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    Conquer | Survive | Rule the Land

    *Updated: -| December 22, 2013 |-*

    Current Server Features:

    Risen Kingdoms is a Towny/PVP/ Minecraft Server including many custom features dedicated to building and ruling a Kingdom. Kingdoms may rise and fall as they attempt to rule the lands of the Phoenix. Inside a Kingdom anyone is safe from harm, but as soon as you step outside the claimed lands you are a prime target for all of your enemies. Earn your glory! If you are a devoted citizen of the lands of Phoenix, you will slowly rank up over the months for free! Every couple of months you will move up to the next rank!

    Donate your way to the Top! Donating helps the server and gets you access to special kits, commands and ranks. Royalty Ranks are only available to donators

    Events and contests are a constant presence in the lands of the Phoenix.

    Who has the Best Kingdom? Only time will tell!
    Kingdom against Kingdom Battles! Who will become our victors. These questions remain to be answered. Join forces with your allies or make enemies across the land. The choice is yours.

    Let your kingdom rise!



    • Towny / Survival - with an element of PvP
    • Creative World - Free 20x20 plots
    • SkyBlock - Including lots of custom challenges
    • Mob Arena - Plus a whole Staff Run Events World
    • MiniGames - Includes custom minigames like FFA, TDM, CTF, Hunger Games, Tower Defense, PropHunt, Infected, and More!
    • Quests - Completely customized questing experience with classes, skills, story lines, huge open world, and more! Re-opening Soon with All New Quests!
    • Factions - A Brand New Factions Server (Opening In The Coming Weeks)

    Please post here with your info so we can help to start you out with some extra in game gold to begin your kingdom:

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    posted a message on RisenKingdoms Network Looking For You!

    We are celebrating Minecraft Monday for MiniGames Right Now! Come and play with us!

    HungerGames, Infected, SkyWars, PropHunt, and more!
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    posted a message on [RK] RisenKingdoms Looking for Players, Builders & More
    RisenKingdoms is a great place! We have been around for almost 7 months now, we have a Build/Towny World, Creative World (with Building Contests), a SkyBlock World, a MiniGames World (just added Hunger Games), a Quest World (adding more since Beta just ended); all of this with an active staff including ownership. We are always looking for new staff to apply, and we also have Builder ranks. We have many ways of earning donor ranks, including voting specials. We are a small, dedicated community that is growing.

    Check us out!

    We have openings for Builders (which can work their way up to using Creative Mode to help in server builds) and Apprentices (which can work their way up to ChatMod and Mod). We are expanding and growing everyday. We need more people to come experience what our community already knows and loves.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server?
    We have a Towny Server and both World Shop and Player Shops!

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