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    The Top 3: Rise Against, Paramore, Sum 41
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    Well, I don't really have a favorite song because there's a whole wealth of preferable music out from artists such as Rise Against, Three Days Grace, Yellowcard, and a thousand more bands. However, if I had to choose, I would most likely choose, Behind Closed Doors, by Rise Against.
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    Quote from Facelessone001

    Wow! I cannot believe someone actually posted!

    Definitely accepted.


    Just message me on Skype (its on my profile page) or when/if more people apply and you want to play.

    It would also be good to find a server to play on, probably a recruit or regular difficulty one.

    As I said before, I don't know how consistantly I will be able to play because of my PSU shorting out at random. So far it seems to run in intervals of 15 minutes and if I'm lucky up to an hour.
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    Can't believe I actually found someone looking for a DayZ group!

    *Name to be referenced by through chat*: Scott, Nox, or Sarge. Take your pick, I've accumulated a few names over the years. I do prefer Scott or Sarge though.

    *Age*: 15

    *Time Zone*: Eastern Standard Time (I'm only general until 12am to 2am my time since its Summer Vacation and I take that time to either write or play games.

    *Microphone?*: Yes, Sennheiser PC350 (Specifications are under details)
    *Preferred method of voice communication*: The in game chat can be a little risky so I would prefer either Skype or TS (Team Speak). But I would also use Ventrilo.

    *What kind of player are you?*: I'm more of a tactical player, looking at something from every angle before proceeding onwards. With that said, I enjoy scouting and sniping. I've only gotten myself a DMR once, but I really liked it and being sneaky seems to be something I'm quite good at. I do prefer to scout in groups of two though, since a spotter in this game is actually incredibly useful. When encountering another player or group though, I find myself to learn more towards the stear clear category because you can't really trust anyone in this game, so to me better nothing lost and nothing gained.

    *A little bit about yourself*: I'm pretty easy to get along with, I don't particularly mind annoying people or ignorant people, it’s just something I've learned to accept. I do enjoy writing quite a bit (let me know if you want to give something I'm working on or completed a read) most specifically in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genre. I have won an award for one of my pieces, but I won’t elaborate on that here. Other than that I like to listen to alternative rock, my favorite band being Rise Against. I do also play Magic the Gathering once in and while with my friends, but that’s more of a casual event. On the sports spectrum I used to do swimming, but I am now doing track in the coming High school year.

    Questions, comments, concerns?: My DayZ mod and other somewhat intensive games I own tend to crash mid game and cause my PC to restart. This is due to my PSU degrading and I believe my graphics card may have some issues. However I am getting replacement parts within the next week or two so that issue should be fixed within that time frame.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,

    Scott C.
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    posted a message on Estova
    Updated it, made some revisions and added a little bit more. Again, any constructive criticism is welcome!
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    posted a message on Estova
    Hello all!

    As the tag basically says, another project of mine in the works. So if you have the time give it a read! Any criticism or feed back is welcome. Enjoy!

    Note- Its sort of bare bones right now as it is just the start of an idea I had, so if you find it a tad lacking that may be why.


    The dunes slowly shifted through the night air. It was quiet, for now, the sun had been blotched out by Luguntus, one of the three moons that orbited our desolate planet, Estova. It was “Safe Hour”, as many people called it, for around an hour we were spared the wrath of the white dwarf, Caecus Pila. This was the time everyone made their daily exodus to their work stations or went to scavenge the wastelands for treasures left behind by the Relshin, an ancient alien civilization believed to have inhabited this inhospitable planet before us, humans.

    How do we survive? I often ask that question myself. I guess we just adapted over time. From what I can remember from the old world, we came out of the planet. It must be true.

    “Sulli! Get your ass over here, the damn suns coming back up in five minutes!” Yelled a muffled voice.

    I turned to see Fellek walking towards me in his scorched, gunmetal colored, TX- 3VR armor set, it was one of hundreds of variants used all over the planet, his was different however, all of ours were different. Ours are reinforced by thick titanium composite metals and high power energy barriers that kept the suit from melting.

    “Already?” I sighed, letting the cold air brush against my pale skin one last time.
    I unhooked the light brown helmet locked to my belt and stared at it for a moment. It was so intriguing, the visor was separated into two vertical slits, all of which pulsed a gentle blue. Around the visor slits were row after row of unintelligible glyphs and sigils.

    I removed my gaze from the helmet, sliding it over my short cropped hair. The interior was dark for all but a second as the nano circuitry bonded with corresponding ports within the armor. Everything was so constricted inside the helmet, yet it also gave a sense of safety, sure I could only see in one direction, but it prevented me from burning to death, and that was key.

    I turned, following Fellek back to the armored personnel carrier known as a Renegade. My boots sank into the sand with every step, attempting to engulf my foot to no avail.

    “Hey, Fellek,” my voice came out muffled through the com grill, “You think we’ll ever make it to the Shadow Lands?”

    It was a very touchy topic with Fellek, as he had left the Shadow Lands for a new life.

    He often told me stories about the Shadow Lands, it was dark, completely dark with the acceptation of looming mushrooms and other fungal growths. It was littered with all assortments of life ranging from giant screeching insects to silent reptiles that stalked you day and night, awaiting the moment to strike. Unfortunately it was also home to Vwellanian Empire. They were also brutal oppressors, trampling over small villages and enslaving large portions of the populous. The only things they did care about was the small portion of the population living in enormous cities known as Havens, here people lived freely, enjoying life to the fullest and ignoring the troubles of the outside world. Fellek had grown up in one of the haven cities, but being a rebellious person he chose to leave one day. Little did he know that a life in the wild extremes of Estova were far worse than some haven city.

    “What made you bring that up?” he replied, slamming his fist against the passenger side door. “Dolkin! Let us in!” he shouted, trying to look through the black tinted windows.

    “Well, I was just thinking that you know, we’re close to the border…” The passenger door on the renegade slid open, exposing the cool interior to the semi-chill outdoors.

    “Now’s not the time Sulli, you know I hate talking about it.” He pushed himself into the cargo hold, a stream of sand pouring out of the crevices in his boots as he did so.

    I left it at that, pulling myself into the grey holding bay, sliding the door closed behind me.
    “Welcome aboard!” Greeted Dolkin’s electronic voice. “You have approximately 33.27 seconds before Caecus Pila’s heat is projected upon the planet’s surface.” The AI did this every time we entered the truck, rambling useless information.

    “That’s nice,” I replied disengaging the locks on my helmet and removing it. “Anything else we should know?”

    “There’s been an increasing amount of marauder activity in the area, I suggest moving to a new sector,” he replied.

    “Oh?” I walked towards the steel table bolted to the wall of Renegade’s interior, switching the dull fluorescent lights on as I did so.

    “Ready to roll?” Fellek yelled from the drivers bay upfront.

    “Yeah…” I shouted, bringing up the holographic map display of Estovian desert. Instantly it focused in on our general location, marking the nearest marauder sittings with purple marks and supply depots with green.

    “Can you check the hol—”

    “Already did,” I replied. Every marauder attack has been on a supply depot, not unusual, but there was one issue, this was in Nerran territory, one of the few groups of desert dwellers who actually could support a series of small settlements and a military force to protect them.

    “Verify these are marauders, Dolkin.” I moved away from the holographic display, placing my helmet on the table and proceeded to the drivers’ bay.

    “I swear, this thing gets harder to drive by the day,” grumbled Fellek.
    He was squinting, trying to peer through his shaggy brown hair, his dry fingers wrapped around the steering wheel.

    “Maybe, just maybe, moving the hair out of your eyes would help.” I planted myself in the passenger’s seat, looking out into the vast ocean of sand.

    “Really now?” he snorted, brushing the hair away from his face, “You need something?”
    “No, but apparently marauders are raiding Nerran supply depots.” I looked up to the buttons that lined the ceiling.

    “Psssh, ********,” he paused, squinting once again through the polarized glass,“You see that?”
    I leaned forward, a large billowing cloud of sand was off in the distance. Normally I wouldn’t be concerned, but the desert winds weren’t due for another two months. There was something off about it, small specks of black were flying around in the sand storm, fading in and out of view.

    “Scanning… scan complete, results: Anomaly, out of season storm,” his robotic voice replied, giving off a series of metallic clicks. “

    Tell me something I don’t know.” Fellek sighed, gripping the steering wheel and accelerating forward.
    “We’re going in?” It wasn’t like Fellek to just start driving towards a mystery, I expected no different this time.

    “Uh—huh,” he responded, flicking a few switches on the ceiling. The interior of the Renegade began cooling even further, a mechanical moan had all of the sudden developed in the back compartment. “Get your helmet back on, we’re going to see what’s up here.” He nodded towards the doorway, “Go.”
    “You okay Fel, this isn’t like you.” I gave him a good stare, he didn’t turn to meet it.
    “Just get ready.” He said with an exasperated sigh.

    “Fine.” This wasn’t like Fellek at all, he was always careful. He always gutted everything he deemed important for information of any sort. He obviously knows something I don’t.
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    posted a message on Infinity, a Short Story
    Quote from Ligertedrus

    It's really good, however I noticed a few mistakes that might be good to fix - Sorry, I can only find one of the mistakes but I noticed two or three.
    Green is what needs to be added.
    I would recommend proof reading it again. Other than that, it's a great start.

    “All you are is deluded, insane." I started for the wooden door that separated me from stupidity and bloody reality, but it wasn’t that easy, it never was. Malcolm walked into my path, blocking my way.

    Thanks, I'll fix that when I have the chance! ^^
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    posted a message on Infinity, a Short Story
    Updated, did some revisions and made things a bit more clear. Again, any criticism is much appreciated!
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    posted a message on Video Game Music: What Are Your Favorites?
    Out of all the video game music I've heard, I would say Halo (include Halo Wars), Mass Effect, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Terraria, and Minecraft. There's others but I'm a bit tired right now, I'll add more later.
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    posted a message on Cartoon network is getting very violent and underaged
    I will salute my children for surviving the crap that will be presented to them on CN and Nick, if they are still around in six or so years....
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    posted a message on Infinity, a Short Story
    Hello all!

    About two weeks ago I decided to start writing again, and thought hey, why not get some opinons? Basically I would like it if any of you guys would give me some constructive criticism on my work. This is my second draft on this writing piece so again, any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Right now, at least to me, it seems barebones, and more like a fragment of a story, but again it is only the first draft.

    Note- Please excuse the indents, the Minecraft forums don't like them to the looks of it, so sorry for the minor annoyance.


    The ones called “citizens” shall be given an eternal life, while the “Men of War” shall be granted the blessing of death. – Inquisitor No. 73 of the Imperium

    “You know, Malcolm, I’m really glad we succeeded.”
    “Hm?” he replied, sitting himself next to me on the old marble bench that overlooked the vast, Denin Forest.
    “You’re in power now, people will listen to you. You’re finally a councilor…”
    “Heh, couldn’t have done it without you, Sullivan. You had to do things no sane person would do. You opposed the Imperium just as your father had done decades before,” he replied, his voice void of expression.
    Malcolm always had a lively voice, no matter the circumstance; only something dire would force him into being so plain.
    “Something wrong?” I asked, looking to the darkening sky. The white dwarf known as Caecus Pila had finally receded behind the planet, leaving the sky free of its burning wrath.
    “I’m sorry, Sullivan, I couldn’t do it…I just couldn’t.” His bleak voice had developed a sterner tone.
    Couldn’t do it? What did Malcolm mean? Hadn’t he always wanted to be a councilor, to be in a position to bring down the Imperium. Didn’t he dream of someday finally being able to die, to rest? “What?” My voice was panicked. “There’s nothing to—”
    “People will never die again, Sullivan. I have seen the light, and I hope you do, too.” He had a crazed look in his eyes. He constantly shifted position like a three year old restrained to a car seat. “The Imperium is correct. Death is something we can’t accept.”
    “You didn’t… how could you? After all I did to help you, a waste!” I was off the bench now, staring at Malcolm’s shaking form. “I ****ing killed people for you, Malcolm, just so people could actually die! How the hell did those bastards convince you to support their wicked curse?” I roared, stamping to the balcony’s railing and gripping it like a vice.
    “You wouldn’t understand.” He gave off a short chuckle. “I was going to be crafty with this, Sullivan, but then I realized that would be a waste of my valuable time. I need to cut to the chase”
    “A waste of time?” I snapped, turning to Malcolm. I gave him a good long glare, my fists balled. “Time? Time is infinite for us, you idiot!” I stepped forward, closing the gap between us. He didn’t flinch, his face was frantic.
    “Do you understand what it means to live forever, Sullivan?” He met my glare with one of his own, only his was erratic, darting back and forth like a school of fish. “We should rejoice, Sullivan! We can enjoy life, put our mark on history as many times as we please!” His voice was full of excitement. He raised his arms to the sky, “We have a chance to be…important!” His face was gleaming, it looked as if someone plastered some creepy smile onto it.
    “Malcolm, we’ve lived for at least a century and a half, us both. If we were going to make a mark on history, it would have happened,” I said this, containing the rage as best I could.
    He was undeterred. “That isn’t true, and the Imperium promised me that we would be different from the rest, for agreeing to nullify this plan before another rebellion rises up. Anytime now we will be living in luxury. We’ll have diplomatic power. We’ll be influential!” He huffed this out, reaching out for a stone pillar to rest on, clearly exhausted from his rant.
    “Wow, Malcolm. I thought you had integrity. I thought you were as tough as nails… I was clearly mistaken.” I was no longer angry, I was annoyed. Annoyed that I hadn’t seen through this fool. “All you are is deluded, insane I started for the wooden door that separated me from stupidity and bloody reality, but it wasn’t that easy, it never was. Malcolm walked into my path, blocking my way.
    “Move,” I growled, readying to push him if need be.
    “Sullivan, just hear me out,” he said desperately. “We will be untouchable, we will—”
    I pushed him aside. “You will be discarded Malcolm. You’re nothing but a tool.” I stopped at the doors for a moment, looking at the intricately engraved sigils. “There’s no we anymore, Malcolm.” I continued into the corridor, leaving Malcolm for the wolves.

    I sat on the Presidium’s stairwell, cigar clenched in my teeth. Can people really be so ignorant? I mean you’d think after months of plotting you would be devoted, but no. I was clearly too focused to see that Malcolm was a desperate man, and now that I look back at the months I wasted, he was very…broken. He never understood me, only responded with okay or uh-huh, or other equally “fancy” phrases.
    I looked into the citizen infested streets. They were like a herd, compressed to the sidewalks where a bustling roadway and row of looming towers wedged them in.
    How many of those citizens are like me? How many of them chase freedom? How many of them see how broken the Imperium is? But more importantly, how many deluded people fill these roads? How many people stand at the brink, just out of complete control? The answer is too many, far too many.
    I pushed myself off the slick stairs, spitting the remnants of the cigar on them. At least I can **** them off in small ways. I smiled at this. My family line grants me immunity and that is a very useful tool. I’m virtually untouchable. I’m the Imperium’s boogeyman, and tonight the Imperium better check under their beds because I’m pissed and that can’t be justified.
    I merged into the throngs of bustling citizens. Some of them weaved in and out of the pack with skill, those were normally the people who’d been living for over a century and a half; one just develops such agility over time. Then there were those people who stumbled through the crowd, tripping over feet and bumping into an unsuspecting individual. These people are what I consider newborns; they are 99.9% of the time from the last generation ever made, teenagers, foolish 16-year olds.
    I let out a sigh. “Why can’t the Imperium just go **** itself?” I muttered aloud. Turns out that my utterance was louder than I’d intended because everyone around me immediately halted and turned to stare at me. Some of them looked at me as if I were insane, others giggled, and a select few met my eyes nodding in approval. “Uh, sorry about that,” I said, walking backwards. A small gap in the crowd opened, and I instinctively moved backwards through it. I stumbled over a few loose pieces of trash, trying to escape a possible mob reaction. All of a sudden I realized that I was standing alone in the dark.
    How the hell did it get so dark? I looked up, nothing. I looked back to where I came from; a shimmering blue wall blocked my way back into the sea of people.
    “****,” I sighed. I was in an alley, and an alley in Krolin only means trouble. Countless things could lurk in them, most often gangs of slacking citizens looking to acquire some clothing or credits.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoyed it!

    Sargent5 or Scott

    I also do have another completed short story, so if any of you are interested in that here's a link.

    Link: http://www.minecraft.../#entry12962517
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    posted a message on The Four Nations of Tyugron-Needing builders and terraformers
    Maybe some pictures of the server would be a good idea...?
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    posted a message on Anyone know some good Free to play games?
    Dungeon Fighter Online is pretty good, another Nexon free to play.
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    I personally like techno music made by Glitch Mob and Pendulum, there's a few more but I'm too tired right now to remember.
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    Personally, all the way back from my childhood, Sly Cooper.

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