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    posted a message on Spawn Area For Classic Non OP Prison

    I just got done building and releasing the spawn on my new classic non OP prison server.

    heres the part where the undergrounds meet the above ground. Stone Gang!

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    posted a message on Black Bars On Minecraft Skin Arms

    Is anyone else's skin showing 2 black bars along the back side of the arms while in f5 mode?

    just wondering..

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    posted a message on Looking For Guards, Helpers, Moderators & Admins
    Hi I'm Mason I just launched The SFGaming.net network earlier this month and am looking to grow it further!
    Now looking for staff for our 6 minecraft servers.
    We currently run (Teams Soup PVP, Vanilla Anarchy, Semi Vanilla ANarchy, PVE survival , Non OP Classic Prison And Factions).

    Staff will be picked from loyal active members in the community so that we can have the best security.
    Thank you all <3
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    posted a message on SFGaming.net | Non Op Classic Prison Server
    Welcome To SFGaming.net's Prison Server, A Classic NON OP Prison Experience.

    Weapons and armor are CONTRABAND!
    If A Guard sees you with them, they will ask for you to drop it!
    If you dont, you will be jailed!
    This is a NON OP Server, ENCHANTS ARE HARD TO GET!
    PVP Is Enabled, Dont let a guard see you fighting though!
    Save Up To Rent A Room Or Buy A Piece Of Land!
    Start at A rank and Rank Up Your Way To F to Be ABle To Leave The Prison Walls!
    Hacking is bannable, read full list of rules at https://sfgaming.net
    We run 5 other minecraft servers, Visit our website and join today!

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