professionals, please give me some advise, may be there is a solution?

    -Is there any way to change minecraft rendering quality with texture pack?

    -Is there any way to improve Vanilla minecraft 1.8+ graphics?

    -what else should I do or try?

    Thank you Alot!

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    posted a message on Unexpected Graphical Issue: Professional help required

    I have 2 PCs, same problem appeared today on both.

    It's started suddenly. I just lunched the game. And I saw this:

    - Alot more noise, even on default 16x16 settings (like playing without mipmapping, but this is something else, never seen that beforem, especially how far mountains looks)

    - Wave-like texture moving (you can clearly see ripple on textures when moving around / and after you stopped there is a "wave" that continue moving on the texture, this is very strange, you can see that on my video)

    I'm creating great x512 texture pack, and it's actually not playable with this problems.

    Please help me understand it. I think this is something global.

    It can only be avoided by using OptiFine with very hight Anisotropic Filtering (16) and Antialiasing (16).

    I tried everything: reinstall minecraft, update graphics drivers, update java, tried diffirent Option combinations.

    The key point is that 10 hours ago all was just fine, no heavy noise, no ripple stuff.

    Here is Video with graphical problems (Watch HD fullscreen only):

    any ideas?

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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism

    We have added x256 and x128 version! Also many textures added and updated! LF Honest feedback! :)

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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism
    Quote from samohtj»
    I'm very impressed! The edges on your flowers are nice and crisp, very well done! I also really like your leaves and granite/andesite/diorite.
    While I'm okay with the multicolored-ness of the gravel, it still looks... off. Something about the lighting on it, it just looks like a photograph pasted onto a cube. It just sticks out among the other textures and doesn't really fit with them. I can't really place why.
    I will echo what Poly_G said about the dirt. The stone looks like it's pretty good, but the dirt is definitely lacking in detail compared to everything else.
    Overall, very nice work! It's good to see some well done photorealism for a change. :)

    Thanks for detailed feedback! We found it extremly useful, we will try to correct textures in the next updates!
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    posted a message on a way to control wrapping of fence texture?
    I'm creating x512 texture pack, and i got problem with fence texture.

    I can't make wood planks and fence be cool same time.

    I want to use both vertical and horizontal lines (to split planks) in wood planks texture, but as a result of that i got ugly unnatural fences.

    Is any way to control fence texture? May be control the way how it wraps?
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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism
    Updated to 0.2.1
    We added all ores! Updated stone texture, so stone has more details. I hope that will increase your interest! Help us test and improve this texture pack!
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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism
    Quote from Poly_G»
    I'm actually quite happy that all of your textures appear to be made by yourself/purchased and that they are beeing legally used. As it's the case with a lot of realistic packs, searching for ''Seamless textures'' on google images and stuffing everything into a resource pack happens a lot, and I'm glad this one is an exception.
    That beeing said, your pack is quite harmonic indeed. It does look like there is a certain style included, which, again, is more than a lot of other realistic packs offer.
    Two things though:
    1. Post some pictures without the use of shaders. As tempting as it is, try to avoid using them for showing of your textures. It can lead to false impressions.
    2. A generic problem with realistic, image-based resource packs is the lack of structure/features in your textures. Look at the dirt, for example. Sure, it has a texture, but it's a very fine grain, almost like a noise filter. If you are standing a few steps away from a dirt block itself, it almost looks like a single shade of brown. Same goes for the stone.
    I'm also not a big fan of that multi-colored gravel, but that's just my opinion. I love the quality of your vegetation textures though.

    Thank you for your detailed feedback!
    We will take a closer look to the dirt for possible improvements. Fine grain may be the problem, as you can't see details from far distances. But on the other hand, we can not add to HD texture elements that are to big, it will be not realistic and sometimes clumsy. We need a point of balance for every texture.
    We will add screenshots without shaders.

    Is anyone else dislikes texture of gravel? If to many people dislikes it, it will be replaced.
    But as for me and my partner, we love it :)

    Looking for MORE feedbacks! :)
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    posted a message on S&K Photo Realism

    I'm here to present you a new HD x512/x256 High-Quality Resource pack: S&K Photo Realism Updated to v0.4.2 (19.02.16)

    I'm creating this pack with my girlfriend, we are working very hard to bring you best game experience! S&K is the first l

    etters of our names and nicknames, that’s why we called it S&K Photo Realism.

    We following these principles: * HD * Quality * Realistic * Harmony

    As I said, I'm working with my girlfriend, so yeah, the pack has already almost all flowers updated :) Currently it has almost all basic textures.

    Some textures are taken by our own camera, some are drawn from zero, some purchased and some from free stores. The point is we are using (and will use) only best textures for this pack.

    Screenshots made with Shaders ON, without shaders there is no shadow and water is using regular texture. We are currently working on our own water texture, this is not simple task to create awesome water! :)

    Legal / Terms of use (Read if you want to distribute or mix)

    This texture pack is created by SavageStyle and Kabaluna. (contact us: [email protected])

    THANK YOU FOR USING OUR TEXTURE PACK! We all love Minecraft!

    Please read this terms of use:

    This pack contain unique textures and weeks of hard work. You are allowed to use this pack for your own joy,
    you are also free to use any textures from this pack for any mix you are creating for PRIVITE USE by yourself only.

    * upload this texture pack or ANY part of this pack anywhere.
    * use ANY part of this pack in your own pack and then upload it without our permission.
    * make money of this pack by ANY ways (exception is YouTube).

    * Share this texture pack anywhere with this DOWNLOAD link:




    (This link is always updated to the latest version, so you can "set and forget")
    AND you also have to provide a backlink to
    if you CAN NOT post adf.ly links on your site, that you can use just link to our main post:




    * Create any YouTube video with this pack (and monetize it), but you have to provide proper backlinks with credits.
    Please include one of the links below:
    Do not forget to show us your video :)

    We are welcome any suggestions and feedback!
    For any other questions you are free to write us an e-mail!

    # Homepage:

    # YouTube channel:

    # E-mail:
    [email protected]

    # PayPal Donations:
    [email protected]
    (You can help us ALOT, by donating any amount. It's not just some extra money for us,
    any donations will give us extra time to work on texture pack, it will support us greatly)

    # adf.ly referral link:
    (Get paid for every person who visits your URLs.)

    More Screenshots!

    Recommendations: I removed all unnecessary things from the pack, so you can combine your favarite HD pack and that one, to get 100% textures done. Just add S&K Photo Realism, on the top of the list.

    DOWNLOAD: S&K Photo Realism (HD x512/x256)

    We recommend to use OptiFine with this texture pack

    We are waiting for your feedback! Please leave us your feedback! We will read every single comment. We welcome any positive and any negative response from you. We will take close look on every recommendation and suggestion!

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    posted a message on LB Photo Realism x256 fully updated to 1.8.1
    Quote from Bohose2014»
    I seem to be having difficulty downloading this. It wants to load something else very confusing. Any suggestions. The download path is very convoluted.

    Periodically im updating pack to the newest minecraft versions, so i need always-working link with updated instructions.
    There is texture pack on google drive. Just hit download link.
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    posted a message on Any way to make seamless HD textures?
    Quote from Alvoria»
    What do you mean it's placing them randomly? You can turn that off in your blockstate files you know.

    I didn't know that, somehow I was unable to find such information for a long time ^_^ Thanks, that will help me alot!
    Im new to making texture packs, doing good so far on drawing my HD textures.
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    posted a message on Any way to make seamless HD textures?
    it's a hell.
    Is any way to make seamless HD textures or pretty close to seamless.
    Minecraft placing blocks so randomly. May be some one knows a way? May be "cheat" one? any patching is not an option.
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