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    Been playing since it went up on Saturday. Very welcoming, always real conversations going. I wanted to post a story of today.

    Today, I thought I found a new friend. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I began my adventure by exploring the wilderness with Crenny. Now Crenny is a member of the Assassins, and very well armed. We were exploring very shortly when two strangers started following us. They tried to act as friends, but we knew better than to fall for their traps! We fended them off and survived. Afterwards, I asked Crenny if I could join his faction, and he told me I had to show him my base (at this point, I was very suspicious, since, you know, he's an assassin, asking to see my house...) and I played along. When he said he "forgot" something, I quickly ran to a secluded part of the cave outside my base, and waited for him to teleport back, suspecting he'd come back armed. To my displeasure, he was ready to fight. The fight began with him throwing lava and me hitting him with my diamond sword. Through all of the confusion, we both died. Thankfully, I managed to retrieve my belongings, and my base has now been migrated to a more secure location.

    EDIT: *turns out I had a bounty on my head.

    I have built a memorial honoring my own bravery and courage, and showing Crenny's dark secrets and sabotage. It can be found at

    x:140, z:1200
    The screenshot above is the memorial entrance.
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