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    expereince:Ive played minecraft since 1.8.1 so i have experience i have been op/admin/mod on about 5
    servers Ive uilt quite a lot of things im a good survivor/builder/redstone nerd so i think i can help ur server alot
    im good with communitys im a very social person
    What can i do for your server: Well i have alot of time im usaully not very busy so i could stay on long make sure nothing bad happense
    (i know im terrible at spelling) I can handle jerks and i want start raging and yelling at everybody even if i do get griefed (its happened
    before trust me) and as the guy before me said Hope you consider me ^-^
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    posted a message on Creative-Trust server
    I want to join but when i try to it says "Connecting to server" forever and then says login timed out
    is it down right now?Is this a scam cause a lot of people just type in random numbers and say its a server :P
    whenever i try to log in it says "connecting to server" then after about 2 minuts it says login timed out

    Hope its not because u guys sound like some pretty nice people
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    posted a message on [1.2.5+] [Puz/Adv] [Portal] Aperture Testing Laboratories v0.2.3.0 (1650+ downloads!)
    Is there a texture pack 4 this map? :)
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    posted a message on CLOSED
    Quote from LaxWasHere

    Please read the application section.

    so i have to go to ur website or what? i just wanna build :(
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    posted a message on CLOSED
    InGameName: ryanjem

    location: Arizona USA

    Gender: male

    age: 12Im not the greatest builder not the worst either but i do like to build judt for fun i dont give a sandwitch what others think about my building hope to get on soon!

    I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P
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