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    Alright but seriously, here is what I'm thinking...

    Everyone loves cows normally right? Well why don't we throw everyone's favorite animal into the nether with some twists.

    Why the Nether? Because in my opinion, this mod doesn't add enough deadly things to the good ole Nether.
    Um what's with its look...? Well the Nether Cow had red and dark red spots, signifying the fiery abyss which it calls its home. The horns are dark red too. Now the black spots represent the corrupting features of the Nether, the darkness slowely corrupting each cow. Hence why the blackness isn't all over.
    What does it do? Well I'm thinking it can be milked to obtain lava! Right click with a bucket in your hand, and out pops some freshly made lava! These would also be fairly common, and drop whatever you think they should (But something powerful, like maybe 7 rupees a pop?). They are not aggressive, but are rather powerful. They have a very strong melee attack, comparable to that of the cyclops. They also move rather slowely, but also have two special abilities.
    And they are...? Well you know have the flame enchantment sets things on fire upon impact? I'm thinking that they'll do that, maybe along the lines of the flame II enchantment? They also have the ability so that whenever someone lays a melee hit on them, the attacker has a chance of being set on fire.
    They sound so OP! Well, compared to the rest of this stuff, not really. And even so, they are not agressive unless attacked, and drop some pretty cool stuff!

    Thanks for your time!
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