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    Since the recent advancements in minecraft agriculture, such as livestock breeding and various new plants to grow, there should also be advancements in other areas of minecraft survival, and I can think of no place more deserving, and with more potential at this time, than fishing. Currently fishing is pretty much the least developed activity in the entire game, which makes it pretty much worthless except for when you want to lure in cats.

    This idea would change that by introducing more diverse fishing techniques and uses for your catch. This idea is not about the long desired "fish mob".

    In the real world, all fish don't live in all types of water, and so too should it be in minecraft. Trout should be found in river areas, bass should be found in lakes, and tuna should be found out in the ocean. Salmon could be found in the ocean and in rivers. All these fish would restore different amounts of hunger when consumed, based on rarity and the depth of the water in which they are found. With more types of fish, there would be different opportunities for food gathering based on your location and how far you are into the game.

    You could also take food items and put them onto a crafting table to make bait. The more a food item fills the hunger bar, the more bait you would get from it. Bait would be used by the fishing rod like a bow uses arrows, although you would not get it back. Baited hooks would increase the chances of catching a fish.

    In addition to only new fish, there could also be an entirely new class of creature, the crustaceans, and to match, an entirely new way of gathering resources, cage traps. A cage trap would basically be a single block that is placed down in water and will eventually catch something. In rivers it would catch crayfish, in the ocean it would catch lobster, and on beaches it would catch crab. Cages could also be baited.

    Before you go saying that this idea is just a lot of redundancy, look for a moment at all the new farming items and ask yourselves if those really make the game any worse. I say they don't, and they add a certain immersion factor that has actually led me to want to do more farming and agriculture. I think that fishing would be similarly fun if there was more to it.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    The old terrain generator was MAGICAL. Now it's pathetic. If there was one thing, one single thing I would want changed about Minecraft, it is this. Also if possible, check out my topic on biome separation:

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    I support this fully, in fact I started a thread a while back saying that all blocks that have no separate ID's could and should have slab and stair forms. And also just because the things aren't very economical to craft doesn't mean they shouldn't be implemented. CREATIVE IS PART OF THE VANILLA GAME NOW! Just like spawn eggs, we can have things that are focused mainly on creativity over survival.

    And I've seen plenty of people who hold onto Minecraft's blockyness like a life raft and it's just silly. Who can tell me honestly that if there were two versions of Minecraft, completely identicle in gameplay, but one of them had smooth flowing terrain and realistic graphics, that they would pick the current version? Don't give me the standard "Graphics aren't everything, why don't you go play some Call of Duty" attitude, because you sound like a Hipster. In short I would like to see a Minecraft world where I can run across the land and not have to high-jump 3 feet into the air every time I want to get out of a dip.

    Even slabs on walls could be done. 6 block subID's for each slab position (3 axis' and 2 positions per axis), 8 subID's for any orientation of staircase, and 1 more for the full block, giving 15 total block subID's. This would also help consolidate block ID's, because rather than having a separate ID for blocks, slabs, and stairs, each block would self-contain its own, freeing up a few more ID's in the end.
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    Quote from ChaosGuardian

    I agree with the opposing side. Minecraft is not a real life simulator. People who want forced features on the terrain are slowly but surely ruining the game for other people. The terrain generator is boring enough as it is, ever since 1.8 hit our clients. Now you are telling me you want even less variation!

    Alright people. I'm going to teach you how to find a jungle biome next to a forest biome, since that is a very realistic transition compared to a snow biome next to a desert. Ok, here we go. You ready?

    1. Search for one.

    That's it. You don't have to ruin the game for everyone else when these types of things you want clearly exist. You just want another thing to not exist. If realism is going to take the variation and fun out of the game, I'd rather have complete randomness.

    You truly dont get it. This topic is not about the contour of the world, which I agree with you, has become incredibly bland and must be changed. This is about the biomes not being next to each other.

    The other thing you obviously have no understanding of, based on your comment on finding a propper transition somewhere in your world, is that some people are looking for a larger area to build than just one area on the edge of a forest. I started this topic one night because my friends and I were on a server and were planning to start a new world that would be for RP/Adventure, our own game world that could have spanned a massive area, stretching between many biome areas. The problem was that in EVERY map we generated we would find snow, jungles, and deserts all right next to each other, which totally killed the flow and the realism we wanted for the world.

    Some of us DO want realism in the game. Extreme shapes of the land are fine, great in fact, the funnest part of exploring. This suggestion would not hinder that at all, in fact it would allow for larger, more impressive formations between the flatter landscapes, saving them both for those who want them. "Variation" as you put it, would not be reduced, but actually increased significantly.

    P.S. Tummie_Hugz, totally cool bro, I get that.
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    Quote from Tummie_Hugz

    When you make your game, you can add transitional biomes. You insatiable weenies are never happy. "We need this, we need that."

    Uh, yes, this IS the SUGGESTIONS section, correct? Not the "shove it up your ass because we aren't listening" section.

    And furthermore, the current level of optimization isn't what it will always be, or else we would still be falling into lava at the bottom of our maps. Plenty of new features have been implimented on suggestion, why should this be any different?
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    I really dont like seeing biomes that could never exist together just hangin out right next to each other, so I had an idea. All desert, snow and jungle biomes should be surrounded by tall mountains, except when they are next to an ocean or a jungle is next to a swamp. This would make every world a lot more realistic.
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    So today I made a giant stone wall around my island using worldedit's sphere brush tool, and its great and all, but its rather ugly. The mean reason is that since its made of individual spheres, there are many pockets along the edge that cant be fixed without painstakingly going around and filling them in by hand. The smoother tool works fine for relatively rounded structures like blunt hills, but its massacres cliffsides because it only works from the top. So my idea is to revamp the smoothing tool not to work like it does.

    A new smoother would check all the blocks in the affected area and see what blocks are next to it on all 6 sides. If there are 3 or more sides covered by solid blocks, it stays, and if 2 or less are covered, it is turned to air. The same would go for air blocks, except the opposite, with it becoming what block is directly underneath it or staying air.

    Another idea is that there should be a version of this that ONLY adds, never subtracts or removes blocks, since I dont want my wall to sink lower into the ground when I smooth it, I want the lower parts to come up. There could also be one that subtracts only, but eventually that would just remove the entire structure.
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    One of the things that many games like this lack is megafauna, which are very large creatures that lumber about and are not necessarily killable. They just give some atmosphere to the game and look epic. I dont know if its possible to create animals that are larger than 2x2 blocks, but if it is, then some of these might look pretty epic walking around minecraft...





    Note that none of these are carnivores, as anything you cant kill shouldnt be able to kill you.
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