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    1. Minecraft Name: SamEatsBrains
    2. Age: 28
    3. What is your favorite aspect of the server so far?: Players seem really friendly and welcoming!

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    In-game Name: SamEatsBrains

    Age: 23

    Country: USA

    How did you hear about server?: From my fiance, AtlasStumbled

    What got you interested in the server?: I've been waiting on 1.9 to get back into the game. I've played Minecraft for about 4 years now and I just love the vanilla experience more than anything. Every time I end up coming back to it. I'll go through phases where I want to play FTB or something but I always end up missing that good ole vanilla feel. I want to play with my fiance here. Seems like just what I'm looking for.


    What is your favorite part of Minecraft?: The multiplayer experience for sure. I love building, I consider myself a creative person. What first sparked my interest in this game was building....but honestly singleplayer building gets boring and lonely.....there's something about just having a nice chat while working on a build. Very relaxing. If it weren't for Minecraft servers I wouldn't be engaged right now...so just the whole multiplayer experience holds a special place in my heart. But I do love to build and decorate (I wish they would add furniture to vanilla MC but I'm probably the only one) :].

    Do you have a preferred building style?: Whimsical, fairytale, old world.....and pink lol. I love ultra girly and ultra ornate builds. I like to build in-scale to the player as opposed to super large, but I am trying to break out of that mold as of late. I build a variety of things though. I've done beachfront amusement parks, castles, and treehouses. So, I don't have a style that is too set in stone.

    What do you hope to get out of this server?: It's been a really long time since I've found a server I feel is my go-to server...where I know people and want to hop on everyday. I'm hoping this is the place. Where my fiance and I can chill and make friends and relax everyday :].

    What can you bring to this server?: More than anything build related I feel like I'm funny and friendly and get along with people. I do think my builds are pretty though. If you like the color pink you're in for a treat lol.

    Tell us about yourself!: I'm artsy and girly. I'm passionate about a lot of things. I love sushi more than any person probably should. What else is there to know?

    Add pictures of your builds (optional): I don't have any on this computer unfortunately. I found this in my photobucket....not too impressive or anything but one of my favorites anyway. I love Halloween and I was so proud of how cute this turned out.


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    In Game Name: SamEatsBrains
    Age: 23
    What do you hope for out of this server: A place to settle and build with my boyfriend and make some new friends. I'm really looking for a close-knit, friendly community above all else.
    Your play style: Build-focused above all else. Build style: Pink. Nah, I'm just kidding. Ok, I'm a little bit serious. Whimsical? Fairytale? I tend to build in an appropriate scale to a two-block high player, and I enjoy decorating the insides of builds. The lack of chairs in vanilla Minecraft is the bane of my existence :P. Using limited resources to sufficiently portray a certain visual aesthetic so it comes across well without having to be HUGE and....un....decoratable? It really makes me stretch my imagination and build creatively. I love to play with color combinations. I AM a huge fan of Victorian-style builds, but I'd also love to get out of my comfort zone a bit and build something different and/or bigger to get the creative juices flowing. But, odds are...I'll be living in a pink Victorian mansion :3......
    Your time zone: CST UTC-6
    How often daily/weekly would you play: I play everyday for at least a few hours, I'd say.
    Something interesting about you: I love to draw and really do any sort of art or craft. Lately I've been into sewing and altering dresses. Trying to make a business out of it. I also love archery, and cooking. I'm a major foodie who can eat more than almost everyone I know, but I really like to eat healthy. Delicious, but healthy.

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    posted a message on *BRAND NEW* 1.8 Vanilla Whitelisted Amplified Survival Server! 16+ Mature community! Hermitcraft-Inspired! 60 Slots!

    IGN: SamEatsBrains

    Actual Name: Samantha (Please call me Sam)

    Age: 22

    Skype: SamEatsBrains

    Gender: Female

    Favorite color: (This would be a fantastic opportunity to say "yellow", but yellow is gross) PINK <3.

    Timezone: CST

    Top 3 Minecraft Skills: Building things in scale to the player's height, interior decoration, aaaaaand...........making pink stuff :3? Nah idk. I consider myself a creative/whimsical builder, if you will.

    Number 1 Minecraft Skill: The first one. I'm really good at making a build look nice without making it 10 times larger than the player. I consider myself a good builder in general though. I can make large builds when I want, but I pride myself on being able to work with a limited scale too.

    What can you bring to the server: I'm on all the time. Like, way too much. So I usually end up knowing everyone. I'm a friendly person but at the same time I don't get all up in peoples' way and beg to live with them or something lol. Just ran into that problem on another server. The awkwardness was too much. I peed. And cried. Ok no, I didn't. I consider myself a good builder so I guess that's a plus. I'm a really creative person in other ways, art and what not....but idk how that applies to the server :3. Jeeze what are my skills?! I should probably be more confident. You NEED me for this server. I'm AWESOME. You'll basically be lost without me. Convinced yet? Thought so ;].

    Is this your first SMP: No sir. Been on several. My experiences were generally positive, left a few because of bad staff or immature players, I suppose. Was banned from AWNW, but for no real reason other than I left and made a server of my own long after ceasing to play there. Every other server since then has been short lived. Mostly just because we (my boyfriend and myself) have switched between vanilla and FTB a lot. Haven't found a place to settle.

    What was the first verion of minecraft you played: Been playing since late April of 2012. Not sure what version that was. Definitely before 1.3 because I remember when that came out.

    Have you been banned: Ya just the one mentioned above. Ban message was "Goodbye"...didn't break any rules. No biggie.

    Other: I eat brains. #ZombieLyfe (I don't use hashtags, I'm doing this ironically. Now I'm explaining it and removing all comedic value from my joke :D. #HumorSkills?)

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    IGN: SamEatsBrains



    Average Hours per Day played:Far too many usually. 6+ Or even 10+ at times (12+....what is my life) :3?

    Have you ever been banned from a server before and why: Yes once. I'm not sure why to be honest. I left the server and was banned many months after not playing on it...with a ban message of "Goodbye". Maybe because I left to start my own server.

    What would make you want to leave the server: Not getting along with the people (not usually an issue I'm very friendly), major lag, or absent staff.

    What do you expect from Admins: I expect admins to be on a lot and available/friendly. I expect them to keep things running smoothly and resolve issues with trouble players expediently.

    If asked to do a server build would you be interested: Absolutely. I love to build :D.

    If asked to be an admin would you be interested: No...I've been an admin before and it ruins the fun for me unfortunately ):.

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    Quote from drumcats

    Minecraft Username: Drumcats.

    Age: 18.

    Gender: Female.

    Minecraft Experience: WELL. I've only been playing minecraft for about six or seven months, found a server that really fit my interest but, i ended up leaving because it was getting far too over-populated with ­ty little children. Most servers i've been on lately have been filled with 12 year olds, or just really bland people. I hope to have a good experience here, if i do get accepted.

    Build Style (and examples if yo have any): Is homeless-chic a valid build style?

    How active are you?: 3-4 hours a day, at the least. I'm a basement dweller, i'm on tons.

    Do you have a mic?: I do, i do.

    Any bans (be honest...)?: Yes. I griefed after this one **** stole my things.

    Favorite thing about Minecraft?: The community and it's nice to see other peoples' creativity, and your own.
    No thank you. This is a mature community. Griefing and calling people twats doesn't make you sound like you're looking for a mature server. Thanks for the interest.
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    Quote from EwokRage

    Minecraft Username: ewokrage
    Age: 30
    Gender: male
    Minecraft Experience: Playing since Oct '09
    Build Style (and examples if yo have any): I enjoy incorporating the landscape and environment into my builds
    How active are you?: a few hours a day
    Do you have a mic?: Currently no. It detaches from my headset and was miss places
    Any bans (be honest...)?: Nope
    Favorite thing about Minecraft?: There is always something new to build or do
    Thanks for the interest, but no thank you :].
    Quote from fartmasterf

    Comment deleted by User.
    Change your mind :3?
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    Quote from Eiznel24

    Minecraft Username: Eiznel24
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Minecraft Experience: Been playin' only a year or so, with weeks of soul-consumption via this game.
    Build Style (and examples if yo have any): I'm a fan of patterns. And if the castle isn't medieval enough, well...idk what is!
    How active are you?: If Lohugo can hook me enough, I'll be online every day for the rest of forever.
    Do you have a mic?: Indeedy!
    Any bans (be honest...)?: No, I've never quite played online long enough to receive such a thing. Plus, I don't like to get in people's way, so no one's ever had reason to be upset with me or even notice I'm there XD
    Favorite thing about Minecraft?: The endless possibilities :) It's like logging into Diablo II: there's a chance that you might find something even better than the last time you logged in, some new dungeon might pop up, etc. It's that sense of adventure and creativity!
    Welcome :D. Glad Lohugo is recruiting lol. Whitelisting you now :].
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    One more player! Who will the chosen one be :P?
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    posted a message on —A.D.U.L.T.—[PvE][18+][Vanilla][Whitelist][Snapshot]
    Quote from Lohugo

    Minecraft Username: Lohugo
    Age: 25
    Gender: Man
    Minecraft Experience: I've been playing since the 1.7 beta.
    Build Style: An RPG style is usually how I sum it up.

    How active are you?: I'm usually on every day, pending other arrangements, haha.
    Do you have a mic?: I do indeed.
    Any bans?: Nope, none whatsoever.
    Favorite thing about Minecraft: By far, it's the ability to just express your own creativity on a vast voxel medium. Something that really has never been done before, or matched to such an extent. This community, baring a few exceptions is another reason why I enjoy playing this game.
    Your brother speaks very highly of you :]. Welcome. Whitelisting you now.
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    Quote from TheOnlyKnee

    Minecraft Username:TheOnlyKnee
    Minecraft Experience:2 years
    Build Style (and examples if yo have any): Uhhhh, I don't know
    How active are you?:Almost every day, 1-3 hr a day because of homework
    Do you have a mic?:Yes
    Any bans (be honest...)?:No
    Favorite thing about Minecraft?:Exploring, Advandture, Fun
    Thanks for the interest, but no thank you. Limited openings, looking for more effort :].
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    Quote from Drezmar

    Minecraft Username: Drezmar

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Minecraft Experience: I bought the game in Dec 20, 2010 it was in alpha, loved it when I started playing it, stopped about a year ago. Would play it in phases I just started playing it again since it went into 1.7.2 So it has been a while and wanted to play on a Server. And not on a PvP server wanted a mature one since I am 21. I have not been on a lot of minecraft servers just small ones. That died down because people stopped playing.

    Build Style (and examples if yo have any): Um I dont do mega builds I just build small villages and improve them as I go. I also make farms. One thing I would like to do is make a huge Mega Build with the people I am on the server with.

    How active are you?: I am on the computer everyday and since I am back into Minecraft I just play that. so I say i am on the computer 9 - 14 hrs a day If i have nothing going on. (Yes it is a lot)

    Do you have a mic?: Yes I do have a mic

    Any bans (be honest...)?:No. Like I said it has been along time that I have played on minecraft servers and plus they were very small servers.

    Favorite thing about Minecraft?: Building, Mining,Exploring,Farming. And when i do play on servers I help people if they need it.
    Well, you'll fit right in. The players we have often build together and help each other on large projects. We're currently all building a fancy nether hub. Welcome :D. Whitelisting you now.
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    Quote from monohymn

    MC Username: monohymn

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Minecraft Experience: I discovered the game during the last couple weeks of it being in Alpha, so I didn't have a whole lot of time to decide if it was worth a purchase and benefit from the price cut before it went to Beta. (One of my better judgement calls, if I do say so myself.) Then it was about two years of on-and-off playing of modded survival single-player, the pinnacle of which was around the time of Beta 1.7, having a set of basic mods to enhance the experience that made playing the game ridiculously fun. Finally, I tried some online playing in February of this year and I don't know how nine months can go by so quickly.

    Build Style: If there is a particular build style that can be applied to me, I'd have to say that I like to try to build things as small as possible. There's this idea behind redstone contraptions that they can and should be as small as you can make them so that you can fit them inside of the nooks and cranies of your base. Well, I like to take that one step further and make the base as small as it can get. One build I am proud of was fitting everything you need into a 3x3 area of seven floors underground, with a nice little shack on the surface. So unassuming at first glace, yet bursting with functionality.

    How active are you?: Very. Remember when I said I lost track of nine months' time? Yeah. I work nights, and usually try to get some sleep in before that, but the rest of the daytime hours are pretty easy to give over to the game.

    Do you have a mic?: Yep! Bought a decent headset specifically for things like this, and have experience using Skype and Teamspeak.

    Any bans?: I'll let this fish do the talking for me: http://fishbans.com/u/monohymn

    Favorite thing about Minecraft?: That 'Awe' factor. There was a time, I think it was back around Beta 1.2, where it was the cave systems that made me stop and go, "Wow." (This was before they became insanely interconnected and whatnot; it was large enough to impress me but not overwhelmingly so.) It's been happening a lot again lately thanks to the new biomes. Running/riding atop of a roof forest is one of my new favourite things.

    I love that you like to build small! I am the same way, most people don't get it. It's a challenge :D. Whitelisting you now. Welcome :].
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    Four more players will be accepted. Busy night tonight. There was even a party!
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