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    Quote from Pizarro

    As for the zombie with arrows in its back.

    It sounds like a new feature to see injured mobs. As for assuming the zombies and skeletons working for each other now, thats wrong. Notice how the zombie is looking dead on at the skeleton, its obvious the arrows in its back were from the skeleton.

    It also looks as though arrows are actually sticking into the mob, maybe arrows will stay on the player too. ...*Wonders if there's a way to remove them*....
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    I usually build a lot of fences around my SMP houses, and I find it annoying to make a fence 4 blocks tall, continually using dirt to replace the bottom parts of the fence, then remove that and replace with fence all the time, or if someone griefs it and I have to do it all over again. So I had the idea of a new fence, different from the old one, it would look the same, but be crafted somewhat differently.

    [s] [s] [s]
    [s] [s] [s]
    [s] [s] [s] where "s" = stick

    rather than the original method, it would be a 3 stick extra cost, but it would be much more feasible.
    Thanks for reading! :SSSS:
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