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    This server for players that are more on the mature side, we have a tendency to mess around and have fun. Keep in mind this is a whitelist only server, and not everyone will be accepted.

    Next update which will be 1.17 we are resetting the map completely.

    Preference: Nice builds, people who are willing to PvP, and joke around.

    Online 24/7


      Ages of 18+

      No duping

      No Hacking

      No extreme Griefing(This means taking someone's entire house down, burning it, blowing it up)

      No lag machines(But machines with a purpose besides destroying the server are okay)

      PvP may only be in retaliation, or if both parties agree, otherwise you go to jail =)

      English only

      No racism is allowed, I don't wanna see any racism what so ever.

      Talking about politics is okay, just be calm about it.


      Difficulty: Hard

      World Border: Off

      Fire Spread: On

    By reading all of these you may now apply here. If you have any questions head over to our discord for more!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/dVJcKrS

    Our Server Ip is: play.koicraft.net

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