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    posted a message on HELP! Modded Multiplayer Server Mods Aren't Working 1.12.2
    So I've hosted servers before but never had this problem.[/p]
    Using 1.12.2, did everything like normal, java good to go, correct version of Forge (1.12.2) and properly installed and some pretty popular mods all 1.12.2. (such as minimaps, industrial craft, fossils and archaeology, build craft, etc.). All mods are both in the appdata .minecraft mods folder and the mods folder in the forge server folder.[/p]
    They are all showing up in the minecraft main menu under mods. Everything looks fine. When I host the server I see everything from the mods in creative mode.[/p]
    The problem is that nothing is spawning into the world naturally when the world is made. No blocks or items or mob spawns from the mods are in the game. It just looks like a vanilla server. And if I try to manually spawn anything from the mods in creative, they pop up for a second then disappear.[/p]
    I've tried reinstalling forge, completely wiping the server three times, and double checked that all version of mods are the correct 1.12.2 from creditable sites (curseforge and 9minecraft). Any mod that needs companion mods are also installed.[/p]
    What am I missing here? Been trouble shooting for hours and couldn't find this exact problem so came to you beautiful people for help... Thanks![/p]
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