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    Am i the first one who start a topic about-Minecraft Beta 1.8 Release Date And Details Announced ,if no, i am truthfully sorry (please tell me.... i am just a sinful Asian)

    :Diamond: 1.8 :Diamond:

    Jens has just revealed when Mojang plan to release Minecraft beta 1.8 and what it will be.

    Recently Notch revealed the originally planned 1.8 was getting a bit big so they would be splitting it up into 1.8 and 1.9. Jens has now announced that 1.8 will very much like the “PAX version of Minecraft” with a few tweaks.

    He then went on to add that Mojang’s estimate for a release date for Minecraft Beta 1.8 by saying “Sep 8th is a good guess”.


    -What are you going to do first when 1.8 come out?
    -Are you angry that Notch kept you waiting?
    -Do you think multilayer in 1.8 will stuffed up?

    A + will be nice :rolleyes:

    - Is this info useful

    :GoldBar: if no click here
    :GoldBar: if yes click here
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    Quote from JyrzRox

    does this work from nether to regular world?
    Or more specifically, will it let me grab a building from the nether in Bukkit, and let me bring it to the nether not in bukkit?,

    yes, :iapprove: but stand back
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    more yogscast's on here
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