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    posted a message on [Coming Soon] TheCave Network | Recruiting
    We have received a lot of applications, and some were good. We are still recruiting, so apply now!
    Please use one of the links to apply.

    - Systems Administrator of TheCave Network
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    posted a message on Looking for a cheap 3.5gb bukkit host

    Hello there Danuts007. Here at Addition Hosting we provide a 3GB RAM server for $17, and 4GB for $22. If you contact support and ask for a 3.5GB RAM server, something can be worked out if thats what you would like. I think it would be $19 if you asked. Good luck in finding your server.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask via live support.

    • Rock solid Intel® Dual Quad Core Xeon 5460 Processors with at least 64GB DDR3 RAM.
    • Enterprise grade hardware - 4-bay Supermicro Chassis, Enterprise grade hard drives, and DDR3 RAM.
    • Connection to a Tier-1 backed network running on a 1 Gigabit port that will keep servers up 24/7/365.
    • 10GBPS DDoS Protection. Feel secure knowing that the majority of DDoS' do not reach over 10GBPS.
    • Default server is located in Dallas, Texas. One of the best locations in the world for a server of any kind.
    • 24/7/365 Helpdesk Support
    • 24/7/365 Live Support
    • Setting up servers and plugins
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    • No Contract, No Hidden Fees, No Setup fees
    • 1 week Money Back Guarantee
    • Multicraft Control Panel
    • BukGet
    • Fully Managed Skype Support (additionhosting)
    • Affordable prices
    • Kind, friendly understanding staff
    • Free cPanel Web Hosting
    • Free Sub-Domain (such as: your server name here.additionhosting.com)
    • One click mod installation
    • Supports custom jars!
    • Free MySQL
    • Solid State Drives
    Addition Hosting has been around for about 4 months. We started out selling Premium VPS & Shared Hosting. Addition Hosting has been selling Minecraft Servers for about 3 months. Addition Hosting is a registered business in Australia. Our hosting service aims to provide people a unique, quality, and affordable web hosting solution.
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    posted a message on Addition Hosting | Last month our servers had no down time at all ! | 24/7 For REAL ! | Intel Xeon E3 Nodes ! | Fast & Affordabl
    Hello. I am SacredWaste. My name is Joseph. I am newly recruited to Addition Hosting as a Sales Representative. I accepted because the prices are low for what quality is provided. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask on the live chat on our website.
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    posted a message on NODUS DISCONTINUED! :D
    Did some digging. It's being continued. Only a small few have beta access.
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    posted a message on Spigot/Bukkit Plugin Devs Interested in Writing Plugins
    Good luck finding a developer who would code (hard and long) custom plugins for you when all you will give is a rank on a server they might not even play.
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    posted a message on MCoffline 4.0 Beta (English version)
    Its not in English? The majority of players (So I've seen) are English. I don't really understand the functions of this program either.
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    posted a message on [New][Hot] Le Wild Launcher v0.4 [DirectLink]
    Its not hot. And it don't look that good either. But good luck with this.
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    posted a message on How to make a Diamond PickAxe- DualCampers Sub for more
    Im going to say this, since no one else will.
    If someone can collect stone, they made a wooden pickaxe. They are made the same, just with the resource for that pickaxe.
    If they get diamond, they made a pickaxe before. Stop making videos that ANYBODY can do on Minecraft (except first time players who don't watch videos)

    Sorry if this offends you, it needed to be said.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1/1.5.2] "Simply Horses!" Mod - Alpha 0.6.2 (Bugfixes and Textures!)
    I would love to see this in-game, good luck.
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    posted a message on [1.2.2] Xray mod
    If you ask me, I see mod_Xray.class
    And "mod_" class' require mod loader. Please explain how this would work.
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