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    posted a message on Want to rule a colony--- try minecolony now.

    Many people doesn't know this but i do Watch this first :rolleyes:

    New buildings:
    - Town hall
    - Builder's hut
    - Citizen's hut
    - Bank

    New npc's with greatly improved pathfinding by ralphscott6666:
    - builder (see the 'Building system' below)
    - citizen (both male and female)

    New spawning system:
    - Npc's spawn only near a Town hall hut, however you need to have at least one Citizen't hut near it
    - maximum number of npc's is up to 2*number of citizen's hut
    - npc's spawn over time, so you have to wait a bit

    If you place one Town hall and 2 Citizen's hut your maximum number of population is 4

    - new npc will walk towads the nearest hut and settle down
    - after settling down male resident will look for a worker's hut (miner, lumberjack, farmer etc...) and if he finds one, he will convert to that worker
    - workers will sleep in their houses at night
    - if you destroy worker's chest he will convert back into citizen
    - npc's talk! what's on their mind :smile.gif:, it could be generic message or current issue they encounter, you need to be close to the citizen to hear them
    - npc's have names
    - if you use golden scepter on npc he will follow you

    Happiness system
    - citizens now have individual needings based on their level, for instance settlers need to eat bread
    - if needing is fullfilled the personal happiness is increased, otherwise decreased
    - happiness affects maximum tax the citizen is willing to pay
    - you can check current needings in citizen's hut GUI or check overall happiness of colony in Town Hall GUI

    New economy system
    - accounting is proceseed everyday around morning (you can check it in Town Hall GUI)
    - taxes are payed only by citizens (not workers)
    - you can change tax rates per citizen type using Town Hall GUI
    - you can withdraw treasure money in Town Hall
    - you must pay salary to workers (using his chest GUI or turn autosalary to ON in Town Hall GUI) otherwise they will not work

    Building system:
    - to order the builder to build a hut you can use any worker's hut GUI (activate chest->'Information'->'Build worker's hut'), it will place appropriate sign like 'Build lumberjackhut' for lumberjack
    - check builder.txt in archive for instructions on how to create new floorplans



    1. Install ModLoader Beta 1.7.3
    2. Delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar
    3. Copy MineColony 0.6rc10.zip file (inside 'Put into mods folder' folder) into Your .minecraft/mods folder.
    4. Copy floorplans folder into Your resources folder
    5. Copy MineColony.properties file into Your .minecraft folder

    how to install

    download link media fire minecraft colony

    more info on and older version minecolony
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    posted a message on looking for a texture pack ?????
    this is a texture pack with a little bit of winter mix with summer style

    and great for adventure/quest/escape map

    mediafire link

    more image coming soon
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    posted a message on making a escape map/quest map
    and think a good name for it
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    posted a message on making a escape map/quest map
    hey guys , i am making a escape map/quest map
    so i really want some ideas .
    please give me some link to a custom map :laugh.gif:
    u can have what is inside this :chestfront:


    i knew it more people is reading this
    post than reply it, lazy bugs

    And how do u change ur profile picture

    go :iapprove:
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