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    JWIN Mod

    Adds no items or such, just a bunch of helpful utilities.

    My Mission

    Asked on reddit over here what convenience features people would like to see in a mod. Got a lot of great replies, some people are awesome at suggesting things! Anyways, I am turning this into a full-on Utility Mod, with a few goals

    • No Decrease in FPS - I want this to be able to be added to a pack without any significant footprint.
    • Mod Compatability - I want to ensure that no other mods run into issues with this, so I am making it completely non-invasive.
    • Convenience without being OP - I don't want gameplay to suffer, and I don't want this mod to be just another cheap way to process ores. This is a convenience mod mainly, I don't want it to be seen as
    • Client / Server Separation - This will not add any blocks or items on its own. Certain features will be available to any client with the mod, certain will be available to all clients connected to a server with the mod, such as improved bed mechanics and ore stacking.

    So far in the mod, I have some convenience features related to rotating blocks, mobs preventing sleep, animals being able to breed, and ores cluttering your inventory. Any suggestions? Leave 'em here or drop them in the aforementioned reddit thread.


    • Different kinds of ores, ingots, nuggets, and ingot blocks you pick up will all stack.
    • Bed sleeping is improved, mobs will only prevent sleep if they have direct line-of-sight to you and can path to you.
    • Animals will occasionally emit particles when they are unable to breed. *Re-enabled. Woo!*
    • A stick will rotate Logs and the like. Adding a config option to add more blocks, such as chisel blocks and such.
    • Animals will eat nearby dropped items (corresponding to their breeding items) and breed.
    • Animals can be told to 'sit' by right clicking with an empty hand. This disables all AI except breeding AI.

    An album of a few of the features here.


    Feel free to put it in a modpack, just drop "Blur" or "SSBlur" somewhere.


    You may redistribute this, if you provide proper credit to "Blur" or "SSBlur".


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    maybe existing foods can be 'laced' with them

    Your suggestion is now part of the mod! Any food item can be laced with Chili Paste until I add hot sauces, allowing food to be "poisoned" in a way using these chili pastes.
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    Cool, thanks for the review. I just wanted to point out some chili effects:
    • Frozen turns water beneath you to ice
    • Dark destroys lights
    • Death hurts the next person that kills you
    • Life brings you back to life the next time you die
    • Frozen turns water beneath your feet into Ice
    • The Chili, Jalapeno, Habanero, and Ghost are normal peppers that themselves do nothing
    • And chilies all restore different amounts of hunger.

    Thanks for the mod review, and thanks for the suggestions!
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    Magic Chilies Mod (1.7.10)

    Its Magic Chilies. Seem cool? Great! You'll probably like this!

    Not quite sold on the idea? Well, maybe you should check out some of the things these chilies do.

    Latest update: The Farewell Update

    And on that day, he submitted the final revision of the Chili Mod. He had grown tired of it, and, as such, ceased working on it. To this update, he added unique colors. He fixed bugs. Everything was well, aside from armor textures. On this day, he had done all he wished to do. He was content.

    And so he began work on new projects! Transportals! Kinesis! Dynamo! He could focus on other mods, now that he was no longer working on this. And he smiled. He knew it would be for the better. Though this remains unfinished, not all of his works will. His next mods will be bigger, better. And for now, he could rest.

    Description / Concept

    This mod is definitely WIP, but it does have some cool things already. First of all, the basics. Chili Seeds, Elemental Seeds, and Impressionable seeds are the first three things you will need for this mod. They can all be obtained by breaking tall grass. These three chilies are the easiest to get, and are essential in the crossbreeding system
    The crossbreeding system is relatively simple: Plant some Impressionable Crops near some others, and eventually, it has the chance to grow into a new crop! However, there is also the chance that it will become one of the two crops that contribute to the new type, so be patient! Some of the combos that are already in the mod are as follows:

    Chili Crossbreeding
    Chili + Chili = Jalapeno + Jalapeno = Habanero + Habanero = Ghost

    Elemental + Elemental = Infused / Arcane

    Chili + Elemental = Fire / Water / Earth / Air

    Fire + Fire = Hellfire

    Water + Water = Ice

    Earth + Earth = Mountain

    Air + Air = Gale

    Arcane + Arcane = Light / Dark

    Light + Light = Holy + Holy = Life

    Dark + Dark = Sinister + Sinister = Death

    Life + Death = Undead

    Each of these chilies has a unique effect, save for the Chili Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper, Habanero Pepper, and Ghost Pepper, which merely restore hunger. Some of these chilies can alter your fate, some exact revenge on your enemies. While these effects are subject to change, they are currently as follows:


    Elemental - 5 seconds of Night Vision

    Infused - 30 seconds of Night Vision

    Fire - 5 seconds of Fire Resistance

    Hellfire - 30 seconds of Fire Resistance, 10 seconds of Hellfire (only extinguishable by other peppers)

    Water - 5 seconds of Water Breathing, extinguishes fire and Hellfire

    Frozen - Freezes water beneath your feet, extinguishes fire and Hellfire

    Air - Overfills air if underwater, removes slow debuffs

    Gale - Removes slow debuffs, applies high level of Speed, and Nausea

    Earth - Applies Protection for 5 seconds

    Mountain - Makes you virtually invincible, but you cannot move unless in water

    Light - Lights the area around you

    Holy - Burns undead with a holy light. The light blinds you, however.

    Life - Next time you die, if you are not undead, you will instantly resurrect where you were

    Dark - Devastates all sources of light

    Sinister - Harms the living through a sinister aura. The darkness obscures your vision.

    Death - Next time you die, if you are undead, you will be resurrected

    Undead - Makes you Undead, reversing the effects of holy, life, sinister, and dead chilis, causes undead mobs not to target you, and causes you to burn in sunlight without a hat.

    Now, this mod is nowhere near finished, but it plans to have:

    • Machines!
    • Hot Sauce!
    • Tons of new food!
    • New mobs!
    • Chili-themed armor! (Check! Now, I have to add textures and the chili-based "enchantment" system)
    • Epic chilies!
    • God-like chili magic!


    The Mortar and Pestle are used to make Chili Paste, which is important in just about every other recipe.

    You can then use this to make chili paste!

    Then, you can combine this with food to give the food the Chilies' effects (You can combine any amount of paste with food at a time)

    However, you can also use this dust to make chilium ingots, a metal of chilis!

    BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! You can THEN turn this chilium into awesome armor!

    (BTW, this armor is waaay OP at the moment, and the leggings have no texture)


    The Farewell Update


    Now a direct download, without any of that nonsense about the tinyupload and such!

    Previous Download

    Old Download for Posterity!

    Mod Spotlights

    Long have I searched the comments for a spotlight, and lo! One has bestowed itself upon me. So, I return to you bearing fruit! Nay, not just fruit, chilies! Thank you, kind stardust7671!

    Most Recent Update:

    • Added colors
    • Made the armor work
    • Said farewell to everyone

    Thank You! I appreciate you checking this out!

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