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    posted a message on Ryanboy17's Survival Whitelist [BUKKIT] [1.2.5]
    Quote from Jets_iphone

    IGN jets_Iphone
    Yes i agree
    i want to play cuz it looks nice
    banned on a server yes
    comments PLZZZ is there factions??

    Sorry there aren't factions, and why were you banned exactly? I will approve if you tell me.
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    Minecraft: Beginner's Map!
    I have made a map to teach people how to play Minecraft. I covered most of the things in minecraft: Crafting, Fishing, Farming, Redstone, TNT, Bow and Arrows, Pistons, Minecarts, ect.
    Please check it out and give me some suggestions on what to add. Thanks!
    I would like this to be very popular and helpful to new users.

    Top view of the map!:

    Added a VirusTotal! Here is the results:

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    Nice job! More of these should be done to help newer players. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Looking for Help Starting a Map
    Okay. A few things that will definitely help.
    • TooManyItems (for changing time, changing game modes, getting items.)
    • WorldEdit for Minecraft client, not server.
    • Patience
    • Redstone knowledge. This will make your map fancier, using pistons, tnt, ect.
    • If your really looking into a heavily storyline, I would recommend using signs saying: [read Note1.txt] and place a text file with the stuff in the map folder.
    • Time. Lots. Awesome maps are not easily made in 2 two days.

    Now to some other tips:
    • Make sure to guide the player in a easy path. Don't make them spend hours trying to find the next part.
    • Don't publish the map untl you are done. If you need to chop a few things out of your map to make time, do it wisely. Nobody has fun playing unfinished maps.
    • Map size. Big files can be scary for some players, they may be hesitant to download the map.
    • Don't travel places you don't need to. If your looking for some good natural structure, keep generating new maps until you get one you're satisfied with.
    • If you want, If your map is going to be small, you can make some landscape yourself. The generator is not perfect. (since 1.8 :sad.gif: )
    • If you want to get an easy mountain or hill, look aroudn until you see one your satisfied with. Using WorldEdit you can highlight the area and copy and paste it to wherever you like.
    • Have fun. If you don't enjoy doing it, don't do it at all.
    Hope this helps a lot. Might actually use this myself. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.1] EXPLODING ARROWS AND CHICKENS
    TAKE that download down immediatly. you can post mods as the files to put in, but NOT the minecraft.jar. thats illegal.
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    posted a message on HELP
    THIS IS HOW TO FIX: MAKE a new server folder, make a BRAND new server, ad extract your world in there. Op yourself, ban him, AND ip-ban him, and set whatever else you want. Its not hard to make a new server and put in the world.

    Maybe the server is outdated? Get the new software from the minecraft website.
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    posted a message on need white seal skin
    oh hey i finished! I hope you like it. If you dont like it with the labcoat, i could edit it out. please tell me your opinions, and I'll make the changes. :biggrin.gif:

    just save the image and upload to minecraft.net

    im sorry if it not what you wanted it was quite hard to do. :\
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    posted a message on Herobrine as a boss?
    Sounds okay, but would prefer it as an option maybe. Not to be rude, but I hate how people ALWAYS want things to drop diamonds. Why not something more rare/exotic? :\
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    posted a message on Way around anti-xray?
    Its called: finding the ores yourself.
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    posted a message on Rank help
    everything is the same. All it is a fun little subtitle under your name. :wink.gif:
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