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    Please update it to 1.6.4!
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    IGN: epicyohann12
    Age (won't affect hiring): 13 y/o.
    Applying for: Moderator
    Previous Staff Experience (for Mod/Admin applicants): Created my own server called "12yohannCraft", but I closed it after 3 months because I can't continue hosting.
    Skype/Email: [email protected]
    Why do you want the Moderator position?: I want to become a Moderator because I think I have what it takes to be one.
    Why should I choose you?: You should choose me because I have experience, I am VERY patient. I am friendly too. I love teaching newbies basics. I am also mature enough not to troll people. And finally, I have what it takes to be a moderator.
    How much time can you dedicate to the server?: I can dedicate so much time (it depends on my schedule). If you're asking for a specific time, on weekdays, I can be online for like 5 hours, on weekends, I can dedicate all my playing time as long as I don't have any things to do.

    Hoping to work with you in the future :)
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