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    posted a message on Immersive Cables - Connect your AE/RS networks with Immersive Engineering wiring!

    Immersive Cables

    You ever wondered if you could wire your Applied Energistics or Refined Storage network with those fancy Immersive Engineering cables? Well, now you can with this mod!

    This adds transformers, connectors, relays and wires for you to be able to easily wire up your systems.

      • Wire Coils: Used to connect transformers, relays and connectors with eachother
      • Wire Coil Blocks: Decorative blocks and crafting material for transformers
      • Relays: Can only connect to other transformers via wire; Do not connect to cabling or machines; Allow multiple wire connections
      • Transformers:Connect network cabling or machines on their bottom side to your wiring network; Do not allow multiple wire connections
      • Connectors: A mix of transformer and relay, they can connect to cabling or machines as well as allow multiple wire connections; Do not transfer networking information, only power

    Applied Energistics info:

      • Fluix wire has a range of 24 blocks and transfer 8 channels
      • Dense fluix wire has a range of 16 blocks and transfer 32 channels
      • Quartz fiber wire has a range of 16 blocks and can only transfer power
      • Transformers have a power drain of 8 AE/t (Fluix) and 10 AE/t (Dense Fluix) each
      • Relays have a power drain of 2 AE/t (Fluix) and 3 AE/t (Dense Fluix) each
      • Connectors have a power drain of 1 AE/t (Quartz Fiber) each
      • any value mentioned above can be changed via config - you can also enable/disable the AE module as a whole

    Refined Storage info:

      • Refined Fiber wire has a range of 16 blocks
      • Transformers have a power drain of 12 RS/t each
      • Relays have a power drain of 2 RS/t each
      • any value mentioned above can be changed via config - you can also enable/disable the RS module as a whole

    Crafting recipes (Applied Energistics):

    needs: 2 aluminum wires, 2 pure fluix crystals and either a stick or treated wood stick

    needs: 2 steel wires, 2 fluix crystals and either a stick or a treated wood stick

    needs: 2 copper wires, 2 pure nether quartz crystals and either a stick or a treated wood stick

    needs: 8 fluix wire coils and an iron ingot

    needs: 8 dense fluix wire coils and an iron ingot

    needs: 8 quartz fiber wire coils and an iron ingot

    needs: 2 pure fluix crystals and 2 sky stone blocks

    needs: 3 fluix crystals and 4 sky stone blocks

    needs: 2 glass (any) and 2 pure nether quartz crystals

    needs: a fluix relay, a fluix coil block and 5 iron ingots

    needs: a dense fluix relay, a dense fluix coil block and 5 iron ingots

    Crafting recipes (Refined Storage):

    needs: 2 aluminum wires, 2 quartz enriched iron ingots and either a stick or a treated wood stick

    needs: 8 refined fiber wire coils and an iron ingot

    needs: 2 smooth stones and 2 quartz enriched iron ingots

    needs: a refined relay, a refined fiber coil block and 5 quartz enriched iron ingots

    Please note this mod requires the latest Immersive Engineering version!


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    Quote from MegaWrecker»

    Wont let me load the game because it says it requires other mods and it won't list which ones(I have SanLib and Im playing 1.11.2)

    Issues go here: https://github.com/SanAndreasP/TurretModRebirth/issues
    Please provide your fml-client-latest.log or latest.log (whatever you have in your logs/ folder) via https://gist.github.com

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    Quote from Nicant02»

    Hello everyone i got some ideas for new turrets for this mod. First of all, i love this mod! I played the original mod way back when on my old account and its just great!

    Anyways here's my suggestions...

    Mortar turret: Shoots shells up in the air and they arc down towards targets. There would also be a special explosive ammunition type as well.

    Vacuum turret: Used to suck up items, but could also target mobs.

    Water Gun Turret: Can shoot water at burning players/turrets to extinguish the fire. One of the more special,useless turrets.

    Mortar Turret: just a different name for the old artillery turret, which will come back
    Vacuum turret: just a different name for the old collector turret, which will come back
    Water Gun turret: I like the idea, but I'll probably use it for a brand new turret, that can do more than shoot just water :)
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    New bugfix update beta.2.1 is out! It fixes an issue with the Turret Assembly Table not having all recipes for some of you.

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    New beta 2 is out for Minecraft 1.12 and 1.12.1! (be careful, this version will break turrets from older worlds, so make backups!)

    Quote from MC_Master_ZXZ»

    Hi, first things first... I LOVE this mod! I am hyped about all the older turrets returning. A question I have is will you add even newer turrets and tiers that was not in the older mod? I support your hard work on this amazing mod!

    There'll be new stuff, but I want to focus on readding the old stuff back first.
    Quote from Itachi_333»

    I just wanted to ask if these turrets could be used in pvp?

    Yes. You can have turrets that target other players. It's its own tab in the TCU GUI.
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    Quote from RayneMC»

    Hey! Glad to see this mod is being updated again!

    I see you don't have any videos yet. Well not anymore! I made a review, hope you like it!

    I do think that Laser's sound needs to be changed. It's a bit hard on the ears.

    I've noticed that when you dismantle a turret the upgrades just drop
    from it instead of going into the chest (they suppose to go into the
    chest, right?)

    Looking forward to even more tiers & turrets! :lol:

    Thanks for the video! I've added it to the front page.
    I will change the laser sound in the future. I just need a better one first.
    The dismantling of turrets will involve a new container that is big enough to hold the turret ammo AND all upgrade slots (since a chest only has 27 slots, and a turret can hold max. 36 upgrades).

    Quote from afchlam»

    Very Disappointing...

    #1: You should not need power in order to craft turrets.

    #2: Add the other turrets back (IE The healing turret, FLAK turret, sniper turret, etc.)

    #3: Other things, like the laptops, mattered to me in the old versions.

    #4: This mod was posted around 8 months ago and still about no old turrets...

    #5: New mod was glitchy.

    #6: I do not want a separate "crafting table" to make turrets.

    #7: No new turrets so far...

    #8: Make this mod 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9 compatible.

    You would have been better off rewriting the code in the 1.5 version to make a 1.7 version. I prefer the old version a lot more. I went to great lengths to get the old minecraft launcher back since the new one kept crashing just by loading 1.5.2. I still would've gone with the 1.5 version after long searching for an alternative "minecraft" launcher.

    #1: That's the way I decided to do things. If you have a good reason other than "I don't like it", it'll stay this way.
    #2: They'll be added back. The jump from 1.7 to 1.10 was a huge one, requiring a recode. Stuff like this takes time, and given that modding is something I do in my spare time, it takes a while to add everything back in, so be patient or not, but don't expect me to add everything back in an instant.
    #3: That's great, and they'll be back, but as I've mentioned in #2, it'll take time.
    #4: The FIRST VERSION of the mod was posted 8 months ago! It only had the T1 turrets in it. Since then I've added T2 and T3 turrets to the mix, with more turrets coming in future versions.
    #5: This tells me as much as "There's food in the fridge". What is glitchy? Elaborate or else I can't fix it.
    #6: See #1.
    #7: See #2.
    #8: No, I don't support older versions anymore, as I've said in #2, I do this in my limited spare time.

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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    THERE IS A NEW ALPHA OUT FOR MINECRAFT 1.10.2! Stuff is missing due to me having to recode the mod yet again. If you want to get the newestalpha release, go to

    Stuff also has changed, so if you use the mod, I HIGHLY recommend getting JustEnoughItems (JEI) as well!
    I will also reformat this thread with the new stuff once this mod hits beta.

    Please note the new alpha requires SanLib, which you can get here:
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    posted a message on Turret Mod Rebirth
    Ahh, new update, finally! IMPORTANT NOTE: I've changed the dependency from Bookshelf to SanLib! Please download SanLib if you're updating the mod from a previous version. Also it reached beta status, so you can now download it via the Curse Launcher.
    I need feedback on the Laser Turret firing sound! Please tell me if it's okay as it is or if I need to change it.
    Also I'm sorry for this, but I dropped support for the 1.7.10 version now, since first, I don't have the time in my hands to maintain 2 separate versions of the mod (given the codebase is vastly different) and second, most mods are available for 1.10.2 / 1.11, so there's no interest for me in 1.7.10.
    Here's the changelog:
    new features:
    • added T3 Laser Turret (please let me know if the sound of it is alright or too obnoxious)
    • added T3 Flamethrower Turret
    • Assembly Table GUI now shows recipe when hovering over the currently crafted item
    • JEI compatibility for the Assembly Table
    • added upgrade "Ender Gain Medium" for T3 Laser Turret
    • added upgrade "Fuel Purifier" for T3 Flamethrower Turret
    • rendering bounding box frame like blocks on turrets when pointing at one
    • Electrolyte Generator now supports giving energy to blocks running on CoFH RF, Tesla and Forge Energy
    • Electrolyte Generator fuels now configurable in the mod config file
    • non-hanging, right-side-up Turrets now pushable up and down by pistons
    changed things:
    • range grid renderer now non-transparent, monochrome and with outline for better visibility
    • all entity models (turrets and Assembly Table) are now JSON-based, thanks to SanLib
    • All new textures for all turrets!
    • new textures for repair kits (regen repair kit not done yet, though)
    • empty
    • turrets now have a constant 1-second-delay on the fire sound (the
      dispenser-click sound) to prevent spamming it on fast-firing turrets
    • turret
    • collision acts like a "solid block", entities (including players) won't
      be able to "pass through" turrets anymore (also you can now walk on
    • fancied up turret label renderer
    • removed CoFH Redstone Flux API from the mod, it now uses Forge Energy in code, RF as an unit is kept
    • non-hanging, right-side-up Turrets won't break if block below is destroyed, they'll just fall down like other entities
    • re-balanced some recipes for turrets
    • Turret Info Tablet recipe now needs a book for crafting in the Assembly Table
    bug fixes:
    • glow layer of turrets won't render incorrectly anymore, causing them to partially hide transparent blocks behind them
    • projectiles now correctly calculate interceptions
    • "projectile based" projectiles (excluding laser, flamethrower) won't damage the Wither when in its armored stage
    • fixed particles for upside-down turrets
    • fixed filter upgrade for Assembly Table, now its actually showing the configuration in GUI and working filtering
    • dismantle error message in TCU GUI now properly translated
    • chest now properly consumed on dismantling
    • removed unused sound entry for a record, fixing an error message
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    Quote from Jerrin01»

    Hi, this was my favorite mod back in the day of 1.5, now that I see it coming back does make me very happy thank you for this. Also I have another question, are going to update the mod for 1.7.10. which is what I play on, because I noticed that alpha.5 is only for 1.10, will it come to 1.7.10 also. Plz relpy yes or no. thank you.

    When I'm done with the Tier 3 turrets, I will update the mod on 1.7.10 as well (which would be also the final 1.7.10 version and entering the beta stage)
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    posted a message on Turret Mod Rebirth
    Quote from Guang_Su»

    This is a very good mod.
    I want to let more people know it, I want to let more Chinese know it.
    Do you know MCBBS? It is China's largest Minecraft forum, I would like to show this mod there.

    Sure, as long as you follow the license:
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    Quote from Hashidate»

    I´m really happy to see this mod again! I did played this mod very much in the past.

    I see a big potential because you can literally do an inifinite amount of different turrets and stuff >_>

    All thought i would preffer to kinda have the abillity to make you´re own turret

    Like you have a workbench and there you can mix different parts ^-^

    Thanks! Well, there'll be customizable defense bots in the future, but the turrets themselves are how they are, I won't change them.

    Can you please post how to craft the turret assembly table in the OP? It took me ages to find the recipe and no recipe viewing mods are updated to 1.10. Anyways, glad to see this legendary mod finally updated!

    I can add the crafting recipe, sure, but the recipe is shown in the Turret Info Tablet as well ;)
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    Alright, alpha.5 for 1.10 is out now with 2 new turrets and 3 new upgrades available!

    Here's the complete changelog:

    • added Revolver turret
    • added Minigun turret
    • shotgun turret sounds should work properly now
    • fixed format errors in GUIs
    • removed unneeded assets, reduced file size to 1.7 MB (instead of massive 7 MB)
    • fancied up TCU label on turrets
    • added economy upgrades (they reduce ammo consumption)
    • turrets should now have a smoother animation
    • fixed rendering errors on turrets with their antennae and upgrades
    • pathing to turrets by hit mobs shoulf be working now
    • turret range is now represented as a cuboid instead as a sphere
    • turrets now have less range above and below than on the sides
    • added missing translations for the Misc and Info categories
    • Cryolator turrets now need ice blocks to be crafted
    • turret names can now be edited via the TCU

    As usual, you can find the new version right here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/turret-mod-rebirth/files

    Have fun! :creeperdance: by Alvoria

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    posted a message on Minecraft Crashes on the last leg of loading
    Quote from Lionblaze77»

    I took away my previous statement

    What version of Java do you have?

    From the log:
    Java Version: 1.8.0_25, Oracle Corporation

    @OP: Try removing fastcraft and see if that fixes it, as it's mentioned first in the stacktrace.
    If that works, report this error to the fastcraft dev
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