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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    Hey everyone! I have been trying to play with my favorite shader pack from way back SEUS v10 RC3 but have always been running into the following issue that everything is all green and the message "invalid program "final" " appears. I am playing with the version 1.7.10

    I hope someone can please help me!

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    posted a message on ★ MinecraftSkinStealer | View and Edit Skins - Achievement Generator - Skin Editor - Avatar Maker & more!!

    Hello and welcome to my post. Today I want to show my latest creation, Minecraft Skin Stealer! It's a new website that allows you to View, Download or Edit anyone's Minecraft Skin. Plus there are some fun bonus features / tools such as a creative Avatar Maker, a Skin Editor and the Popular Achievement Generator that you can use as a Forum Signature or anything else.

    I'm not sure if this belongs to Fan Art or Minecraft Tools, moderator please help me with this :SSSS:

    ➜ Website Link: http://www.minecraftskinstealer.com/

    ∟Achievement Generator: http://www.minecraftskinstealer.com/achievement/

    ★ Features:

    • View & Edit Minecraft Skins
    • Download Minecraft Skins
    • Create New Minecraft Skins with Editor
    • Fun Avatar Generator / Maker
    • The loved Minecraft Achievement Generator!

    UPDATES 01-06-2015:

    1. ADDED a new Minecraft 1.8 Banner Maker with Crafting Recipes (http://www.minecraftskinstealer.com/banners/)
    2. NEW and improved Tools Page (http://www.minecraftskinstealer.com/tools/)
    3. WORKING Top 10 Players Page (http://www.minecraftskinstealer.com/top10.php)
    4. ADDED Team page (http://www.minecraftskinstealer.com/team.html)

    For everyone that likes to use social media, I would love a little shoutout or share. It really helps me out! ♥

    ◆ Facebook Page - ◆Twitter Account | Thank you! :-(o):

    ✔ More to be added soon, feel free to give me some suggestions and feedback! It's always welcome :)

    Thank you for reading my post, I hope you have a great morning / day / evening :)

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    posted a message on ★ CubeMC | Searching for Builders! - New Minecraft Server Network! Fun Minigames and more! ++ APPLY TODAY!! ++

    ★ Welcome to The CubeMC! ★

    Minecraft Gametype Server Network!

    ◆ Welcome

    The Cube is a fun and exiting Minecraft Server featuring many awesome Gametypes and Minigames such as Survival, Creative, Factions, Kit PvP, SkyBlock, Splegg, 1 vs 1 and many more gametypes await for you on The Cube Server!

    ◆ We're Hiring!

    Currently we are working very dedicated on the new Server, and we need your help. We are searching for creative Builders or Build Teams that are good in building anything from a small lobby to the server hub spawn!


    ▶ Builder Application & Requirements

    Here's the Template for the Application. Feel free to change up the format if it doesn't include all fields you want us to know!

    --- Introduction ---

    Name: Age:
    Minecraft Username: Skype:

    --- More about you ---

    • Your Building Style:
    • Do you use Teamspeak or skype (Microphone?):
    • Experience as team member on other servers:
    • Screenshots of buildings:
    • How experienced would you rate yourself on a scale from 1 - 10:
    • Any other comments we should know about you:
    • Do you know how to use World Edit and other plugins:
    • Your Microphone quality (scale from 1 - 10):


    ◆ What kind of projects we need

    - Hub Lobby / Spawn

    - Skyblock Lobby

    - Mini Game Lobby

    Thank you for reading and applying! We're more than excited to meet you!


    Founder - Owner of CubeMC

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    posted a message on Minecraft: The Lab - Episode #01 | Fun MiniGames
    Hey everyone! Here is my latest video: The Lab on Hive! I hope you guys like it and I'm sorry for taking such a long break from making videos! o: I would love some feedback or some suggestions too! :)

    Thanks for watching! :)
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    posted a message on Map Review: Sprint or Fall#3 By: Dragonic212
    Reminds me of deathrun :D
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    Sure, feel free to use them! :)
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] How to spawn a Minecraft Player Head in 1.8 / 1.8.1 (NO MODS OR PLUGINS!)
    Also, I forgot to add that this also works on Multiplayer and Singleplay on 1.8 aswell on 1.7 :)
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] How to spawn a Minecraft Player Head in 1.8 / 1.8.1 (NO MODS OR PLUGINS!)
    Hey fellow Minecrafters! :)

    Ever wanted to give yourself a player head in Minecraft Singleplayer on 1.8? Now you can with this super easy fun and awesome command!
    All you need to do is enter this code and replace [your username] and [username]!

    Code: /give [your username] minecraft:skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"[username]"}


    /give RuxPlay minecraft:skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"Herobrine"}

    Running this command I will get a head of herobrine!

    Other Player Heads:

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    posted a message on TOP 10 Minecraft Mods for 1.7 and 1.8 All Time! [+VIDEO REVIEWS!]
    Hai Fellow Minecrafters! :)

    Today I want to share my top favorite Minecraft Mods of all time! These are my super fav fun time awesome mods that will make you have a better happy fun time in minecraft!

    Soooo let's get started?

    1. GLSL Shaders Mod
    2. This mod is INCREDIBLE! I can't believe how awesome it is to play minecraft with shaders! This is my number 1 mod of all time!
    3. Optifine
    4. One of the best mods and most helpful for anyone that is having low FPS or just wants some more fps boost for minecraft should check out optifine!
    5. Forge API
    6. Forge is great! It allows you to install mods really easy without having to do any changes to the minecraft jar!
    7. Picture in Picure mod
    8. I can't tell you how awesome this mod is! It allows you to view your friends view in a smaller screen ingame! This mod is really amazing!
    9. Backpack Mod
    10. Ever found yourself with a full inventory? This mod will help you store more items than you can think of!
    11. Hats Mod
    12. I really love this mod! You can find hats or give them to you, omg they look so awesome! xD
    13. TooManyItems
    14. It was obvious that TMI Would be included but hey! It's very useful for spawing items you can't get in the normal creative inventory!
    15. Better Foliage Mod
    16. This mod adds some really cool realistic leaves and bushes to your game!
    17. Portal Gun Mod
    18. This mod is so much fun! Shoot portals anywhere! So. Much. Fun.
    19. Morph Mod
    20. Did you ever want to become a bat or a chicken? Now you can morph into one with this awesome mod!
    I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Minecraft Mods and be sure to share your favorite mods with me
    Happy Holidays and have fun crafting!
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