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    I started reading, and so far it's great! You really should put them into spoilers though.
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    Chapter 2 ehhh! I had a lot of school work to be done, so writting sadly had to be pushed aside. I managed to find a little hole in my schedule to write a little bit. Hope you enjoy!
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    Quote from Lava Bucket

    It does kind of make sense, but then again: Steve would've gotten nowhere without the minecraft wiki xD

    Indeed, the wiki is a tool used much by steve when he first wakes up. ;)
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    Are you in vanilla minecraft or on a server?
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    Oh my! This went from a nice and joyful story to an episode of CSI with blood everywhere. I liked it though, it was simple and straight to the point. It lacked some character developement and maybe some explanations, but it's a good first story nonetheless!
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    If it's implemented in the game by the creator, it is not cheating.
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    Actually, there are a lot of raiding and vanilla server, just not huge ones with 100+ players.
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    Quote from MrWubzy

    If you expand on this I'm there. I'm a sucker for making up stories and I'd love to follow it, especially since it's a Minecraft related story.

    I've been thinking about a name for the villagers. And names are always very difficult to come up with, atleast, good ones are. If you have anything, I'd love to hear it!

    And yeah, I'll maybe be expanding on this. I started messing around with how the story could go. Let's hope it turns well! :P
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    What? Is this some kind of tool? I don't get it.
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    Quote from BeggerStager

    It doesn't create a mod folder.

    Then create one yourself :P If you really struggle installing mods, just hit up a tutorial either on the mod's thread or on Youtube.
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    Quote from MrWubzy

    That sounds really interesting. It's a good take on what Minecraft's "story" might have been or may become. This is something I'll think about every time I load up my SSP world.

    That's the exact thing that happened to me. Everytime I create a new world, I would always wonder, why everything was the way it is. And I spend the day thinking about it, then decided to finally write about it. It was a surprising amount of fun, so I will probably expand or write some more, because I really enjoyed it.
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    Quote from minecrafter147

    Are they not useful?

    But they are so rare you are better off with gold and iron. That's, of course, if you don't use cheaty emeralds, in which case I will look at you disapprovingly.
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    Prologue :

    These are times of prosperity. Never before, have the Humans and the Vithians collaborated together. The only things that echoes from the past are wars and suffering, left in the memories of the elderly. With the help of the Vithians, Humans created massive cities. Cities so huge no one can see the end of their magnificence. But as a race evolves, some challenges come along the way. The Humans took on more that they could handle, just like the generations before them. History repeats itself, and it would not fail to do so this time.

    Chapter I.

    “Oh my! I'm sorry, I did not mean to bump into you like that! Are you alright?”

    Steve got up from the ground, shocked. He was absorbed in his thoughts, so much that he didn't see this beautiful women coming out of nowhere. She had long, brown hair. A little curly, but not too much. It was just perfect. She had green eyes like he never saw before. Who was this gorgeous women?

    “It's my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going”, said steve while picking up his books back and wiping the dust from them.

    “Still, I should know better then bump into people like that”, she responded with a little smile.

    Steve reached out to her.

    “My name is Steve, it's a pleasure to meet you, even in this wierd circumstance”.

    “Maryln”, she answered while shaking steve's hand. “It is also a pleasure to meet you.”

    They both standed there, not knowing what to say. Looking into eachother eyes. Maryln finally broke the silence.

    “I'm sorry, but I really have to go. Someone is waiting for me, and I hate to keep people waiting! Atleast for an extended period of time”, she added with a little laugh. “I hope we get to meet again, Steve.”

    “I would love that.”

    Maryln smiled as she made her way around the young man and continued her path, but she couldn't resist looking back at Steve, who did the same. They exchanged one final look.

    “She is amazing”, said Steve out loud once Maryln was out of sight.

    “She is isn't she?”, said a masculine voice coming from a dark alley near him.

    “Josh? What are you doing here? And how do you know Maryln?”

    “She bumped into me a couple of days ago.”

    Steve laughed. She really had a problem with that.

    “And I'm here because Martien send me. He wants you to pay him a visit as soon as you can.”

    Steve sighed. What could Martien possibly want this time? The last couple of days, Martien was always on his back, watching every move he made. There had to be a reason for it but Steve couldn't think of anything.

    “Did he mention why he needs to see me?” asked Steve, hoping for an answer.

    “You know how he is, always secretive about everything.”

    “Yeah.. I'll be on my way then”, said Steve, even though that was far from the truth.

    Josh said goodbye to his friend and went back into the dark alley which he came from. Steve decided Martien could wait a little bit. He wanted to go sit in the plaza for a bit, maybe finish his book he was reading before meeting Maryln.

    Steve started to make his way to the plaza. Walking down the streets is always something he liked doing, especially at night. When all the city was light up by the laterns, it almost felt magical. He took a turn to the right, climbed a few steps and stopped at the main street of the city. The high number on merchants and customers walking on this street contrasted with the rest of the city, which was mostly calm and peaceful, far from the chaotic mess that was in front of him. Trying his best to make his way across, he couldn't stop thinking about Maryln. Her smile was unforgettable. It was filled with honesty, but also a lot of mystery. He knew her name, and that was about it.

    Arriving at the plaza, Steve stared at the city under him. The town's plaza was situated in one of the best spot. Just high enough in the city so that it would hold a nice view. The sky was calm, only a few clouds decided to meet up. In the distance, an airship was making its way into the city's port. It was Miroslav, the admiral's ship. The biggest and the fastest in the whole Human fleet. Steve had the chance to board it once. It is truly incredible, especially up close. He had no idea how people managed to build something like this. He guessed it was the same as magic, which is what Steve was currently learning the ways of. Knowledge comes with pratice, and many failed attempts.

    He sat down at a random bench and looked at his book, 'The Guardian' by H.K Derling. It told the story of a small boy named Peter, who, during many years, fought to save the galaxy from Johan, the corrupted mage. It was Steve's type of story, with just enough action, a little bit a romance and a lot of adventures. He took a deep breath, and opened the book.

    Chapter II

    Steve stood before Martien's house. It was old, ancient even. It stood out from the other houses around, which were all victorian themed. This one looked like some sort of castle, but smaller, and with less nobility.

    "What could he even want from me now?" said Steve to himself.

    He sighed and reached out for the giant door to knock.

    And he waited. No answer.

    He knocked again, a bit harder, but still, there was no answer.

    "What the heck." he muttered to himself as he opened the door and and stepped in the house. "Martien, are you home?"

    Steve looked around the room. It was mostly empty, with a single chair and table in a corner. In the wall on the opposite side of the door, there was a lit fireplace, despite being in the middle of the day. He closed the door behind him, and as he looked around again, he noticed some light coming from the staircase leading down to the basement, and decided it was probably where Martien was. As he approached the staircase, voices started to emanate from the basement.

    "Martien?" he said once more, desperate for an answer. The young man's heart started beating faster, what if this wasn't Martien? What if something had happened to him? An experiment gone wrong? The mere thought caused him to go down the stairs rapidly, regardless of what could be down there.

    To Steve's surprise, there he was, Martien, in the flesh and the bones, with vials filled with colorful liquids everywhere in the old man's laboratory, if you could even call it that.

    "Martien!" yelled Steve, relieved, but also frustrated that all of his scenarios were fooled by an old man's bad hearing.

    "Huh? Who is there? What do you want? asked the old man, turning around. "Oh! Steve! I'm so glad you're here! Come, I have something to show you."

    But Steve didn't move an inch.

    "What's wrong?" asked Martien.

    "Why didn't you answer me? I must have called your name 3 or 4 times."

    "Did you? Sorry, it must be my hearing. I'm getting old, you know."

    "Not that old. What are you, like 50? 52?"

    "Oh, you'll see what it's like when you're my age. Even getting up in the morning is hard." said Martien with a smile. "I'm 53, by the way".

    Steve cracked a little smile, and approached Martien's work table.

    "So, what are you up to?"

    "Oh you know, things and that. Spells to cure acne, remove curses, open portals to other dimensions." said the old man while grabbing a nearby vial full of green liquid.

    Steve's eyes widened.

    "Portals to other dimensions? Are you kidding me?!" he excitedly asked.

    "Hush now, we can't have anyone hearing this!"

    "Martien, we're in a basement, with no windows, and I even closed the door on the way in."

    "You can never be too sure, young man. There's an old Vithian saying that-"

    "Have you actually opened a portal to an other dimension?!" interrupted Steve.

    Martien closed his eyes and sighed. "No, I have not. I'm getting dangerously close though!"

    "Oh come on! I was so excited.."

    "It's not as easy as it sounds. And since it does not sound easy, I'll leave the rest to your imagination."

    "Fair enough." said Steve. "So, why did you want to see me? I hope it wasn't only to disappoint me."

    "I'll ignore that last part, and brought you here because I want you to deliver a letter for me." said Martien, slightly vexed by Steve's comment.

    "Martien, it's the 7th century. We have a postal service you know."

    "Oh, but this letter is too important to send that way. And I'm pretty sure they don't deliver where you're going."

    Steve tilted his his head sideways like a curious dog, awaiting the big reveal.

    "You must deliver this letter to Arkash, the queen's personal scientist. If I am not mistaken, he must be aboard the Miroslav, which should arrive by the end of today."

    Steve sprung like an excited child.

    "Oh! Yes! I saw the Miroslav dock when I went to the plaza earlier! Oh-Oh I can go right now! Give me the letter."

    Martien laughed as he turned around and grabbed a small letter from the corner of his work table.

    "Here you go, be careful with it please, it's very important that it arrives in one piece. I've closed it with one of my seals, show it to the guards and they will let you through."

    "Got it. And don't worry old man, I can deliver a letter, especially if it brings me to somewhere nice!" replied Steve while grabbing the letter. "I'll see you later Martien!"

    Steven turned around and climbed the stairs two by two. The mention of going to the Miroslav single handedly had erased any uncertainty and thoughts about Martien's experiments with portals. All he could think about right now was that airship, and how privileged he was to be able to board it once again.

    In his hurry, he wouldn't see Martien's smile vanish from his face as he reached the top of the staircase.

    "I'm sorry." said Martien to an empty room. He heard Steve smash the door on his exit as he turned around to face his work table.

    "You did fantastic!" said a women's voice coming from badly lit corner of the room. "No I have not, I am dangerously close though! Almost fooled me there."

    Martien looked over at the corner, expressionless. Suddenly, a women materialized in front of him, seemingly out of no where.

    "Now that that's taken care of, why don't we go ahead and finish what we started? she said with a smile.

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    27. What did the Miner Sleep on when he couldn't make a Bed? Bed-Rock!
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    I love the mesa and extreme mountains, but I hate every biome which has snow in it. Dang snow.
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