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    Sorry Cybox for taking so long to get back to you... It's not glitchy it's glitching on my CPU it will run for a few seconds and then a screen will pop up saying minecraft has run out of memory bla bla stuff about how we made it so your game wouldn't shut down. (much good that did it still won't run lol) But in the end it's my CPU that's the problem my CPU will not run over 2G -Xmx. Anyway Great shader Cybox I have seen the video's of your shader and it is awesome.

    Just waiting for a further reply to my message before thx!!!!

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    Hello I don't have a good enough CPU for Zeus and Cybox is glitching on me so I am using this... Now i am having just problems with the sky, rain and day and night cycle.

    I have v3.

    The sky is always black and the rain only shows when it hits the ground or objects, also the ground is always light never dark otherwise the water moves fine and so do the leaves...

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    Hey everybody this shader would be great if I wasn't having problems... and thanks to everyone who made this easy to install and use. (Zombie killer, Karyonix and the tutorial video from Keralis)

    Problem #1 when starting saved game instead of your normal screen with your character standing I get at least 7 small screen towards the bottom left corner.... It starts with the largest 1 on the left and progressively gets smaller to the right.

    Problem #2 I can't get the -Xmx above 1G (and yes I have installed Optifine, but you can't use it with shaders mod... so what use is it =)?

    Problem #3 I can't use shaders mod with forge either..

    System Spec for you awesome people who might help me...

    I am using a windows 7 Professional. It has 4 GB of RAM. It is a 64x-bit system

    and I have in my Physical Memory from task manager preformance tab









    Kernal Memory



    Sorry if it is quite the read but I really like the Shader Zeus and recommend it to many other Minecrafters...

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