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    This is the seed of CaptainSparklez original survival let's play world from 2012. If you ever wanted to play along with him in this classic let's play series or if you just wanted to know what the seed of his survival world was, here it is:


    The link to the video:

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    posted a message on While using The Damage Indicators mod all of my items textures disappear.

    So while using this mod all my items textures become invisible. I can still use the items that are in my inventory and I can still place and break blocks but they are invisible. Once I place the blocks they show up but I cant tell whats in my inventory Does anyone know how I can fix this so my items textures show up. If so, thank you very much for your help and have a great day.

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    posted a message on [Question] What was the official Hunger Games/Survival Games plugin that all the big servers used to use?

    There are a lot of hunger games/survival games plugins out there but none of them look like the official plugin used by servers like xrpmx13's hunger games server, the fridgemc, the nexus, and the classic hive survival games server... Does anybody know the name of the official/original hunger games/survival games plugin? Thanks!

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    posted a message on AoA--25 New Dimensions• 330 Mobs• 27 Bosses• Skills• Quests• 600+Items [LARGE Bugfix Update, May 2018]

    Where did the original Divine RPG post go? Did AOA replace it?

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    posted a message on Better Spawners | Mod Idea | Not a request

    This mod would make spawners obtainable in survival via silk touch and creative via pick block without having to use /give. Instead of getting a pig spawners every time you would get the spawner you mined or pick blocked. It would also add a number of improvements to mob spawners including but not limiting the ability to turn them on and off with a red stone signal, the ability to upgrade mob spawners and more! I know this already exists but it’s for bukkit and not forge, also this mod idea does more than allow you to mine spawners it adds a variety of improvements and adds the ability to pick block them in creative as well.

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    posted a message on Do skins not work in earlier versions of Minecraft anymore?

    I love playing older versions of Minecraft but recently I discovered that when I go into version 1.2.5 or later my skin does not show up. I have watched other videos of YouTubers going into early versions of Minecraft and their OLD skin showed up. I am curious why my old skin ors not showing up... I bought Minecraft in April of 2012 around the release of 1.2 so my skin should appear in 1.2.5... Any ideas?

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    posted a message on ->Cardinal SMP Application The server is closed
    1. Have you ever been banned from a server (be honest)? when i got the game in 2011 i got banned for being a noob :lol:

    2. What's your YouTube name/link (If you don't have one its fine)? i have had a couple of yt's but my pc's hard drive is almost full and it won't record well

    3. Whats your Minecraft IGN-rushzone

    4. How old are you (can answer through skype)? 14 and my skype is luke.serafin1 or you could search Tweety - Cod Sniping Videos - Minecraft PvP

    5.What are your strong points in Minecraft? Building, decorating, and woodcutting(at least that's a skill to me lol):D

    6.How much time do you plan to invest in the server? half hour to an hour more on the weekends and a couple days a week

    7.What is your skype name (for contact purposes)? Tweety - Cod Sniping Videos - Minecraft PvP

    8.Why are you doing YouTube/ APPLYING FOR the server? for yt "read 2 for full reply"

    9.What time zone are you in? eastern

    10.Do you agree to follow the rules if accepted? yes!
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