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    posted a message on ★SwissMiner New Server! costume MAP! [PVP][Towns][Medieval][Fantasy][Economy]★

    Sounds Great looking forward to see you :D

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    posted a message on ★NEW!!! SwissMiner Retro RPG inspired Resourcepack!★
    Quote from EnderMax25»

    Looks great! The pumpkins are well rounded and the torches look good too.

    Thanks alot :3 i hope you have alot of fun with this pack :D
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    posted a message on ★NEW!!! SwissMiner Retro RPG inspired Resourcepack!★

    Download the Epic SwissMiner Resourcepack used on the Swissminer Minecraft Server.

    All rights reserved.

    Do not distrbute my work in your remix packs or provide a download form your minecraft server of my textures without my permission.
    iI you want to use is as your server pack you may provide a link in your chat to this thread. you are not allowed to provide alternate downloads to my textures.

    Works great with Cloud Pack !

    Check out the latest added Feature

    Added additional brick textures! Top and bottom of a brick block now resebles floor tiles
    you can get a normal brick block by stacking two brick slabs ontop of each other!

    d3fin3d - for creating the 64x64 fonts used in the Texturepack Hd Font
    tombones - for his Gerudoku, remix it was the initial inspiration of this pack!
    (Note: There all my textures are made from scrach allthough they may look similar there is nothing from the Gerudoku pack inside my Texturepack!)
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    posted a message on Texture pack download widget for your texture pack with curse.com

    the links to the curse tutorlas dont work? is this feature still a thing?

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    posted a message on ★SwissMiner New Server! costume MAP! [PVP][Towns][Medieval][Fantasy][Economy]★


    In Middle of the Map you find the ruin of the Citadel, the once most advanced City in the World, the inhabitans where to greedy with their experiments and caused the great castratophy whats left are only ruins in a crater! you can mine respawnable resources and fight the zombies of the underworld! its an easy way to get Diamonds but its very dangerous!



    The Wilderness is handcrafted and extemly costumized you can find all the Minecraft Biomes and Ruins to concure and rule from the frozen cold North to the Hot Deserts of the south.



    Many Towns Cities, and Castles have been abandoned after the great castastrophy. its your responsibility to take what is left of humanity Claim these Lands and restore them to old glory!


    Get together with your firends and establish powerful Guilds, Towns, Castles with our special Township Plugin you can reside in a village and live as a farmer or build epic cities and become an empire. trade with others or destroy them in battle over land and recources.



    The Philosophy of SwissMiner is to Provide a raw player experience, with as little intervention from the Team as possible!

    you as the players decide the fate of this world!



    SwissMiner Provides an Item Based player driven economy. All the Money is physicaly stored in Chests, Players can set up Chest shops and trade with each other!



    So? Are you interested? Then check out our Server and Join us Now
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    posted a message on Elytra Request

    You want alot of things... talent... download to the picture... redesign... pixelart assets...

    are you offering anything in return?

    I could do it for you but I dont work for free.

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    posted a message on Resource pack not working when i pack it as a zip file

    Hi there, so i made my own resource pack and it works fine as a normal folder. but when i make a zip file out of it it doesnt work anymore. it still shows up in the list with the costum description set inside the pack.mcmeta together with the correct icon showing. but as soon as i try to load the pack it goes back to the main menu and did not load the pack.

    i dont understand what is going on

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    posted a message on Need Help with Animated Textures

    Hi there, im working on my 32x32 texturepack and im trying to do lava and water, i wanted to know whats the best tools and programms to do this, checking on other texturepacks i assume there are some tools to make the workflow more efficiant instead of painting every frame by hand. Until now I just used Photoshop and a wacom tablet.

    I hope someone can help me out, and sorry for my bad english

    Greetings from Switzerland


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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    Quote from Captain_Chaos»

    unfortunately not. It may happen in the future, but it's a lot of work
    if I want to do it right (which would include the ability to shift
    (parts of) the map laterally). You can use WorldPainter to incrementally
    add new parts to an existing Minecraft map though. Import the map, add
    tiles if necessary (Ctrl+T), create the new continent and Merge it,
    checking the "completely replace chunks" option (and making sure you
    have everything that isn't new marked read-only, and/or use a tile selection, so it doesn't get obliterated!).

    Dude.... this would be the most exciting thing 2015!

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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator

    can I Export or import parts of a worldpainter map, for example a mountain or an island? even a contintent to combine them in a new map?

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    posted a message on [NEED HELP] How Do You Embed A Youtube Video?
    im doing it without the spoilers but i still cant see the video also on your post with the spoiler above there is no video displayed ._. maybe something is wrong with my browser but on other posts i can see the video. im going to try it here with the media and /media and the youtube share link in between:

    As you can see: blank space

    About the pic button im not talking about the *upload an image* button I mean the picture of a tree next to the back arrow where i can put in a url to a picture. what i mean is that there is no media button anymore to choose videos, only for pictures.

    sorry for my bad english and greetings from swizerland!
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    posted a message on [NEED HELP] How Do You Embed A Youtube Video?
    Quote from Palin_Tishnar

    Quote from Walt_Disney_II

    go to the vid, click share, copy that link, then do

    Doesnt work for me ._. theres just a blank space but no video showing. also there is no Mediabutton anymore only to add pictures... how does it work in 2014???
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    posted a message on Crafting Azeroth
    Quote from hii488

    If you go back several pages there are quite a lot of locations, but I can help you if what you want isn't there.
    TIP : while travelling in creative use "/tp ~ ~ ~ " to teleport yourself in a direction. ( to go north ~ ~ ~-1 / east ~1 ~ ~ / south ~ ~ ~1 / west ~-1 ~ ~). tp yourself 100 blocks in the given direction (eg. /tp ~100 ~0 ~0) you can scroll through your last commands by pressing "t" to open chat and then the up arrow key -
    I have always used this method for finding my way around this map and I feel it works and is quicker than flying
    (I am sorry If I have given bad explanations - I find it hard to convey ideas / techniques ect.)

    ok i undeerstand what you mean but it would be really cool if we had a complete list with atleast all areas starting the list here:

    /tp 51395 122 -42 Stormwind
    /tp 11 42 21 Howling Fjord
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