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    Quote from BeanmenMinecraft

    March. 1: Don't play minecraft.

    Hay :D well you can go suck balls, oh and hi kettle
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    365 Skin Days :D (Leap Year)
    Jan. 1: Skin like a baby

    Jan. 2: Skin in a white outfit

    Jan. 3: Skin in a red outfit

    Jan. 4: Skin in a blue outfit

    Jan. 5: Skin in a yellow outfit

    Jan. 6: Skin in a green outfit

    Jan. 7: Skin in an orange outfit

    Jan. 8: Skin in a purple outfit

    Jan. 9: Skin in a brown outfit

    Jan. 10: Skin in a black outfit

    Jan. 11: Skin in a rainbow outfit

    Jan. 12: Skin like a hobo

    Jan. 13: Skin like a snow golem

    Jan. 14: Skin like yourself but as the opposite gender

    Jan. 15: Skin like a giraffe

    Jan. 16: Skin like a mouse

    Jan. 17: Skin like Betty White

    Jan. 18- 25: Skin like the cast of the Muppets week

    Jan. 26: Skin like Ellen DeGeneres

    Jan. 27: Skin like a black priest

    Jan. 28: Skin like a rapper

    Jan. 29: Skin like Oprah

    Jan. 30: Skin like a pillow

    Jan. 31: Skin as your favorite Sonic character
    Feb. 1-7: Skin like Sesame Street week

    Feb. 8: Skin like a stereotype

    Feb. 9: Skin like Herobrine

    Feb. 10: Skin like a butt

    Feb. 11: Skin like Taylor Lautner

    Feb. 12: Skin like me (Spinich / W1ldberry-Pr1ncess)

    Feb. 13: Skin like food

    Feb. 14: Skin like yourself but sexy like

    Feb. 15: Skin like the person you were "with" on Valentines day

    Feb. 16: Skin like Ice T

    Feb. 17: Skin like a fancy person

    Feb. 18: Skin like an orangutan

    Feb 19: Skin like Victoria Justice

    Feb. 20: Skin like Rihanna

    Feb. 21-28: Skin like your favorite cartoons week

    Feb. 29: Skin as your favorite search engine
    March. 1: Skin like Justin Bieber

    March. 2-8: Skin as a Marvel superhero week

    March. 9-16: Skin as a Marvel villain week

    March. 17: Skin like yourself in a bear suit

    March. 18: Skin like someone from Maroon 5

    March. 19- 26: Skin like some one from a sit-com week

    March. 27: Skin like Fergie

    March. 28: Skin like Lady Gaga

    March. 29: Skin like yourself but in cool shoes

    March. 30: Skin like yourself but as a weirdo

    March. 31: Skin like yourself in your favorite outfit
    April. 1: Skin like a prankster

    April. 2: Skin like yourself as a Jersey Shore person

    April. 3: Skin like an iron golem

    April. 4: Skin like Robert Downey Jr. or Iron Man

    April. 5: Skin like someone you hate

    April. 6: Skin like a jellyfish

    April. 7: Skin like Jackie Chan

    April. 8: Skin like yourself in a sweatshirt

    April. 9: Skin like Kristen Stewart

    April. 10- 17: Skin like a Dc superhero week

    April. 18- 25: Skin like a Dc villain week

    April. 26: Skin like yourself however you want it to be

    April. 27: Skin like something random

    April. 28: Skin like whatever your little heart desires

    April. 29: Skin like an inanimate object

    April. 30: Skin like your favorite Mario character
    May. 1: Skin like a toe or ear lobe

    May. 2: Skin like my mom (Spinich/ W1ldberry-Pr1ncess's mom) or David Beckham

    May. 3: Skin like Gibby

    May. 4: Skin like yourself as an angel

    May. 5: Skin like Chris Brown

    May. 6: Skin like yourself but as a different race

    May. 7: Skin like a Mac or Pc

    May. 8: Skin like Enrique Iglesias

    May. 9: Skin like yourself as a doctor

    May. 10: Skin like Lindsey Shaw or Kenan Thompson

    May. 11: Skin like a cat

    May. 12: Skin like Tony Hawk

    May. 13: Skin like Debby Ryan, Robert Pattinson, or Stevie Wonder

    May. 14: Skin like Miranda Cosgrove

    May. 15: Skin like yourself with no pants (underwear optional)

    May. 16: Skin like Megan Fox or Janet Jackson

    May. 17: Skin like Bob Saget or Squirtle or a combination of the two

    May. 18- 25: Skin like your favorite Disney character

    May. 26: Skin like your Mlpfim oc pony (if you have one)

    May. 27: Skin like your regular self

    May. 28: Skin like yourself but green

    May. 29: Skin like yourself but in a spring outfit

    May. 30: Skin like a hippo

    May. 31: Skin like your favorite Mlpfim mane 6 character
    June. 1: Skin like Morgan Freeman

    June. 2- 8: Skin like Adventure time week

    June. 9: Skin like Pirates of the Caribbean

    June. 10- 17: Skin like Teen Titans week

    June. 18: Skin like a parrot

    June. 19: Skin like yourself in a tank top

    June. 20: Skin like XxSlyFoxHoundxX or anything related to him

    June. 21: Skin like a British

    June. 22: Skin like someone in your family

    June. 23: Skin like a pig

    June. 24: Skin like a dog

    June. 25: Skin like yourself in a business suit

    June. 26: Skin like Ariana Grande or Jennette McCurdy

    June. 27: Skin like Drake Bell or Khloe Kardashian

    June. 28: Skin like yourself in beachwear

    June. 29: Skin like yourself with out a shirt (chicks, keep dem braziers on)

    June. 30: Skin like your favorite video game character
    July. 1: Skin like a old person

    July. 2: Skin like Lindsay Lohan or Ashley Tisdale

    July. 3: Skin like royalty

    July. 4: Skin like something related to America

    July. 5: Skin like Pauly D

    July. 6- 13: Skin like a boy band week

    July. 14: Skin like yourself with a tattoo

    July. 15: Skin like yourself with a butt on your shirt

    July. 16: Skin like yourself with blonde hair (If you have blonde hair just deal with it)

    July. 17: Skin like someone from Bay Watch or like yourself as a lifeguard

    July. 18- 25: Skin like a K-Pop week

    July. 26: Skin like a baby seal

    July. 27: Skin like a peasant

    July. 28: Skin like social media

    July. 29: Skin like a nerd

    July. 30: Skin like a Word of Warcraft race

    July. 31: Skin like your favorite animal
    Aug. 1-7: Skin like sports week

    Aug. 8: Skin like a hairy armpit

    Aug. 9: Skin like Whitney Houston

    Aug. 10-17: Skin like yourself week

    Aug. 18: Skin like The Fairly Odd Parents

    Aug. 19: Skin like Bill Clinton

    Aug. 20: Skin like Demi Lovato or Amy Adams

    Aug. 21: Skin like yourself with a beard

    Aug. 22: Skin like a barf bag

    Aug. 23: Skin like Kobe Bryant

    Aug. 24: Skin like a quail or peacock

    Aug. 25: Skin like Kel Mitchell or Billy Ray Cyrus

    Aug. 26: Skin like a scumbag

    Aug. 27: Skin like a person you would imagine would be named Bob

    Aug. 28: Skin like Jack Black

    Aug. 29: Skin like Michael Jackson

    Aug. 30: Skin like an elf

    Aug. 31: Skin like a candy bar
    Sept. 1-7: Skin like back to school

    Sept. 8: Skin like a meme

    Sept. 9: Skin like Adam Sandler

    Sept. 10: Skin like a number

    Sept. 11: Skin like a terrorist

    Sept. 12: Skin like your best friend day

    Sept. 13: Skin like a Pokemon

    Sept. 14: Skin like a Digimon

    Sept. 15: Skin like a Bakugan

    Sept. 16: Skin like Nick Jonas

    Sept. 17- 24: Skin like even more Pokemon week

    Sept. 25: Skin like Will Smith

    Sept. 26: Skin like a unicorn day

    Sept. 27: Skin like Avril Lavigne or Lil Wayne

    Sept. 28: Skin like a bat

    Sept. 29: Skin like something Asian

    Sept. 30: Skin like T-Pain
    Oct. 1-7: Skin like your favorite horror movie week

    Oct. 8: Skin like a devil

    Oct. 9: Skin like the person that I dare say his name (Slenderman D:)

    Oct. 10- 17: Skin like a monster week

    Oct. 18: Skin like a zombie or Zack Efron

    Oct. 19: Skin like a skeleton

    Oct. 20: Skin like an enderman

    Oct. 21: Skin like a spider

    Oct. 22: Skin like a werewolf

    Oct. 23: Skin like a vampire

    Oct. 24: Skin like a dragon or Drake

    Oct. 25: Skin like yourself but mentally insane

    Oct. 26: Skin like yourself but extremely bloody

    Oct. 27: Skin like a jack-o-lantern

    Oct. 28: Skin like a troll (Both kinds of trolls)

    Oct. 29: Skin like your worst fear

    Oct. 30: Skin like a goose

    Oct. 31: Skin like your favorite Halloween costume you've ever been
    Nov. 1- 7: Skin like an old timey cartoon week

    Nov. 8: Skin like yourself with a huge butt

    Nov. 9: Skin like yourself but as an emo

    Nov. 10: Skin like the person who stalks you on Facebook

    Nov. 11- 18: Skin like technology week

    Nov. 19: Skin like something amazing

    Nov. 20- 27: Skin like Thanksgiving

    Nov. 28: Skin like yourself as a 6 year old

    Nov. 29: Skin like Howie Mandel

    Nov. 30: Skin like your favorite movie
    Dec. 1: Skin like a tiger

    Dec. 2: Skin like Britney Spears

    Dec. 3: Skin like Ozzy Osbourne

    Dec. 4: Skin like Tyra Banks or Jay Z

    Dec. 5: Skin like yourself but punk rock

    Dec. 6: Skin like osmosis (yes the science kind of osmosis)

    Dec. 7: Skin like a bunny (playboy or regular)

    Dec. 8: Skin like Nicki Minaj or Dwight Howard

    Dec. 9: Skin like the grossest thing you can find in the house

    Dec. 10: Skin like Raven Symone or Bobby Flay

    Dec. 11: Skin like Mean Girls

    Dec. 12: Skin like a bear

    Dec. 13: Skin like Taylor Swift (if you don't I will cut you >:I)

    Dec. 14: Skin like Vanessa Hudgens

    Dec. 15- 21: Skin like the 90's week

    Dec. 22: Skin like a Christmas movie

    Dec. 23: Skin like your religion (except Christians, we save that for the 25th)

    Dec. 24: Skin like Ryan Seacrest

    Dec. 25: Skin like Santa or Jesus or some kinda Christian thing

    Dec. 26: Skin like a present you got this year

    Dec. 27: Skin like Paramore

    Dec. 28: Skin like Gangnam style

    Dec. 29: Skin like yourself as a sexy santa

    Dec. 30: Skin like I ran out of ideas

    Dec. 31: Skin like it's the end of the world

    (Share this with your friends! Post it everywhere! I want this thing to become famous!)
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    oh if you guys r trying to get in2 the server now, the owners keyboard isn't working properly XD so ya... don't get frustrated the server's connection is good. The owner has just shut down the server and his computer to try and fix the keyboard lol
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    posted a message on .: Tales of Orious :. STAFF WANTED :)
    Hey I am one of the current admins for the server Tales of Orious and we are really new and we need some more admins and mods. Please leave some information and how you can help the server if you are interested for applying.

    Application form:

    Have you been a staff member on any other server (name of server?):

    Are you a good builder?:

    Age? (we wont judge you :D ):

    Rpg name:

    Are you familiar with rpg servers?:

    Minecraft username:

    How long have you been playing minecraft:

    How can u contribute to the server?:

    How often can you be online?:

    =============== Other Info (optional) =========================================

    About yourself/ Personality?:

    Real name?:

    Hobbies?(besides video games):

    Do you like music?:

    Favorite game?(video game):

    Do you have Skype or Teamspeak?:


    That's all and we hope to see you on Tales of Orious :)

    Oh, also if you have any questions about the server, comment on the topic or message me. K thnx
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    Quote from Ossendar

    What page?

    80 :)
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    omg, can someone plz at least LOOK at my app, at this point i feel like why bother trying to get accepted. Ima good person, I'm not mean i did nothing wrong D': so like, ya... i did go on the sever like twice but no one was on to accept it
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    hey, if u r like, an admin or something and your reading this, can u accept mine and bloodbeag's whitelist apps please. thnx :)
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    daaaaang, sorry 2 hear that :o
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    hey, how long does it usually take to get accepted, i reaaaally wanna play on this server :)
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    IGN - spinich
    Age - 14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - depends
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - I don't have teamspeak, but i have Skype.I'll get it if i need it for the sever.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information
    Why do you want to join our server? - I love skyrim, and when i saw this skyrim sever i got super excited

    Name - J'rakiir
    Race - Khajiit
    Age - 24
    Gender - guy
    RP example -
    J'rakiir- *sits in tree waiting for the argonian who ripped him off*
    Argonian- *walking past the tree*
    J'rakiir- *smiles a bit and draws back bow*
    Argonian- *looks around*... is anyone out there?
    J'rakiir- yep *shoots the argonian in the knee and takes back the gold*
    Argonian- *bleeding slightly*
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - J'rakiir came from a family of Khajiit caravan traders. One day when trading, a Wood Elf came to the caravan. He wanted to trade a giant salmon that was big enough to feed his family for a week. In return, the Wood Elf wanted the silver ring that belonged to J'rakiir's dad. J'rakiir's dad traded the ring for the salmon. At dinner, everyone except J'rakiir ate the salmon. Only seconds after they ate, J'rakiir's whole family fell to the ground and slowly died of poisoned salmon. After the incident J'rakiir swore never to trust anybody who wasn't a friend or family.
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