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    That's a fair concern. I'm working on my Patreon pitch right now, but the gist of it is:

    - Continually updated Revival

    - Custom block models.

    - Community input on mod support (once Revival is up and stable again).

    - Eventual update of 2263 as a resource pack.

    - ??? future packs, if things go well (i.e. contemporary, post apoc, etc.)

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    Hi everyone. Just poppin' in to test the waters: would people be interested in supporting continued updates to this pack (and adding custom model support) via a Patreon? The thought of modernizing this pack has crossed my mind, but the time investment is such that I don't think I could do it without financial support. In the future if things are successful, I might look into reviving 2263 as a texture pack again.

    If that sounds like something y'all would be interested in, let me know.

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    posted a message on NEW RELEASE | SMP's Revival | Fan continuation | 1.14 Compatibility

    Good work keeping the dream alive :)

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    1.8 update is almost done. Need to see about CTM stuff for 1.8. I think I might not be able to do the extra metadata blocks thing anymore.
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    I kinda had no idea what to do for double slab textures. I'll come up with something soon hopefully.
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    posted a message on SMP's Revival - [October 20th, 2014] - 1.8 (sans CTM)
    Current Version: Website
    Misc: Old Alts & Mod Support
    Customizer (Fan Managed): Customizer (thanks Cabralol522! and formerly Zakristone.)

    This texture pack utilizes MCPatcher's Connected Textures & Randomobs mods to a huge extent. If you want to use my extensive connected textures mod support, MCPatcher is required. Currently MCPatcher has a better CTM version than Optifine's. If you try and use CTM with Optifine ~C3 you're going to get a lot of bugs.

    What is CTM? Words cannot do it justice, check out these pictures:


    Regarding use of my work..

    I get a lot of PMs about using my work so I thought I'd clarify some things. You're free to use my work in any video, server, map or project as long as I get full and clear credit with a link to my thread. This means you can do what you want with it, as long as it is only distributed with that project. I just ask that you don't use it in any public texture pack mix, edited or not. Please don't PM me about permission for things, because I'll tell you the same thing you just read.

    Update [5/7/2012]: Send all your fan edits, old version textures and other stuff to Zakristone so he may add them to the customizer!

    Update [6/29/2012]: Dear servers using my texture pack, please give me credit for my work. Especially if you're going to edit it.

    (Lookin' at you, A Song of Ice and Blood!)

    I update and overhaull my texture pack a lot. I encourage users to take backups before updating their texture pack, because things change and some people don't always like them. If you have any old old old versions, I even encourage you to post them because I'm terrible at keeping old versions. It's fun to look back at old textures!

    Sorry for all the words.

    SMP's Revival Texture Pack by SMP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


    (Builds are from WesterosCraft, an awesome server that's recreating Westeros from Game of Thrones.)

    It's been almost a year since I released the first version of Revival. A lot has changed since then, pretty much every texture has been redone, including a general change in style overall. My pixel art skills are always improving so I can't guarantee the pack will look the same in another 6 months. My changes have been mostly well received though, so I hope you guys will continue to enjoy my work. If you do enjoy it, share it with your friends, family, family pets, strangers or acquaintences; I'd appreciate it!

    I'm not done yet though, I will continue to update this pack for the forseeable future and I always have a todo.txt with 10 more things I need to update. My interest in Minecraft waxes and wanes, and with it, so does the speed of my updates. Stick with me though, because I'll put SOMETHING out, temporary or not.

    Just for fun, I figured I'd write a little about the history of my texture pack career™.

    In late 2009, I made a replacement leaf texture just because I was sick of the neon green leaves. This spiralled out of control as I realised there was always something I didn't like about another texture. This led to my first pack which I stupidly called SMP's Realistic. It wasn't realistic at all but HD textures weren't A Thing then and I was using colors pulled from photos.

    Then someone figured out that you could make higher-res textures just by doubling the size of the texture file. The first thing I did was make a hideous photo realistic texture pack called 2Realistic (get it? GET IT?!). I canned that almost immediately though and made a regular 32x texture pack where everything ended up looking like a different colored sand. I called it...SMP's Texture Pack.

    I'm not sure when it happened, but I made a really lazy 16x version of it for the Webhallen texture pack contest.

    Around the same time, Doku released his first texture pack and it blew my mind. Actual pixel art, and it was awesome. I had the great idea to make a cartoony texture pack, and for the first time I ever, I didn't just abuse photoshop tools to ­ something out. Warning: the image below is terrible and will probably hurt to look at.

    After some time I just gave up on Minecraft in general, discontinuing my pack and letting others take over it. For months I used a John Smith/DokuCraft mix pack I made, and around May '11 I decided to make a 16x mix pack too. It used textures from a bunch of different packs including painterly, quandary, eld and norsecraft. I don't have any pics of the original pack, but I do have this terrain.png from when I first started making my own replacements.

    Then stuff and things happened, and this is the oldest version of Revival I can find. If you have an earlier version, please post it here so I can look back in nostalgia :) . Edit (5/21/12): Thanks to The Barinade for relinking the very first release of Revival! It's the second image below.

    Very first release ever:

    Now at SMPtextures!

    - A few more mob redos

    Here's a sig since so many people like them!


    You can follow me on twitter here, but I never tweet and I'm not interesting.

    If you're looking for a good server host, check out Akliz.

    I will never charge for my texture pack or use any ad-based link referrals, but if you're feeling extra generous, donations would be very much appreciated :) .

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    posted a message on SMP's Revival - [October 20th, 2014] - 1.8 (sans CTM)
    Jeeze, next may it'll have been 3 entire years since I started this. What the hell.

    Anyway, here's the to-do list till 1.7 release, roughly in this order.

    - Update biome colors
    - New tree leaves
    - Double tall plants
    - Stained Glass
    - Shift around new metadata CTMs.
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    posted a message on New Biome Coloring System in 1.7. (Discussion)
    Using the coordinates posted earlier, here's a new template with the exact points marked. I tried marking out easily selectable shapes for gradients, let me know how that works.

    Here's the .psd I used, for your convenience.


    e: Tried it out, did not work.
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    posted a message on SMP's Revival - [October 20th, 2014] - 1.8 (sans CTM)
    Hello. This is the 1.6 update. Enjoy.

    Download | Mirror

    + Better ice colors.
    + Fixed activated detector rail texture.
    + Biome based glowstone
    + Changed wool to reflect wool.
    + New sandstone
    + Added some color variety to leaves
    + Tweaked quartz colors to better match other blocks
    + Added darker sand in appropriate biomes
    + Added log CTMs
    + Record_wait
    + Added 1.6 Support
    + Added jungle sky color back.
    + New 2x2 Painting.
    + Hopper GUI
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