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    posted a message on [1.8 Pre-Beta]Sliding Glass Door / Simple Idea
    (If used in a video, or picture, please give me some credit, maybe a link to here, or anything.)

    A simple idea for a sliding glass door for 1.8 glass panes; only requires 4 redstone, 2 levers, as many glass panes as you want, and four sticky pistons ( or regular, just personal preference, looks better).

    http://imgur.com/TEINz Levers off, from outside.

    http://imgur.com/VpcLt Levers on, from outside. (Lockout system for SMP servers, so nobody hides in your base, eatin' all yo cookies.)

    http://imgur.com/o8nan Levers off, from inside. (Lockout works one-way, or it would be absolutely redundant.)

    http://imgur.com/taAHC Levers on, from inside.

    The levers work in a fashion that is simple, but unique. If both levers from the inside are ON, the levers on the outside will NOT function. If the levers on the outside are ON the levers on the inside will NOT function.

    Thought it'd look nice for a modern home/texture pack, maybe leading out to a small deck on the outside of the house.
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    posted a message on [1.8 Pre-Beta]Sliding Glass Door / Simple Idea
    How it works :

    http://imgur.com/tFqA6 <-- There are two redstones on both sides of the pistons, for each side of the sliding glass door.
    The two levers power the redstone, if the lever on the bottom-right is powering the piston, the lever on the top-right
    can't be un-powered, because it still has a source of power.

    Why not buttons?
    It would work with buttons instead of levers, but you would either have to use a flip-flop redstone logic gate, and that would take up a large amount of space, so levers would be the ideal method for doing this.

    Can I use regular glass?
    Yes, but glass panes would be much more glass door-like, since most of them in real life aren't bullet proof 10 inch thick glass, Mr. President. Also, glass panes have a smaller bounding box (the area around an object that gives it physical matter, if it didn't have one it would be intangible (you could walk through it)).

    Schematic :
    :_: :log: :wood: <-- Redstone on the planks.
    <---- :Rose: X
    :_: :log: :wood: <-- Redstone on the planks.

    :_: = Lever
    :log: = 2 block high material
    :wood: = Material
    :Rose: = Piston
    x = Empty Space
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